Dawn of the Dragon Racers

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Dawn of the Dragon Racers is a 2014 computer-animated short film by DreamWorks Animation and directed by Elaine Bogan and John Sanford.


Astrid: One out of two ain't bad, and for what It's worth, I always knew Red was your color.
Hiccup: [touched] Aww. Astrid, thank you.
Astrid: I was talking to Toothless.
Tuffnut: Hey, what do you guys think of my face paint? [he turns around to reveal his creepy-like face paint; scaring Astrid, Hiccup and Toothless] What, too stubble?
Fishlegs: Yeah, just a bit.
Tuffnut: Yeah? Well at least I didn't paint my face to look like a target. A not-subtle target.
Fishlegs: I'll have you know that this is the official Ingerman family crest. [shows his face paint]
Tuffnut: Wow, two circles and a line. How creative. [he and Ruffnut laughs]

[during in a flashback; Stoick talks to Hiccup]
Stoick: Hiccup, I'm leaving town for a couple days on official business. I've managed to locate wood on Loki Island, that's lighter and stronger than anything we've ever seen. We're building our ship out of it. I'm leaving you in charge. You'll be acting chief while I'm gone. You're sole focus is...
Hiccup: [deadpan] Oh, let me guess, the Regatta!
Stoick: Well, don't look so excited.
Hiccup: Oh, I'm excited. Oh, you know I love setting up stands and putting up banners, and getting everyone fired up to watch boats sail slowly across the harbor.
Stoick: Hiccup, we Vikings have always had something to fight about. Be it dragons, or Dagur, or Alvin. If we're not fighting something, we're fighting each other. [gestured to two Vikings fighting] I rest my case. Look, the Regatta's a good way to blow off steam.
Hiccup: That's sort of old. Couldn't we come up with something a bit more current?
Stoick: Hiccup it's a tradition, and it's worked for many, many a year, thank you very much.
Hiccup: Alright, Dad, I got it. We both do. Right, bud?
Stoick: [goes on the Boat] Ha, ha, ha, that's my boy.

[at the Berk Dragon Training Academy]
Tuffnut: So here is how it works: The sheep are hidden everywhere. Which means you can't see them.
Astrid: Hence, the hidden part?
Tuffnut: Ooh, somebody has been paying attention. Alright. Wait where was I?
Ruffnut: The sheep.
Tuffnut: Of course, I was Ruffnut. The sheep are hidden but we are not.
Snotlout: Not what?
Tuffnut: Not hidden. Ugh! Someone has not been paying attention. Anyway, grab as many sheep as you can. If two Riders get to one sheep at the same time, you can tear it in half. Half a sheep equals half a point.
Hiccup: Ah, gang I hate to be that guy, but, uh, no, there isn't gonna be any sheep-tearing in the near future.
Snotlout: Why not?
Hiccup: Because there isn't going to be any dragon sheep racing.
Snotlout: Hey, who made you Chief?
Astrid: Stoick.
Snotlout: So, who made Stoick Chief? [Hiccup stares at him, annoyed.] Just wondering.

[in the Great Hall]
Hiccup: Come on, everyone, just take a seat! Can you help me, bud? [Toothless blasts at the crowd to get their attention] Okay, I know you had a lot of fun today with the Dragon Academy doing exactly what they promised they would not do--
Tuffnut: I didn't make any promises. [to Ruffnut] Did you?
Ruffnut: Not a one.
Hiccup: Alright, I know you all want to blow off steam but hey what could be better than a spirited Regatta. Ha, ha, ha.
[The crowd stare at Hiccup, blankly]
Tuffnut: I tell you what's better, anything not named regatta. And how about a [chanting] Dragon Race!
Ruffnut and Tuffnut: Dragon Race!
Crowd: [chanting] Dragon Race! Dragon Race! Dragon Race!

Hiccup: The sheep start at Silent Sven's farm. The racers will be at the Academy. On the start, the sheep are released. Once caught, we drop them into baskets. Any other suggestions?
Snotlout: Teams.
Hiccup: What do you mean "Teams"?
Snotlout: We should have teams.
Hiccup: Really? And how do you propose we pick these teams?
Snotlout: We already did. Me and the Twins against you, Astrid, and Fishface.
Tuffnut: We even have a team name.
Ruffnut: Snotnuts.
Astrid: Wow, how did I not think of that first?
Tuffnut: I think that's pretty obvious, we're sort of the more creative element of the group.

[at the Dragon Race]
Mulch: Racers, ready and...
[Gothi is about to drop the flag, but...]
Stoick: [offscreen] HICCUP!
[The crowd gasps]
Hiccup: [gives an "Oh, Crap" expression] Uh-oh. Dad, wel-welcome back. Early. I can explain.
Stoick: I hope so, because these don't look like Regatta decorations to me.
Hiccup: So, Dad, you know being Acting Chief means that sometimes I have to make hard choices for the good of the people.
Stoick: Uh-huh.
Hiccup: So I had to make one of said really hard choices and I chose to... [quickly] replace the Regatta with Dragon Racing.

[end of flashback]
Hiccup: Huh, I guess technically it was Tuffnut who invented this sport, which is disturbing.
Tuffnut: Yeah, technically it was.
Astrid: That's, um, embarrassing. Well, at least you came up with most of the rules.
Snotlout: Well, this is depressing.
Hiccup: Look, we all played a part in it.
Snotlout: Really? What did I do?
Hiccup: The cheating, that was all you.
Snotlout: Yeah, yeah, I did cheat! No one can take that away from me!

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