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Day of the Dead is a 1985 American horror film written and directed by George A. Romero and the third film in Romero's Dead Series, being preceded by Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Dawn of the Dead (1978).

The Dead have waited. The day has come. (taglines)


  • We don't believe in what you're doing here, Sarah. Hey, you know what they keep down here in this cave? Man, they got the books and the records of the top 100 companies. They got the Defense Department budget down here. And they got the negatives for all your favorite movies. They got microfilm with tax return and newspaper stories. They got immigration records, census reports, and they got the accounts of all the wars and plane crashes and volcano eruptions and earthquakes and fires and floods and all the other disasters that interrupted the flow of things in the good ole U.S. of A. Now what does it matter, Sarah darling? All this filing and record keeping? We ever gonna give a shit? We even gonna get a chance to see it all? This is a great, big 14 mile TOMBSTONE! with an epitaph on it that nobody gonna bother to read. Now, here you come. Here you come with a whole new set of charts and graphs and records. What you gonna do? Bury them down here with all the other relics of what... once... was? Let me tell you what else. Yeah, I'm gonna tell you what else. You ain't never gonna figure it out, just like they never figured out why the stars are where they're at. It ain't mankind's job to figure that stuff out. So what you're doing is a waste of time, Sarah. And time is all we got left, you know. [Sarah: What I'm doing is all there's left to do.] Shame on you. There's plenty to do. Plenty to do, so long as there's you and me and maybe some other people. We could start over, start fresh, get some babies and teach 'em, Sarah, teach 'em never to come over here and dig these records out. You want to put some kind of explanation down here before you leave? Here's one as good as any you're likely to find. We've been punished by the Creator. He visited a curse on us. So we might get a look at... what hell was like. Maybe didn't want to see us blow ourselves up and put a big hole in the sky... maybe He just wanted to show us He was still the bossman. Maybe He figured we was getting too big for our britches... trying to figure His shit out.

Captain Rhodes[edit]

  • I'm running this monkey farm now, Frankenstein! And I want to know what the fuck you're doing with my time!
  • [as he’s being ripped apart by zombies] Choke on ‘em! Choke on ‘em!

Private Miller[edit]

  • [bitten by a zombie; talking to Steele] Take me man, take me! I don't want to be like one of them! [Steel grimly shoots him in the head]


Pvt. Miller: You find anything?
John: Yeah. Prime real estate at close-out prices!

Dr. Logan: That's right, Bub! Say hello to your Aunt Alicia! Say, "Hello, Aunt Alicia!" "Hello!"
Bub: A-... a-... alloooooleeeeesha!

Ted Fisher: What's he trying to prove? I once saw one of those things sitting behind the wheel of a car in D.C. trying to drive down Independence Avenue. It didn't make me want to be its friend.
Sarah: No, it isn't what this one does, but what he doesn't do! He doesn't get excited or agitated when Logan enters the room! He doesn't see Logan as...
Ted Fisher: Lunch.
Sarah: Dinner.
Ted Fisher: Breakfast.


  • The Dead have waited. The day has come.
  • Prepare yourself for the darkest day of horror the world has ever known!
  • First there was "Night of the Living Dead" then "Dawn of the Dead" and now the darkest day of horror the world has ever known
  • The darkest day of horror the world has ever known.
  • Once again, the dead have their day
  • First, he brought us the most frightening film ever made. Then he took his unique version of horror one step further. Now, George Romero takes us out of the night, beyond the dawn, and into the darkest day of horror the world has ever known.


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