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Dead of Night is a 1945 film about an architect who senses impending doom as his half-remembered recurring dream turns into reality, and the guests at the country house encourage him to stay as they take turns telling supernatural tales.


Eliot Foley: Ah! Walter Craig?
Walter Craig: How do you do? You're Eliot Foley.
Eliot Foley: That's right. So glad you were able to come, let's have your bag. [takes Craig's bag] We'll put the car away afterwards. You know it struck me after I'd telephoned you, rather a cheek on my part asking a busy architect like yourself to come down and spend the weekend with a set of complete strangers.
Walter Craig: Not a bit.
Eliot Foley: You see we're pretty cramped for space here, we need at least two more bedrooms.
Walter Craig: And with only one living room.
Eliot Foley: Yes, only one living room. However, we'll go into all that in the morning shall we?

Walter Craig: Eliot Foley, Pilgrim's Farm... I wonder why that sounds so familiar.
Mrs. Craig: A weekend in the country? I should go
Walter Craig: Mmm. I'll toss for it. [Mrs. Craig laughs] Heads I go, tails I don't. [tosses coin]
Mrs. Craig: Heads.
Walter Craig: I go.
Mrs. Craig: That's just what you need darling, it'll help you get rid of those horrible nightmares.


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