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Deeyah Khan (born 7 August 1977) is a Norwegian British film director and human rights defender of Punjabi/Pashtun descent.


  • If their own blood relatives discarded, betrayed, forgot and harmed them, then they are our children, our sisters our mothers that we will mourn, we will remember, we will honour their memory and we will not forget!"
    • 7 October 2012, Deeyah Khan talked to Safeworld about her reason for making the film Banaz A love Story.
  • Some anti-fascist protesters, the so-called "Antifa," use pepper spray against the marchers, including me.
  • Change is possible, and I know, hope is very difficult to hold on to. But hope in this time, is actually, an act of defiance, it's an act of resistance. I refuse to dehumnaize those people who dehumanize me. Because, otherwise there is really no difference between us and people like them.

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