Dementia 13

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Patrick Magee as Dr. Caleb and William Campbell as Richard Haloran
Luana Anders as Louise Haloran

Dementia 13 is a 1963 film about members of an Irish family who are being killed off by one of their own who wishes to inherit the family fortune.

Directed and written by Francis Ford Coppola.
Are You Afraid of Death by Drowning?... Have You Ever Attempted Suicide?... Have you Ever Thought of Committing Murder?  (taglines)

Richard Haloran

  • Mother, I don't care what tragedy hangs over this family. I want to get married. I'm engaged to be married. I'm going to get married.

Louise Haloran

  • Castle Haloran is a bit perplexing, a very strange place really, old and musty, the kind of place you'd expect a ghost to like to wander around in.
  • The typewriter. He wouldn't forget that. He'd have to write letters on the plane. I wonder if he'll rot under water?

Justin Caleb

  • You know, the one thing in the world that really chills my bones to the marrow is when a pretty girl in a wedding dress looks at me and finds me repulsive.
  • Drink's the only road to survival in this climate. Despite your useless American education, you're still Irish, you know. Drink up.
  • I've known this family for a very long time. I've been aware of the atmosphere of depression and the slightly demented quality that hangs over it.
  • I've discovered things in this house that make me uneasy.
  • These nursery rhymes are notoriously expressive.


  • Billy Haloran: [singing] Fishy, Fishy, In the brook, Daddy caught you, On a hook...
  • Kane: Sometimes I get the feeling you think I'm some sort of a Christmas Tree decoration. Hang me up and look at me on all happy days and tie me up and put me in a box when it gets gloomy.
  • Simon: Forgive me, Miss. The last thing in the world old Simon would want to do is to frighten a fresh, young beauty - like yourself.
  • Simon: Don't turn me over to the bulls.


Louise Haloran: It's nice to see her enjoying herself for a change. The mood around this place isn't good for her.
Richard Haloran: Well, she may be right.
Louise Haloran: Especially an American girl. You can tell she's been raised on promises.

Richard Haloran: You're an intelligent woman, Louise. You notice things, size people up. You know when they're happy and know when something's bothering them. I want you to do me a little favour.
Louise Haloran: Of course.
Richard Haloran: Keep that microscope you've got built into your eye off of me!

Billy Haloran: So, poaching again, are you Simon? Well, let me tell you, you just about scared the wits out of poor Miss Kane, here. Shame on you Simon. Shame on you.
Simon: It was only old bushy-tail I'm after.

Kane: What happened?
Lady Haloran: One of the flowers died when it touched her grave.

Justin Caleb: Consider your mind as a bird in your hand. When its relaxed, it lies quiet and easy. But, when it's tense, frightened, it strains to leave you. Quite a simple principle, isn't it?
Lady Haloran: You're engaged to treat my body, not my mind.


  • Are You Afraid of Death by Drowning?... Have You Ever Attempted Suicide?... Have you Ever Thought of Committing Murder?
  • You Must Pass the "D-13" Test To Prepare You for the Horrifying Experience of Dementia 13. If You Fail the Test...You Will Be Asked to Leave the Theater!


  • William Campbell — Richard Haloran
  • Luana Anders — Louise Haloran
  • Patrick Magee — Dr. Justin Caleb
  • Bart Patton — Billy Haloran
  • Mary Mitchell — Kane
  • Eithne Dunne — Lady Haloran
  • Peter Read — John Haloran
  • Karl Schnazer — Simon, the poacher
  • Ron Perry — Arthur
  • Derry O'Donovan — Lillian, the maid
  • Barbara Dowling — Kathleen Haloran
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