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Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato
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Demetria Devonne "Demi" Lovato (born August 20, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter and actor.


Don't Forget (2008)[edit]

  • You've given me strength to find home.
    • "Two Worlds Collide"
  • The mirror can lie it doesn't show you what's inside
    And it can tell you you're full of life
    It's amazing what you can hide just by putting on a smile.
    • Believe In Me
  • Somewhere we went wrong
    We were once so strong
    Our love is like a song
    You can't forget it at all.
    • Don't Forget
  • We got it all destined to fall.
    • On The Line
  • You're a train wreck, but I wouldn't love you if you changed.
    • Trainwreck
  • I won't change anything in my life.
    • La La Land

Here We Go Again (2009)[edit]

  • You'll change inside when you realize
    The world comes to life and everything's bright
    From beginning to end when you have a friend by your side.
    • Gift Of A Friend
  • We were so in love back then now you're listening to what they say.
    • Remember December
  • You've got a face for a smile, you know
    A shame you waste it when you're breaking me slowly.
    • World Of Chances
  • I knew better than to let you break my heart
    The soul you'll never see again won't be showing scars
    You still love her I can see it in your eyes
    The truth is all that I can hear every time you lie.
    • Every Time You Lie
  • I can't set my hopes too high
    'Cause every 'Hello' ends with a 'Goodbye'.
    • Catch Me
  • Now I know who you are
    Yeah, I see I should have known it from the start.
    • U Got Nothing On Me

Unbroken (2011)[edit]

  • I don't fall easy often
    I never had a love like you before.
    • All Night Long
  • Why be afraid to make an honest mistake?
    • Together
  • I'm gonna love you like I've never been broken.
    • Unbroken
  • You have a hollowed out heart, but it's heavy in your chest
    I try so hard to fight it, but it's hopeless
    You're hopeless.
    • For The Love Of A Daughter
  • I can be manipulated only so many times
    Before even 'I love you' starts to sound like a lie.
    • For The Love Of A Daughter
  • So young when the pain had begun
    Now forever afraid of being loved.
    • For The Love Of A Daughter
  • I'm a lightweight,
    easy to fall easy to break.
    • Lightweight

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