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Der Fuehrer's Face, also known as Donald Duck in Nutzi Land, was a popular wartime cartoon released in 1943. The "Nutzis" are caricatures of of Benito Mussolini on the bass drum, Herman Göring on the piccolo, Hideki Tojo on the tuba, Heinrich Himmler on the snare drum and Joseph Goebbels on the trombone.

The picture from which the song sensation was taken! taglines

Donald Duck[edit]

  • Heil Hitler! Heil Hirohito! Heil Mussolini!
  • Oh boy boy am I hungry, oh boy oh boy I am so hungry!
  • Am I glad to be a citizen of the United States of America!
  • I can't stand it, I can't stand it!! I'm going mad! Stop! Stop! Stop!!


  • Heraus, Schweinehund!
  • Here! Improve the mind! Heil Hitler!
  • Velcome verkers of Nutziland! Where the glorious privilege is yours to be a Nutzi! To work forty-eight hours a day for the Führer!
  • Get to work!
  • Macht schnell!
  • Is this not wunderful? Is not the Führer glorious? Heil Hitler!
  • What's that you say, Schweinehund? Verdammter Esel! Heil Hitler!
  • Attention workers! Through the kindness of the Führer now comes the vacation with pay!
  • And now... the vacation is over! By special decree of the Führer... Heil Hitler! You have been chosen to work overtime!

The Song[edit]

Ven der Führer says, "Ve iss der master race"
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk} Right in Der Führer's face
Not to luff Der Führer iss a great disgrace
So ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk} Right in Der Führer's face
Ven Herr Göbbels says,"Ve own der vorld und space,"
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk} Right in Herr Goebbel's face
Ven Herr Göring says,"Dey'll never bomb dis place
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk} Right in Herr Goering's face
Iss (Are) ve not der Supermen?
Aryan-pure(a) Supermen?
Ja! Ve iss der Supermen!
Super-duper Supermen!
Iss der Nutzi Land so goot?
Vould you leave it if you could?
Ja! Dis Nutzi Land iss goot!
Ve vould-a leave it-a if-a ve could!
Ve bring der world new order!
Heil Hitler's new world order!
Evry'one of foreign race
Vill luff der Führer's face
Ven ve bring to der world disorder!

The Factory Song[edit]

These parts weren't in the original Spike Jones version; there were added in the Disney version.

Ven der Führer says, "Ve never vill be slaves!"
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk}, but still ve verk like slaves.
Vile der Führer brags, and lies and rants and raves,
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk}, and verk into our graves.

Ven der Führer yells, "I gotta have more shells!"
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk}, and for him ve make more shells.
Iff vun little shell, should blow him right to [hell],
Ve HEIL!{honk} HEIL!{honk}, and vouldn't that be swell?


  • The picture from which the song sensation was taken!

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