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Destination: Imagination The Movie is a television special of the animated television series Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. The plot of the special follows Frankie, who becomes trapped in a huge, mysterious world where she is treated like royalty but forced not to leave. Bloo, Mac, Coco, Eduardo, and Wilt journey through the world to rescue her, facing perils and challenges along the way.


  • Give her to me! Give her to me! She's mine! She's all mine!


Bloo: [after throwing Lego-like bricks at the police] These people wobble but they don't fall down!

Mr. Herriman: [over the speaker, which startled Frankie out of bed] Miss Frances. It’s 6:33 A.M. You’re late.
[In the hallways, Frankie is walking to a bedroom door, knocking on it, and reminding imaginary friends to wake up]
Frankie: Rise and shine, Murphy and Durphy. Breakfast in 10. [closes the door, walks to and knocks on another, and wakes up other imaginary friends] Morning, Clambake, Cy, and Jimmy Shoes. Almost time for breakfast.
Cy: [inside of the bedroom] Uh, Frankie...
Frankie: No worries. Saw you ran out last night. [throws a roll of toilet paper in the room off-screen and closes the door]
[We now see the outside window views of Frankie walking to another door]
Flutter Nutter: [inside of the bedroom] Uh, Frankie...
Frankie: [interrupts] Clean socks... Don’t match. Told you I wouldn’t forget. [closes the door, walks to and knocks on another, and wakes up another friend] Good morning, Jackie. Got your eyedrops.

Mr. Herriman: Good heavens! What's happening?
Bloo: You pissed him off! That's what's happening!

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