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Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004–2009) is an American animated television series created by Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network. The series revolve around Mac and Bloo as they interact with other imaginary friends and house staff and live out their day-to-day adventures, often getting caught up in various predicaments.

Season 1[edit]

House of Bloo's [1.01-1.03][edit]

Terrence: [first line of the series] Wait, stop! I just wanna punch you! [starts chasing Mac and Bloo around the apartment]
Bloo: Watch your back, Mac! He's gaining on… Whoa!
Terrence: [punches a hole in the wall with his fist] Oooooh! I'm telling Mom!

Terrence: You... Bloofus! [laughs]
Bloo: [stops running for what he heard in anger] Bloofus?! Bloofus?
Mac: His name is Blooregard Q. Kazoo, and you know it, Terrence!
Bloo: Right, right, or Blooey, Bloo the Blue Dude, El Blooderino, or hey, how 'bout just Bloo? Heh! But come on, man, Bloofus? Heh! How stupid can you get?
Terrence: Look, no STUPID imaginary friend of my STUPID little brother is gonna tell me how STUPID I am, cause I know just how STUPID I- [sees Mac and Bloo are about to burst out laughing] SHUT UP!

[As Mac and Terrence's mother comes home, seeing the mess…]
Terrence: [gets up; pretending to be whiny] Mommy, Mommy! Mac and Bloo are mean to me! [hugs her around the waist] I was being a good boy looking after my sweet, little brother when all of a sudden his crazy, imaginary friend, Bloo went insane and started to tear the house apart! I tried to stop him but when Mac joined in, they started beating on me! [Mac and Bloo drop their jaws in shock] If it wasn't for you coming home, there's no telling what they would've done to me! Oh, thank you for saving me, Mommy!
Mac: [outraged] What?!
Bloo: [offended] That is so not what happened! Terrence--
Mac's Mom: Is the oldest and is in charge of this house when I'm not at home.
Terrence: Ha!
Mac's Mom: And I expect him to act like the oldest and set a good example by telling the truth.
Mac and Bloo: Ha!
Terrence: But, Mommy, I was telling--
Mac's Mom: Terrence, you expect me to believe that a 13-year-old boy was overpowered by an 8-year-old and his cute little imaginary friend?
Bloo: Yeah, Mac's a wimp.
Mac: And Bloo's spineless.
[Bloo wiggles his spineless body]
Terrence: But, Mom…
Mac's Mom: [sighs tiredly] Terrence, I've had a long day, and I'm too tired to deal with your made-up sob stories. Just go to your room. [Terrence annoyingly obeys while Mac and Bloo laugh and tease smugly at him] Mac, Bloo, that's enough.
Mac: But--
Bloo: Terrence--
Mac's Mom: Is not the only one at fault here. I'm fed up with the three of you always fighting. We need to talk.
Bloo: Okay, sure. Come on, Mac.
Mac's Mom: No, Bloo. I need to talk to Mac…alone.
Bloo: It's okay, Mac, I'll be right here. I'm not going anywhere.
[Mac walks sadly to his bedroom, and as he and his mother enter, she closes the door behind them while Bloo's smile turns to a sad frown, and they sit on Mac's bunk bed before they talk]
Mac's Mom: Mac, now you know how tired I am of you three fighting.
Mac: But it was Terrence. He always picks on me and treats me like a baby.
Mac's Mom: And why do you think he does that?
Mac: 'Cause he's a jerk?
Mac's Mom: Well, yes, but, can you think of any other reasons?
Mac: Uh…
Mac's Mom: Maybe because of Bloo?
Mac: Bloo? Why?
Mac's Mom: Because, Mac, you're 8-years-old, and you still have your imaginary friend.
Mac: So what? Lots of kids have their own imaginary friends. You see them every day on the streets, or in the stores. You even had one when you were little.
Mac's Mom: Yes, when I was little, but by the time when I was your age, I didn't need my imaginary friend anymore.
Mac: Who are you saying?
[Bloo hears and listens through the door]
Mac's Mom: I think it's time you got rid of Bloo.
Mac: WHAT?!
Mac's Mom: I'm sorry, Mac, I just think it's time. You need to grow up and be a big boy, and say goodbye to Bloo.
Mac: But Mom, it's not fair! We're best friends. We'll be good. I-I-I'll keep him locked in my room! M-Mom, PLEASE!
Mac's Mom: [sighs] Mac, no stop it. This isn't about you being good or keeping Bloo locked up. The fact is you're a big boy now and you're too old for him.
Mac: But--
Mac's Mom: My decision is final, you have got to get rid of Bloo. I'm sorry, Mac. [opens the door and leaves as a shocked Bloo falls on the floor] Oh, sorry, Bloo.
Terrence: [shoots a spitwad at Bloo in the eye and snickers maliciously] Hasta la bye-bye.

[Mac and Bloo walk down the sidewalk toward the Foster house in front of the gates the next day after seeing the commercial from last night]
Bloo: This is the place I was telling you about. Pretty cool, huh?
Mac: I...I don't know, Bloo. Are you sure?
Bloo: [pushes the gates open] Totally! [starts walking towards the house] The commercial said it was some fantastical, magical place for imaginary friends who need a place to crash, hang out, and do stuff. It's gonna be great! [walks up to the doors and knocks]
Mac: I guess you're right. But still.
Bloo: Mac, I know you're worried, but listen. With me living here, your mom will be happy, Terrence will leave you alone, and you can visit me every day. It's perfect! Our problems are solved!

[After Mr. Herriman leaves, Mac and Bloo react in amazement as they see a bunch of imaginary friends walking around the foyer]
Bloo: [to Mac] Well?
Mac: [looks away, crossing his arms] It's okay. [grins as he was just joking and Bloo gives him a friendly punch in the arm]
Frankie: [enters the foyer while coming down the stairs with George Mucus, a green, gelatinous imaginary friend, wearing a wrapped up bandage on his arm] Now you know why you're not supposed to run around with Scissors? Scissors? Scissors?
Scissors: [enters the foyer] Yeah?
Frankie: Scissors, what do you say?
Scissors: I'm sorry.
Frankie: Okay, go play. DON'T RUN!

Frankie: Sorry, guys, Her Royal Majesty calls. But don't worry, I'll get someone to show you around. Hold on a sec. Wilt? TOUR, PLEASE! I'm really sorry, guys. Wilt will take care of you. But I'll try to meet up with you at the end of the tour, okay?
[Mac and Bloo nod yes]
Duchess: [over the speaker] FRANKIE!
Frankie: [heading upstairs] COMING!
Wilt: [talking to someone] I'm sorry, is that okay? You sure? All right. Okay. Sorry, though. [walks over to Mac and Bloo; they look up at him, seeing he's red and really tall] Hey, how ya doing? Name's Wilt. [After a long silence of Mac and Bloo staring at him; waving his hand in their faces] Yo, guys? Hello? Oh, okay, I get it. It's cool, it's cool. I know I'm all broken with a wonky eye and the stubby arm. Probably freaks you out, huh? But don't sweat it, I'll get someone else to--
Mac and Bloo: You're tall.

Wilt: Mac, Bloo, this is Eduardo. He's one of the sweetest imaginary friends here at Foster's. He couldn't hurt a fly.
Eduardo: Oh, sí, I'm too scared of them anyway!

Wilt: Big, small, young, old.
Mr. Herriman: [offended] Why, I never.
Wilt: Happy, sad, good, bad.
Duchess: [offended as well] Well, I never.
Bloo: And don't forget, silly, nervous, helpful.
Mac: And now, blue.

Frankie: [squats down to Mac's height] Mac, Bloo, Foster's is a "foster" home. It's not a boarding house. If you leave Bloo here, you can't come see him, because he won't be yours anymore.
Mac: What?
Frankie: He will be put up for adoption, like everybody else here.
Bloo: [horrified shock] ADOPTION?!
Wilt: Yeah. For one reason or another, we've all been given up by our creators, and as much as we all love living here, what we really want is to be adopted by a new kid who needs an imaginary friend.
Bloo: Well then, forget it. As cool as this place is, adoption's not an option. Come on, Mac, let's go.
Mac: Wait.
Bloo: What?! Come on, Mac, adoption?
Mac I know, but what else can I do? Mom said.
Bloo: But--
Mac: But don't worry, I'm not giving you up. Just stay here until I can think of a better idea. If I come back tomorrow--
Frankie: He's still yours, but if a kid shows up and wants him, and you're not here, he will be adopted.
Mac: [makes up his mind] Okay.
Bloo: "Okay?" "OKAY?!"
Mac: Don't worry, I will be here. [Bloo holds his arms out for a hug] A hug? I umm...I got these uhh, Sorry. [leaves] I'll be back. I promise!
Mr. Herriman: "I'll be back." Hmpf! If I had a carrot for each time I'd heard that, I'd be such a very fat rabbit!But don't worry, Master Bloo, you look like a fine imaginary friend and will most certainly be snatched up by a new child in no time.

Terrence: [as Mac returns home while waiting in the dark] You are so busted. Coming home late, trying to get me in trouble? Well, your little plan didn't work. Mom's not home yet. [gives his brother a whack on the back of his head, each time he calls him "stupid" but Mac keeps on ignoring him as he heads to his room] Where were you anyway? Stupid. What are those stupid eggs? Stupid. Where's that stupid little friend of yours? Stupid. Mom told you to get rid of him. Oh, boy, if you didn't, you're gonna be so bus-
Mac: [snapping furiously] I was nowhere, they're nothing, and I took care of it! HAPPY?! [slams his bedroom door shut as Terrence reacts puzzled]

Frankie: Sorry! Sorry, I got stuck in traffic. How can I help you?
Millionaire Father: My daughter is in need of an imaginary friend.
Millionaire Mother: Yes, and whenever she tried to create one of her own, she gets a headache!
Millionaire Daughter: Nuh-uh. Shut up, Mom! I just think I shouldn't waste my time making one up when I can just buy one.
Frankie: Well, having an imaginary friend is not like buying a toy. It's a big respon...
Millionaire Daughter: Ya-ya whatever. Just get me a friend, okay?! And don't give me a cheap one either. I want the best one you got. YOU GOT IT?!
Frankie: [threateningly] Ohh, you're gonna get it.
Millionaire Daughter: [shouts] WHAT?!
Frankie: Oh nothing. Nothing.
Millionaire Father: So, miss, do you have a friend for my precious little sweetie or what?
Frankie: Well, um. Look, at heart, most of our friends are really nice and your kid is a real... Look, how am I gonna put this. Friendship, that's not it. Listen, to be honest, I really don't think we have a...
Duchess: [getting out of the crowd] Out of my way, out of my way, out of my way!
Frankie: Yes, yes! We have the perfect friend for you, precious little sweetums.

Bloo: Um, nice girl, cute girl. Stay away now. Go on, shoo, shoo.
Bloo: Yes. No. What? Um uh. AAH!

Millionaire Daughter: Look, stupid, you call this vicious?
Coco: [popping up from behind] Cocococococo! Co cocococo cococococo coco co cococo co co! Cococo cococo co CO CO!
Bloo: Exactly!
Millionaire Daughter: [not understanding Coco] What? No I don't want any cocoa, I just want my Tiffany.
Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco: [get on their knees and start begging the girl to take one of them] No, take me!/Take me, take me!
Millionaire Daughter: No. [to Wilt] You're broken. [to Eduardo] You're a chicken, [to Coco] and you're uh...crazy chicken! I want this one.

Frankie: I'm sorry, sweetums, you see, Bloo is Mac's idea and since Mac's here, Bloo is no longer up for adoption. You can still have Duchess if you like. Come on, Duchess is great. Don't you want her? [beggingly] Take her. Take her, please take her!
Millionaire Daughter: [turns around and starts to leave] No! I hate her!
Frankie: So do I.
Millionaire Father: Come on, sweetums, maybe you can imagine your own friend, just like Tiffany.
Millionaire Daughter: Shut up, Dad. You know thinking makes my head hurt.
Millionaire Mother: Mine, too. Let's just get her another pony.
[Neither Duchess, nor Frankie couldn't believe she was so close to finally getting adopted after the Millionaire family exit Mr. Herriman's office and leave]
Duchess: This is unacceptable!
Frankie: I'll say! They almost took you!
Duchess: But that wonderfully awfully little brat wanted that stupid little blue creep over me.
Frankie: Tell me about it. She ruined everything!
Duchess: And he ruined my one chance to get out of this dump once and for all!
Frankie: I know. It was a chance of a lifetime. I mean you could've been outta here forever!
Duchess: Well, I guess there is no accounting for taste. They obviously cannot appreciate a true piece of art, such as myself.
Frankie: Obviously not. And you sure are a piece of work.
Duchess: Thank you.

[Frankie watches Mac, Bloo, Wilt, Eduardo and Coco play together in the yard while Mr. Herriman deals with paperwork]
Frankie: I think this one is different. I don't think he's gonna abandon his friend!
Mr. Herriman: Don't be so naive, Miss Francis. It's unbecoming. You know as well as I that it is just a matter of time before young Master Mac tires of his beloved Bloo, at which time his visits will cease, and Master Bloo will be placed in the care of a new child... who will eventually tire of him, as well.
Frankie: Ugh, why do you always have to be so negative? I mean, come on! Look at that. They're absolutely inseparable! Plus, the guys have really taken to him, too.
Mr. Herriman: It's just a cruel fact of life, Miss Francis. Every child tires of their imaginary friend eventually...
Frankie: [leans over his shoulder and gives him a knowing grin] Yours didn't.
[She leaves, passing a portrait of Madame Foster. Herriman stops briefly, but continues working, knowing Frankie's words are true]

Coco: [angrily interrupting Mac in a sassy manner] Co co cococococo. Co- co. Coco coco co!
Frankie: You go, girl!
Coco: Coo Co! Cocococococo. Coco coco coco. Cocococococococo coco coco co Coco co co. Coo Co! [pause] Coco!
Mac: I assume that had something to do with "If you're gonna show up late, you have to accept the consequences and your friend may have been adopted and you can't get him back and responsibility and blah blah blah blah blah." But that's just it! I'm late because the kid who adopted Bloo is a total jerk, 'cause-
Mr. Herriman: [exiting his office] Master Mac! The young man who adopted Bloo, is by no means a jerk. Ahem, excuse me, a juvenile delinquent. He was, in fact, one of the most well behaved children, I have ever had the pleasure dealing with. And furthermore, if you're going to come in late, you must accept that--
Frankie: We've already been through that.
Mr. Herriman: What? Who?
Eduardo: Es Coco. She explained.
Mr. Herriman: And Master Mac understood her?
Wilt: Well, yeah, he is a smart kid.
Eduardo: Sí, he create Bloo. He has good head on shoulders.
Mr. Herriman: Most impressive. I guess the child is quite bright.
Wilt: Oh, yeah.
Eduardo: Sí.
Coco: Coco.
Frankie: Totally.
Mr. Herriman: Hm.
Wilt: Yup.
Eduardo: Muy bueno.
Coco: Coco!
Frankie: I'll say.
Mr. Herriman: Ah.
Wilt: Sure is.
Eduardo: It's true.
Coco: Coco.
Frankie: Right.
Mr. Herriman: Hm.
Mac: YES! Fine, we got it, I'm a super smart kid, okay? Great! But there's one thing I can't figure out. I know for a fact that Bloo was not adopted by a nice kid, but instead he was adopted by my horrible older brother, Terrence, who locked me in a closet all day, so he can come here and get Bloo. The problem is, Terrence is stupid. Not just "stupid stupid", but really stupid. He'd never be able to devise a plan like this, so he must be working with somebody. Somebody who could and would wanna get rid of Bloo once and for all. But what I can't figure out is who. Who would wanna get rid of Bloo?
Frankie: DUCHESS!

Terrence: So, Bloofus, prepare to come face to face with your… doom!
Duchess: [appears out of the shadows] Surprise! I bet you never would have guessed it was me, who was behind this little scheme the entire time.

Mac: Alright, guys! Let's Bloo this!
[the others make noises of disgust]
Wilt: Aw man! I'm sorry, but that was not okay!
Eduardo: Muy stinko!
Coco: Coco!
Terrence: Lame! That was stupider than even me!
Bloo: Yeah, Mac! "Let's Bloo this?" C'mon, man. That's really stupid!

Mac: [to Bloo] Hey, isn't this how this whole thing started?
Bloo: Yeah, all except for–
Terrence: Wait, stop! I just wanna punch you!
Bloo: Just like old times.

Frankie: I guess Extemeasauruses don't have much of a taste for something so, [referring to Duchess] spoiled-
Mr. Herriman: [referring to Terrence] Rotten.

Store Wars [1.04][edit]

Mr. Herriman: Miss Frances, I thought I made it perfectly clear that finishing the birthday cake was strictly your responsibility.
Frankie: Yeah, but-
Mr. Herriman: No buts. I can see at the state of this room, that you’ve been neglecting your decorating assignments.
Frankie: [offended] Neglecting my-- Listen, Mr. Peter Cotton-Butt, I thought of everything.
Mr. Herriman: Streamers.
Frankie: [surprised] Str- Steamers?! Oh come on, who needs streamers? It looks fine without streamers. Streamers aren't that great.
Mr. Herriman: Miss Frances, how dare you. Streamers are that great, thank you very much. I never in all my years have I attended a celebration without streamers. It's simply uncivilized. Now go get them immediately.
Frankie: Are you crazy?! The party starts in half an hour!
Mr. Herriman: Plenty of time. [gives her the keys to the bus]

Frankie: [shouting] JUST GET IN THE BUS!
[Everyone quickly gets in]
Bloo: [stops Coco] Not you!
Frankie: Get in the bus, get in the bus, GET IN THE BUS!
[Coco and Bloo quickly get in and the bus drives off and arrives at the mall]
Frankie: Come on, guys, we have to hurry.
Wilt: Frankie, wait.
Frankie: Wilt, I just said--
Wilt: Allow me. [politely opens the door]
Frankie: Oh, okay, thanks!

Info Woman: Now listen, lady, we don't keep imaginary friends here. If you need help I know this really great little place, not too far from here that finds lost imaginary friends. It's called "Foster's--
Frankie: I know, I know, I work there!
Info Woman: Not very good at our job, are we?
Mac: [rising from behind the counter] Excuse me, ma'am, I'm lost.
Frankie: [happily] Mac!
Info Woman: Kid, is this your mom?
Mac: Uh, no. [the Info Woman pulls him towards her]
Frankie: I'm not his mom, but I lost him. [pulls Mac to herself]
Info Woman: I thought you was looking for an imaginary friend, lady. [takes Mac back]
Frankie: [angrily] I'm looking for this kid, too! Tell her, Mac!
Info Woman: [takes out her walkie-talkie] That's it. I'm calling security.

The Trouble with Scribbles [1.05][edit]

[Bloo is spraying air freshener while Frankie and Mac are cleaning]
Mac: Quit it, Bloo!
Bloo: What? I'm just trying to clean.
Mac: Spraying air freshener isn't cleaning.
Bloo: Is too! I'm cleaning the air. Cleaning and freshening.
Frankie: Well, go find some other place to clean and freshen, would ya?
Bloo: Fine, if that's how you feel about it. But don't come crying to me when your air gets all stale and filthy.
Frankie: [annoyed] I'll keep that in mind.

Mr. Herriman: The autumn of 1984 was cold... and cruel.
[Sepia-toned flashback; A door opens and millions of scribbles come flying out; Herriman, Madame Foster and young Frankie are amidst the swarm]
Young Frankie: Sowwy, Mr. Herriman.
[Back to present]
Frankie: [annoyed as Mr. Herriman glares at her] I said I was sowwy.
Mr. Herriman: "Sowwy" doesn't make up for the fact that we were forced to take up residence in the unicorn stables for 46 days.
Madame Foster: [passing through, gleefully] It was like camping.

Busted [1.06][edit]

Bloo: [mumbling with his mouth closed] I'm not moving.
Mac: What?
Bloo: I'm not moving.
Eduardo: Yo no comprende.
Mac: I think he said he's not moving. [to Bloo] Is that right? [Bloo nods yes] Why?
Bloo: [mumbling] Merriman.
Mac: "Merry men?"
Bloo: No, Merriman.
Eduardo: "Scary men?" [screams]
Bloo: Merriman.
Coco: "Coco?"
Bloo: [getting angry] No! Merri-- [angrily having enough; speaking normally] Herriman, Herriman, HERRIMAN!!! He's been on my case all morning, harping on all the rules I seem to be breaking, and said that if I don't start following them, he's gonna boot my blue butt to the curb! Man, oh, man, is this guy so uptight! Is anyone else around here aware of his insane two-square rule?! I've never heard of anything so-

[After Bloo accidentally breaks Madame Foster's bust into shattered pieces…]
Mac, Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco: [to Bloo] Ooh! You are so busted!
Bloo: What happened?
Eduardo: It's Madame Foster.
Bloo: What?
Mac: You busted her bust.
Bloo: What?
Wilt: Herriman's prized possession.
Bloo: What?
Coco: Coco-coco-coco-co.
Wilt: She's right. Herriman's totally gonna kill you!
Bloo: I don't believe this! I was in the clear, man. I was gonna stand here perfectly still all day. I wouldn't have broken anything. Then you guys come along with all your no comprendo and “I don't understand". Make me move and knock over stuff, and then what do you do? You turn on me. That stinks! Thanks a lot, guys.
Wilt: How about I say I did it?
Bloo: It's okay, guys. Forget it. It was me, all me, not you, and I'm not letting any of you take the blame. It's okay, that's it, I'm going. I'm packing up, [grabs a bindle] I'm heading out, I'm making history.
Mac: [stops Bloo from leaving] Hold on there, Hobo Joe. Maybe we can do something.
Coco: Co-coco.
Mac: Fix it? How?
Eduardo: Coco es loco.
Bloo: No, she's right. Don't you see? Busting this bust is gonna get me as busted as anyone can get busted. So anything bad I do from now on is nothing, and if I have to break some rules so I can fix what I busted, maybe, just maybe, I won't end up getting busted at all. Come on, time for plan A-fix it.

Frankie: [busy reversing the toilet rolls in all the bathrooms] Over not under. Over not under.
Mr. Herriman: [on the intercom] Miss Frances! Miss Frances. Please bring a mop to Hallway 7.
[Frankie growls in rage]

Mr. Herriman: [on the intercom] Miss Frances! Disaster in the kitchen! Please come immediately!

[The gang hears Frankie and Mr. Herriman's talk from the kitchen]
Mr. Herriman: No, Miss Frances. You are merely smearing the flour with that mop. The mop with the proper absorbent qualities for the kitchen is in the third-floor storage closet.
Frankie: Well, if it's the proper mop for the kitchen, what's it doing in the third-floor closet?!
Mr. Herriman: Do not question my methods, Miss Frances. I guess I will have to do your job and fetch the mop. [exits the kitchen and enters the foyer; to the gang] Good afternoon. I trust the lot of you are having an enjoyable and rule-breaking-free day, unlike Miss Frances, [to Bloo] especially you, Master Blooregard.
Bloo: Oh, you betcha.
Mr. Herriman: [to Madame Foster, portrayed as her bust] Ohh, Madame, your granddaughter is working my last nerve. I can hardly believe that you and that slacker are related.

Mac: Okay. Now, if I was Mr. Herriman and I had glue, where would I put it?
Coco: [points up to a small box on the top shelf] Coco-co?
Mac: [reading] "Items for imaginary friends to NEVER, NEVER TOUCH NEVER!" Sounds right. [Wilt takes the glue out of the box and the doorknob starts rattling] Uh-oh.
Frankie: [entering Mr. Herriman's office with the last roll of toilet paper] Okay. The house is now entirely TP'd. Just this last roll in Herriman's private– [notices the gang] What are you (all) doing in here?
All: Um…
Bloo: [begging] Please, Frankie. Please don't tell.
Frankie: Tell what? [suspiciously] What are you guys up to?
Bloo: [hesitantly] We're not really up to anything. I mean, we are, but we aren't. We are in that we are up to trying to fix something. But we aren't because we aren't just doing something to be bad, which is just what Herriman would think if he saw us because, see, it was all just an accident.
Frankie: What was?
Bloo: When I busted Madame Foster's bust when I was trying not to bust anything because I knew Mr. Herriman would bust me if I did.
Frankie: You busted the bust?!
Mac: But it wasn't his fault. Herriman totally freaked him out.
Bloo: So we've been trying to fix what I broke by breaking a lot of rules.
Mr. Herriman: [on the intercom] Miss Frances, what have you been doing all day? None of the bathrooms have toothpaste.
Frankie: Toothpaste disaster?
Bloo: Sorry.
Mr. Herriman: Miss Frances, you also seem to have neglected to restock the soap!
Frankie: Soapy hallway?
Bloo: Well, those water balloons didn't help.
Frankie: So it was you! You all have been making my day horrible.
Bloo: [remorsefully] Well, yeah.
Frankie: Guys, this isn't cool. Sorry, but I got to say something to him.
Mac: No, Frankie. Please don't tell on Bloo.

[After Frankie accidentally breaks all of Herriman's spare busts]
Mr. Herriman: Well, Miss Frances, rules are rules. Clean it up.
Frankie: Rules, schmules. I'm gonna clean YOU up, you crazy rabbit! COME BACK HERE AND I'LL CLEAN YOUR CLOCK!
Mr. Herriman: Aah! Please, Miss Frances! You know the rules! No running in the house!

Dinner is Swerved [1.07][edit]

[At Foster's, Mac and Bloo are on the balcony looking at Mac's apartment building all the way from where they are]
Bloo: Yes, yes, yes, you did it! That brown corner, left of the chips sign, next to the phone-pole, is the corner of the roof of your apartment! How cool is that?
Mac: Wow...That' cool.
Bloo: Don't you get it? THAT is your house and you can see it from HERE!
Mac: Mmm hmm.
Bloo: You're stupid. You just can't appreciate the little things in life.
Mac: [sarcastically] Like the corners of apartments?
Bloo: Yes, you are a stupid and terrible person because you have no appreciation for the corners of apartments.

Mac: We went down! Not up - down!
Bloo: [dazed with hunger] This place is crazy, it's crazy. I'm so hungry, I'm crazy! Oh, look, it's the pizza man! Hi, pizza man! We're really high up, and you look like an ant!
Mac: Wait! What did you just say?
Bloo: Ant.
Mac: No, before that.
Bloo: Uh, an.
Mac: Before that.
Bloo: Um, like.
Mac: Before that.
Bloo: Look.
Mac: No, uh. 9 words before that.
Bloo: Um, hi.
Mac: And after that?
Bloo: Pizza.
Mac: And then?
Bloo: Man!
Mac: Hi, pizza man?
Bloo: [still dazed] Hello!

World Wide Wabbit [1.08][edit]

Mr. Herriman: Hippity hippity, hoppity hoppity / My tail is quite fluffy, my ears are quite floppity / I sing and I dance and you can't make me stoppity / Said funny bunny to sweet little girl. Hoppity hoppity, hippity hippity / I'm cute and I'm cuddly and smart as a whippety / Watch and adore as I play and I skippity / Said funny bunny to sweet little girl. Sprungly, springly, bouncily, trouncily / For allow me to declare, present, and announcily / That I am the head of the Fun Bunny Councily / Said funny bunny to sweet little girl. Bouncily, trouncily, sprungily, springily / There's no end to the fun 'til you have a wingily / The razzamatazz and the ring-a-ding-dingily / Said funny bunny to sweet little girl. Hippity hippity, hoppity hoppity / So shall I tell you right now, my sweet little poppity? / Out all of my friends, I never ever would droppity / On the list, my dear lass, you are at the toppity / Said funny bunny to sweet little girl.

[Mac records the imaginary friends' interviews for adoption with a camera]
Bloppy Pants: [nervously while being interviewed] Uh, hi. My name is, uh, Bloppy Pants, and I'd like to get adopted.
Cy: My favorite color is… [gets closer to the camera] PINK!
Red Rusher: I like living on the edge! Fast cars and motorcycles! Yeah!
Sassyfrass: My likes are walks on the beach, dancing, new experiences, the outdoors. [Bloo pokes out on the bottom left of the frame with a smile]
Wilt: I'm not so great. [as Bloo walks in the shot and waves at the camera] You should adopt one of the other awesome friends here.
Sunset Junction: [talking while Bloo spins around the wall behind him in the background] My--my dislikes are rude people and broccoli.
Coco: [annoyingly] Coco coco coco coco coco coco co! [angrily kicks the camera]
Sally Linda: [talking while Bloo mimics and poses in the background] I'm looking for that special someone who's rich and good-looking and in really great shape.
Sloppy Moe: [with Bloo standing next to him] No losers, please.
Eduardo: [screams] What is that?! Get away! Get away! [backs away as the camera is knocked down] It steal my soul.
Jambalaya: I just want to love!
[Bloo laughs hysterically]
Mac: [annoyed while watching the videos] Bloo, stop it. You're making everyone look dumb.
Bloo: Hey, they don't need my help in that department.
Mac: Well, stop it, okay?

Mac: [while eating a cookie after interviewing with Madame Foster; mouthful] Thanks for the interview, Madame Foster. And thanks for the cookies.

[As the clock strikes 3:00…]
Mac: [shows up in a flash] Frankie! [quickly enters the foyer] We got a problem! [takes out a "I ❤️ Funny Bunny" umbrella]
[In Frankie's room, Mac dumps out a pile of Funny Bunny merchandise from his backpack on Frankie's bed]
Frankie: [shocked in horror] Oh, my gosh! How did this happen?! [holds up a pair of Funny Bunny slippers and turns to Bloo] How did this happen?!
Bloo: [playing a video game on Frankie's computer] I'm trying to play here. [notices the Funny Bunny shirt] This is awesome! Where did you get it?
Mac: [annoyed] School. All the kids have stuff like this.

Frankie: [to Bloo; threateningly] Listen, blob boy, if the rabbit finds out about this, he's going to make my life miserable. And if he makes my life miserable, I'm going to make your life miserable! Capisce?!
Bloo: [scared] Capi… Capi… Yeah.

Mr. Herriman: Master Eduardo, what is the meaning of this?!
Eduardo: [shrugging nervously] Uh… I tripped.
Mr. Herriman: Well, do be more careful next time.

Mr. Herriman: [furiously shaking the screen after watching the clip] WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?! Who is responsible for this?!
Bloo: [points to Frankie] Her!
Frankie: [points down to Mac] Him!
Mac: [points to Bloo] Him!
Mac, Bloo, and Frankie: Me?! Are you crazy?!
Bloo: Mac's the one who taped it!
Mac: Yeah, but I wanted to erase it! Frankie's the one who burned it to disc!
Frankie: Yeah, but Bloo's the one who uploaded the file to the internet!
[While everyone argues over who's to blame, Mr. Herriman hops to his office]
Mac, Bloo, and Frankie: Mr. Herriman, wait!
Mr. Herriman: [enters his office] You said there was a file. [opens a drawer in his file cabinet, searching for the file] Where is it?!
Mac: It's not that kind of file, Mr. Herriman.
Frankie: Yeah. The file is in my computer.
[Later, Mr. Herriman hops to the trash can, about to throw out Frankie's computer as Mac and Bloo watch]
Frankie: [grabbing onto Mr. Herriman's ankle] No! No, no! You can't!
Mr. Herriman: Now, to get rid of these files, once and for all! [throws Frankie's computer into the trash can]
Frankie: My baby! MY BABY! [dives into the trash can to get her computer out]
Mac: Mr. Herriman, you don't understand! The file's already on the internet! You can't just get rid of it!
Mr. Herriman: Nonsense. Just tell me where this "net" is, and I'll dispose of it readily.
Mac: It's not a net, it's a… it's… Ugh! You just don't understand.
Bloo: Boy, I'll say.

Frankie: [shaking her fist at Bloo; threateningly] And if you ever touch my computer again…

Berry Scary [1.09][edit]

Berry: Hi there! I'm Berry...
Bloo: Hey, you're that girl.
Berry: How sweet of you to notice.

Bloo: Being a burden is great. It's like my... seventh favorite thing to be.

Berry: [berserk with anger] IT'S NOT FAIR! I'm the sweetest girl in the world! and I stayed in the STUPID house with these STUPID PEOPLE!
Frankie: A little sour under that sweetness.
Eduardo: And a little loco.
Berry: So I could shower you with MY snickerdoodles, scrapbook and way with noticing. We have to do this together. This has to be OUR record. This was supposed to be OUR GIANT RUBBER BAND BALL OF LOVE!
Bloo: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who said anything about love, Heather?
Bloo: Really? Because you look like a Heather to me.

Seeing Red / Phone Home [1.10][edit]

[As school ends at 3:00 in the afternoon, all the kids run out and head home while Mac is the last person to leave and makes his usual route to Foster's as he passes his bully-brother, Terrence, sitting on a bench]
Terrence: Run.
Mac: Terrence, what are you–
Terrence: Run.
Mac: What?
Terrence: Run, now.
Mac: Oh, right. I see. [starts running his way to Foster's as Terrence chases him, laughing evilly]
Bloo: [looks out the window, seeing Terrence chasing Mac around] Oh, brother. [hurries outside]

Terrence: That's it! I need… PIZZA!
Imaginary Pizza Friend: [appearing next to him] Howdy-doo! I love you!

Terrence: Okay, now it's time for you to do what you were created to do: smash Bloo! You got it?
Red: Yeah, yeah. Smash Bloo.
Terrence: That's my boy. Now go, get Bloo.
[Red leaves]
Terrence: Oh, man. This is gonna to be so rad!
Red: Got Bloo.
Terrence: That was fast.
Red: [holds up flower] Smash Bloo.
Terrence: What?
Red: [sniffs flower] Mmm. Bloo smash pretty.

Terrence: Thanks for breaking my fall, you sissy horse.

Unknown Friend: [after seeing the man in a cell phone suit go by] I've heard of mobile phones, but this is ridiculous.
Bloo: Hey, did you see a-
Unknown Friend: I already made the joke, son. He went that-a-way.

Who Let the Dogs In? [1.11][edit]

Eduardo: Azul? You no el perrito!
Bloo: I most certainly am not a burrito!

Don Lickles: [as Ringo Rango smacks him in the face after feeling a lick in his leg] Ow! What was that for?!
Ringo Rango: Something just licked my leg.
Don Lickles: [offended] Oh, so that automatically makes it me, just 'cause I have tongues for feet.

Adoptcalypse Now [1.12][edit]

Bloo: Want a cupcake? [offers Wilt a cupcake]
Wilt: Don't change the subject, please.

[As Mac and Bloo tie up Wilt to a chair, tape up his mouth, and put him in the closet]
Bloo: This hurts us more than it hurts you.
Mac: Yeah. Sorry, Wilt.
Wilt: [muffled] No, I'm sorry.
[Bloo closes the closet door]

[Next Adopt-A-Thought Saturday, Wilt, Mr. Herriman, and Frankie tie up both Mac and Bloo to chairs, tape up their mouths, and put them in the same closet]
Wilt: Sorry, but believe me. This hurts me more than it hurts you.

Bloooo [1.13][edit]

[Mac and Bloo both get sick from playing outside in the mud on a rainy day and come inside, sitting in front of the fireplace]
Frankie: [placing her hand on Mac's forehead, checking his temperature] Oh, pal, you feel a bit warm.
Bloo: Yeah, you don't look so hot.
Mac: [weakly] I don't feel so… [sniffs] hot either.
Frankie: Come on, I'll take you home.
[In the foyer, Frankie escorts Mac outside in the rain to the Foster's bus, preparing to take him home as Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco all say their goodbyes to him and wishing for him to get better]
Coco: [in unison] Coco! Coco! Coco!
Eduardo: [in unison] Adios, Mac.
Wilt: [in unison] Bye, Mac. Feel better, man. Sorry.
[As Wilt, Eduardo, and Coco leave, Mac sneezes from outside]
Wilt: Gesundheit.
[Bloo waves goodbye to Mac from the window and Mac waves goodbye back at him before the bus drives off]

Bloo: So what are we watching?
Wilt: [with mouth full] A kweecha feature.
Bloo: [confused] A "kweecha feecha"?
Wilt: Sorry. [swallows popcorn] A creature feature.
Eduardo: [worried] A creature feature?
Wilt: It's okay, Eduardo, don't worry.
Bloo: Yeah Ed, it's probably just some silly old movie about a silly old ghost and some silly old house on some silly old hill.
Commentator on TV: The Curse of the Cannibal Ghost of the Haunted House on Horror Hill!
Wilt: Good call!

[The Foster's bus pulls up at Mac's apartment building and Frankie opens the door for Mac to get off]
Frankie: Now, hurry on inside and get yourself to bed, okay? [Mac nods yes and heads inside after he gets off the bus; closes the door and drives off back to Foster's]

Bloo: I thought steam was supposed to unstuff me. I gotta get some air in here. [groans as he pulls at the chains on the window]
Eduardo: The rattling! The terrible rattling!
[Bloo bursts out of the bathroom, trying to get the chains off him, and Eduardo screams]
Wilt: It's the Cannibal Ghost!
[Wilt and Eduardo both scream, Wilt jumps in fright and gets his head stuck in the ceiling, Eduardo runs, and Coco comes down the hall still dressed like a ghost]
Coco: COCO! [Bloo screams] Coco! Coco! COCO!
Bloo: Coco?
[Eduardo runs and screams, bursting through the walls. He bumps into a wall-like imaginary friend and gets sent flying back]
Wall Friend: Watch where you're goin', pal!
[Eduardo screams]
Wilt: Sorry. Really. Won't happen again. Go on back to bed. Don't you worry about a thing. Everything little thing is gonna be alright, there's definitely not a- [Eduardo grabs him and pulls him down] Cannibal Ghost...
[Wilt and Eduardo fall and they get scared when they see Bloo draped in Coco's sheet]
Bloo: Coco? Coco? Coco?
Wilt: Coco? It's been you this whole time, hasn't it!? Why, of all the rotten tricks to- [he removes the sheet, revealing Bloo underneath]
Bloo: Oh... [Eduardo screams and runs. Wilt says "Homina" in fright many times. Eduardo comes back, grabs Wilt and runs, and screams] Hey, guys... [sneezes] Wait up a sec...

Wilt: Who you gonna call?
Coco: [to the tune of Ghostbusters] Co co-co!
Wilt: They've been out of business for years. If we wanna save our friends from this phantom menace, we're gonna have to do it ourselves. So, how did they stop the ghost in the movie?

Wilt: Now, we have to keep real quiet so the ghost won't know we're coming. So no getting spooked and all yelly, okay?
Eduardo: I don't get all yelly!
Wilt: Shh!
Coco: Coco!
[Eduardo nods and his friends continue down the halls. He spots Bloo coming up behind them and tries to warn Wilt and Coco by jumping and waving his arm, but that doesn't get their attention. He pokes Coco and Wilt]
Wilt: [whispering] Quit it, Eduardo!
[Eduardo looks back again to see Bloo wobbling as he comes closer]
Bloo: Oh...
[Eduardo pokes his friends again]
Wilt:[whispering] What is it? You better have to tell me... [he finally notices Bloo] THE GHOST IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU!

Season 2[edit]

Partying is Such Sweet Soiree [2.01][edit]

Duchess: This party is unauthorized! And more importantly, it is interfering with my 23 hours of beauty sleep!
Bloo: You may want to shoot for 24.
Duchess: [angrily steaming up] Ooh! You are going to get in big trouble for this!
Bloo: Oh, you're just sore 'cause you didn't get invited.
Mac: Bloo, I hate to say it, I mean, I really hate to say it, but I think Icky Von Yuck Yuck might be right.
Bloo: You're taking sides with Blickey McBarf?
Mac: No, I just think Grossie Grossenstein has a point.
Duchess: I am calling Madame Foster this instant! When she hears about this, your days in this house will be numbered!
Bloo: Fine! Call her! See what I care! [snaps fingers, summoning One-Eyed Cy]
Cy: Yeah, boss?
Bloo: See to it Old Ug-Mug doesn't get near a phone.
Cy: Got it.
Mac: You're pushing your luck. And Mr. Herriman's gonna be back soon and-
Bloo: I told you already, it's taken care of.

Mac: Look, I don't want to see you get in trouble again. It's bad for my rep.
Bloo: Do I have to fight for my right to party?
Mac: How about fighting for your right not to get kicked out of the house?
Bloo: Pshaw. You worry too much. Loosen up. Here. [snaps fingers; Moptop shows up with a plate of candy] Have some candy.

Mac: [while on sugar high] Pour some sugar on Mac!

Duchess: [enraged] AAAAHH! If only Herriman were here!
Mr. Herriman: [angrily hopping home] Ooh, of all the things you've pulled! When I get home, I'm going to give you a right what for!

Mac: Give me my chocolate!
Bloo: Chocolates?! You tried to sell us out for Duchess' stupid chocolate?!
Duchess: I'll have you know they're stupid gourmet chocolate.

Mr. Herriman: [angrily scolding Fridgy, a refrigerated imaginary friend] I cannot believe it! I am absolutely outraged! What made you think you could get away with this?! And furthermore…
[Mac dashes out of the house, naked, and still on sugar high]

Mac: [coughing] You said… [coughs] it was sugar.
Bloo: Right. Sugar. Sugar free.

Madame Foster: Mr. Herriman, I am severely disappointed in you.
Mr. Herriman: But, Madame, I…
Madame Foster: Ooh, I am no fool, bunny! It is more than clear what occurred here today. I told you explicitly, implicitly, and unequivocally, no… wild… parties! Without me!

The Big Lablooski [2.02][edit]

[Episode starts at the Foster's foyer and Madame Foster bursts the doors open and enters, in a very bad mood]
Madame Foster: [outraged] Simply unbelievable! The stealing and the taking and bribing-the bribing! Oh, that 'bout but the the bone off the spoon! Why, I should have… [sweetly to Wilt] Hello, Wilt. [back to feeling outraged] And I would if I could! But nothing doing, no way, no how. Lousy casserole dish with onions on top! Downright nasty, I say. [kindly to Eduardo] Hola, Eduardo. [outraged again] Haven't the pluck to pluck up my chickens! That's what I call the sauce! [to Coco] Coco, Coco. [outraged again] And now I'm in a bing like a package on moving day! [to Mac and Bloo, kindly] Afternoon, Mac, Bloo. [outraged again] All 'cause of her! Always the same! Massacring what's mine like a Mississippi chainsaw! My green aggie, my lunch pail, my prom date! But this… taking a lady's teammates! Snatching 'em up before the final bell right before the last game-- outrageous! The gall! The gumption! The nerve! That back-scratching, butter neck Jerkins! [drops her bag with the hard thud]
Everyone: Madame Foster!
Madame Foster: What?! Oh, my! Was I talking out loud?
Eduardo: Sí. Very loud.
Madame Foster: Sorry. I thought those were my inner thoughts. Oops! [chuckles sheepishly] Seems my inner became an outie.
Wilt: Wow, Madame Foster. I've never seen you so bent out of shape.
Madame Foster: I know. Usually, I'm so sweet, quirky, and adorable. But, dag nabbit, I'm madder than a wet cat on washing day!
Wilt: Ooh, that's mad!
Madame Foster: She's skimming cream off the top, and they're drinking it up like a camel to sand. That Jerkins is a crafty one, literally, flaunting her hand-made doilies this way and that, taking my girls before the final beat. No-good doily-giving bribery!
Mac: Hold up, Madame Foster. Let me see if I got this. You and this Jerkins lady have had a vicious rivalry ever since you were kids when she stole your lunchbox, and your boyfriend…
Madame Foster: And my marbles.
Mac: Clearly. And now, she's stolen your bowling team before the final game of the tournament by bribing them with doilies.
Madame Foster: What? Am I speaking French here? She stole 'em, and now where am I? I'm done. That's it.

Flo Jerkins: What is this, Foster?
Madame Foster: My new team, Jerkins!
Flo Jerkins: Looks like you dragged these right out of the gutter.
Madame Foster: Nah, 'cause I would have seen you there!
Wilt: Good one!
Eduardo: That was good!
Flo Jerkins: Oh, yeah?! Well, if you're offering up this rag-tag team to roll in the finals, y'all better bring it! [snaps her fingers]
Madame Foster: Oh, it's already brung, sister!

Madame Foster: Wilt, dearie, I appreciate the spit and shine, but… [snapping while shouting] THIS IS NOT BASKETBALL!

Madame Foster: Ed, stop being such a wimp!
Eduardo: No! Too noisy! Too scary!
Madame Foster: Oh, I'm sorry, Eddie. What I meant to say was… [shouting] STOP BEING SUCH A WIMP!

Flo Jerkins: [taunting Madame Foster] Hey, Foster, maybe you ought to change your name from Foster's Fighters to Foster's Flatulence since you stink!
Madame Foster: [steaming up, angrily; to Mac] Mac?
Mac: Yeah?
Madame Foster: I got some advice for you.
Mac: Anything.
Madame Foster: You see this ball?
Mac: Yeah.
Madame Foster: I need you to take it…
Mac: Yeah?

Mac: [after Madame Foster rejects him from bowling] But I want to be part of the team.
Madame Foster: Good. Go polish the balls, go shine the shoes, go get some nachos. Wait, you're a smart kid. Go keep score, just don't bowl!

Mac: [annoyed] "Keep score?" Thanks a lot. Dumb computer does it all.

Bowling Paul: Life is like a narrow road. You can walk on the right, you can walk on the left, or you can walk down the middle.
Mac: Isn't walking down the middle of the road dangerous?
Bowling Paul: Well, duh! In walking, totally dangerous! You could get hit by a car or something. But in bowling, the middle of the road is the path to victory.
Mac: Sweet, sweet victory.

Where There's a Wilt, There's a Way / Everyone Knows It's Bendy [2.03][edit]

Wilt: [annoyingly irritated] Okay, that's it. I am so putting my foot down! It's game time for the Wilt man. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

Wilt: [washing Madame Foster's car in the rain] Well, you gotta have a clean car.
Madame Foster: [honking] Less talk, more muscle!

Wilt: [having enough] That's it! Next person who asks me for something's getting a big, fat, n…
Old Lady: [cutting off Wilt's sentence; far from the sidewalk, sweetly] Excuse me, tall molasses, mind helping a young lady across the street?

Bloo: Wilt, these aren't salt and vinegar flavor. I only eat salt and vinegar flavor. I can't eat these.
Mac: Bloo, clean that stuff up.
Bloo: Why? It's Wilt's fault. Besides, he loves cleaning up messes. Don't you, Wilt?

Gregory's Mom: We can't take it anymore. We're getting rid of him.
Mr. Herriman: Yes, yes, of course. Now we have some procedures to follow, paperwork and whatnot. Can you explain why you can no longer care for Bendy?
Gregory's Dad: He's a troublemaker, I tell you, an instigator!
[Bendy, a yellow imaginary friend with spiked hair, sits outside in the waiting room, listening to their conversation in distraught]
Frankie: Troublemaker? What does he do?
Gregory's Mom: Ugh, what doesn't he do? Writing on the walls, gum under the table, cookies missing from the jar.
Frankie: Really?
Gregory's Dad: Softballs through windows, mysterious long distance charges, missing power tools. Every single rule in the house broken, every single day.
Mr. Herriman: I see, and you've witness Bendy committing these transgressions?
Gregory's Mom: Well, no, but our son, Gregory has.
Mr. Herriman: I see. Master Gregory, might I speak to your parents alone, please?
Gregory's Dad: Go on, son.
[Gregory leaves the office and waits outside]
Mr. Herriman: Sir, Madame, we see this sort of thing all the time. Have you considered that perhaps it is not Bendy performing these acts, but your son instead?
Gregory's Parents: [shocked in anger] What?!?!
Frankie: What he means is, sometimes, kids blame their imaginary friends for things they've done themselves. You know, 'cause they don't want to get in trouble. It's very common really.
Gregory's Mom: [offensively miffed] Well, I assure you that our son would never lie to us! Why the very nerve!
[They storm out of Mr. Herriman's office]
Gregory's Dad: Come, Gregory.
[As Gregory's Mom grabs her son by the hand, dragging him away, Gregory sadly looks at Bendy for one final look and leaves]
Bendy: But, but, I didn't do anything. You gotta believe me, I never did any of those things. I swear.
Frankie: Oh, we believe you, Bendy.
Mr. Herriman: Humans can be so cruel.

Bloo: [walks to a corner; to the others as they're all punished] You guys too?
Coco: Coco.
Eduardo: Sí.
Wilt: Uh-huh.
Bloo: Don't tell me. Bendy?
Coco: Coco.
Eduardo: Sí.
Wilt: Uh-huh.

Frankie: Bloo! You flooded the house!
Bloo: Yeah, but Bendy took a cookie!
[Frankie facepalms as Mr. Herriman shakes his head in disappointment]
Mac: [shows up at the flooded house; sighs annoyingly] Bloo, what did you do?
Bloo: [offscreen] BENDY DID IT!

Sight for Sore Eyes / Bloo's Brothers [2.04][edit]

Bloo: [addressing his doubles] I am Bloo, and you are my minions! Wahahahahaha! [clones laugh] Alone, you are nothing but cheap knockoffs of a really cool dude, but together, we are stronger than any army! And I think we all know what you must do. [the Bloos blink and stare at each other] That's right! We must sing the theme from the Ice Charades in one hundred-part harmony!
[inside the community room, the other Bloos gather and sing]
Bloos: [singing] Oh, Ice Charades, you're so icy and fun
Oh, Ice Charades, it's not the "capade" one
Oh, Ice Charades, every year comes to town
Oh, Ice Charades, get your money back if a skater falls...
Comically Deep-Voiced Bloo: DOWN.
Frankie: [marches in as the song ends] Holy guacamole!
Bloo: Take five, everyone.
Frankie: Bloo, what have you done? Have you been playing with Mac's chemistry set again?
Bloo: Yes, Frankie, yes I have. But that's not where these handsome devils came from. They were imagined up by kids in Mac's class after they saw me.

Mac: Hi, Bloo. Ready to go to the Ice Charades?
Comically Deep-Voiced Bloo: Who are you?
Mac: [screams and starts attacking Comically Deep-Voiced Bloo] Who are you and what have you done with my friend?!
Bloo: Oh, I see you've met Comically Deep-Voiced Bloo.

Cookie Dough [2.05][edit]

Bloo: [through loudspeaker] Come and get the taste sensation that's sweeping the nation! The chocolate confection that's baked to perfection! The homemade concoction that's free of dioxin! [the crowd stares at Bloo] What, dioxins? They're any of several carcinogenic or duratogenic tetracyclic hydrocarbons that incurs impurities in petroleum-derived herbicides, like meat and dairy products. [the crowd continues staring] They're bad for you!
[The crowd cheers]

Frankie: [deranged with a cookie addiction] Must stop eating cookies...such delicious sugary goodness...NEVER! [shoves another cookie in her mouth] Cookies are your friend! You shall give in to the power of the triple chocolate! I've loved them since I was a baby, and she never gave me enough. [eats a bunch more cookies] So you need to eat MORE! As many as you can! LET NO ONE STOP YOU!

Frankie My Dear [2.06][edit]

Orlando Bloo: [sarcastically to Mac, beneath him] Don't mind if I do pick up a fork and eat some of the food that is on the plate on the table in front of me!
Mac: D'ooh... [his hands scrabble around on the table, picks up a spoon and stabs at the steak]
Orlando Bloo: Oh, silly me. A spoon can't pick up a steak!

Orlando Bloo: So, did Frankie ever tell you how we met? Well, I was busy studying at millionaire school, learning how to be a millionaire - which was silly really, because I already made a gazillion dollars in the paddle ball business - I just wanted to get my degree. Anyway, Frankie was working at the local roller derby and I just happened to be attending the roller derby regionals, and I couldn't help but notice her. So, after the game, I went up to her and said, "Hey, baby! I'm a gazillionaire!"

Dylan: You guys are lucky I don't kick your bu-- [notices Frankie behind him, hearing everything] Ha, ha, ha. Ha! Frankie, I thought you were uh… you know, powdering your nose.
Frankie: I powdered it before I left.
Prince Charming: [comes out of the ladies' bathroom with a black eye] She's so cute when she's mad. [faints]
Dylan: [backs away nervously as Frankie advances towards him] So uh… I-I-I-I-it's not what it looks like, it's…
Frankie: If I have a dime for every time I heard that one.
Dylan: No, really! I was just palling around with the kids over here. [picks up Mac, giving him a noogie] Cute little guys, heh…
Frankie: You mean, my friends?
Dylan: Oh! [drops Mac] Th-those were your uh…friends? [chuckles nervously as Frankie walks a little closer to him] Hey, Frankie, did I mention how awesome you look in that dress?
[Frankie furiously cracks her knuckles and punches Dylan as the screen cuts to black]

Mac Daddy [2.07][edit]

Cheese: [repeated line] I like chocolate milk.

Madame: Oh, he seems nice. What's his name dear?
Mac: Cheese.
Madame: What's that dear?
Mac: Cheese.
Madame: I'm sorry?
Mac: Cheese! His name is Cheese!
Madame: Oh.
Cheese: Yes.
Mac: No, not you, Cheese. Yes. Cheese.
Cheese: Yes.
Mac: Not you.

[Cheese pretends his toy horse is galloping up Bloo]
Bloo: Get outta here!
[Cheese walks away, and then sneaks up behind them, using his horse to listen in on Mac and Bloo]
Mac: Come on, I brought Mom's drill...
Bloo: So?
Mac: We can paint flames on the sides.
Bloo: So?
Mac: We can ride down that huge hill on Mulberry Lane...
[Bloo's face lights up]
Bloo: [ecstatic] Oh, Mac, you mean it?
Mac: Of course. Just like I promised.
Bloo: Oh, Mac, you're the best kid an imaginary friend could ever ha- [he sees that Cheese has been putting his horse between them] -WILL YOU GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME?!?
Cheese: [beat] Now I'm a horsey! Baa! Baa, now you're a horsey! Giddyap! [crashes into Bloo] ...This floor tastes funny.
[Mac facepalms]

Mac: Time for paint!
Bloo: Awesome! Super duper red Hot Rod flames!
Cheese: Bunnies!
Bloo: Hot rod flames!
Cheese: Bunnies!
Bloo: Hot rod flames!
Cheese: Bunnies!
Bloo: Hot rod flames!
Cheese: Bunnies!
Cheese: Bunnies.
Bloo: HOT... ROD... FLAMES!
Cheese: [whispers] Bunnies.
[scene goes to the hill, where the go kart is painted with flaming bunnies]
Bloo: [while pushing go-kart up the hill] I don't even know you anymore!
Mac: Shut up. At least the bunnies are on fire.

[Wilt gives Cheese to Coco, who is making orange juice. Cheese wants cocoa for cereal.]
Cheese: Cocoa.
Coco: Coco coco coco?
Cheese: Cocoa!
Coco: Co, co, coco coco coco?
Cheese: COCOA!
Coco: [annoyed] Co co co co!
[Coco gets annoyed and gives Cheese to Mr. Herriman, who is writing a letter]
Mr Herriman: Can I help you?
Mr Herriman: GOOD HEAVENS! Not another one!
[Mr. Herriman takes Cheese away, while Frankie is making cereal and gives Cheese at the kitchen who wants cereal]
Cheese: COCOA!
Frankie: Oh, no. Not another one! [crashes cut to Bloo is sitting on the couch and drinking a soda; offscreen] BLOO! [she has a bowl on her head as Cheese is hanging by her shoulder and licking her] This is yours! [puts Cheese on the couch next to Bloo] You watch him!
Blog: Hey, Cheese, wanna play a game?
Cheese: I like games.

Cheese: 'Nother game, 'nother game, 'nother game, 'nother game, 'nother game, 'nother game 'nother game, 'nother game, 'nother game, 'nother game...
Bloo: [getting another idea] Hey, Cheese. You wanna play another game?
Cheese: [gasps] Yes!
Bloo: It's the most exciting, amazing, most funnest awesomest game ever.
Cheese: Yes, yes!
Bloo: You wanna know what it's called?
Cheese: Yes, yes, YES!
Bloo: Okay, it's called... [locks Cheese in the closet] "Sit still and be quiet in the closet FOR THE REST OF ENTERNITY!" MWHAHAWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! [runs off]
Cheese: [in the closet] I like this game.

Bloo: [frantic] Where are you, little buddy?! Come on little bro! Speak to me! Tell me you're alright! CHEESE!
Mac: Bloo, what's going on?
Bloo: Cheese! Speak to me! SPEAK TO ME!
Cheese: [offscreen] Yeah, I like potatoes.
Frankie: He was eating soap when I found him.
Cheese: Potatoes smell. Like flowers.

Cheese: I pooted.

Squeakerboxxx [2.08][edit]

Mr. Herriman: [glaring at Bloo] I dislike you with great intensity.

Beat with a Schtick [2.09][edit]

The Sweet Stench of Success [2.10][edit]

Kip: Deo, honey, baby! Why ain't you dressed? We gotta go-go-go!
Bloo: NO! I'm not doing any more appearances, corporate speaking gigs, sleeping in a cage or sticking my head into some guy's underarm ever again! I QUIT!
Kip: What're you saying, kid? Don't mince words.
Bloo: I quit! I just wanna get something to eat, then go home to see my friends! I quit!
Kip: You can't quit.
Bloo: Sure, I can. Watch. I! QUIT!
Kip: [frowns angrily] I own you, kid. That contract you signed--that wasn't an acting contract. It was adoption papers. So, as your legal guardian, I say YOU CAN'T QUIT!
Bloo: But... I didn't wanna be adopted!
Kip: "But I didn't wanna be adopted!" Well, you shouldn't have gone on television saying that you did! You ASKED for this! Now, you are gonna get into your little costume and you're gonna perform your live variety show for millions of TV VIEWERS LIKE WE PLANNED! [to Bloo] YA GOT THAT, PUNK?!
Bloo: [gulps] Y-Y-Yes, sir...

Kip: [grabs Bloo] Not so fast, Deo! You're not going anywhere! I created you! I OWN you!
Bloo: No, Kip. You didn't create me. [He knocks Kip in the face] Mac, my best friend, created me. For I am Blooregard Q. Kazoo, imaginary friend. Not some flashy marketing campaign designed to get people to buy a shoddy deodorant product that doesn't even work. [audience gasps] That's right, audience. Deo Brand Deodorant doesn't really make people smell better!
[Family, dog, and cat gasped after they hear what Bloo said. The next scene where Chris throws his Deo Brand Deodorant after he hears what Bloo said. and another scene where an old woman faints after she hears what Bloo said]
Kip: You think I care that people know my product stinks? You think I care how PEOPLE stink? I DON'T care! [audience gasps] In fact, Deo Brand Deodorant makes people smell WORSE!
Audience: NOOO!
Police Officer #1: That's it, pal. We're taking you downtown.
Police Officer #2: You're spending the rest of your life rotting in prison.
Kip: Arresting me? For what?!
Police Officer #1: Article 254, Section 3: False Advertising.
Kip: [gets dragged away by the two police officers] NOOOOO!!!!!!

Bye Bye Nerdy [2.11][edit]

Bloo: Look. I saw you doing extra school work during recess.
Mac: Bloo, I wasn't doing extra school work. I was in detention.
Bloo: Detention? For what?
Mac: Blowing spit wads.

[During the credits]
Bloo: Today's story was about how you should really accept your friends for who they are. Don't try to change them, just 'cause you think they should be different. Especially if it's going to end up blowing up in your face and get you adopted off to a bunch of little kids. Always ask yourself, "How's this gonna affect me?" Learn from my mistake and accept your nerdy friend for who he is.
[Camera zooms out, revealing that he's talking to Big Beaver]
Big Beaver: [confused] Why are you telling me this?
[Bloo runs off, embarrassingly]

Bloo Done It [2.12][edit]

[Uncle Pockets arrives and everyone likes him, all except Bloo]
Frankie: Sounds to me like someone's jealous!
Bloo: Not jealous, journalist. [Mac rolls his eyes] I heard that!

My So-Called Wife [2.13][edit]

Bloo: So, do we get our super awesome jet cars now?
Mr. Herriman: [sarcastically, stretching out his head to Bloo] Oh, yes... they're in the mail.
Bloo: Yes!
Mac: Um, Bloo. I think he was being sarcastic.
Bloo: Oh. But who cares?? We're getting jet cars! Jet cars, dude!
Mac: No, see, he was just saying that because it isn't true.
Bloo: So he was lying?
Mac: No, he was using sarcasm. He said the opposite to make it funny! Ha ha!
Bloo: That wasn't funny. Knock-knock jokes. Knock-knock jokes are funny.
Mac: [sarcastically] Yeah. Knock-knock jokes are hilarious.
Bloo: That's what I'm saying!
Mac: No, I was being sarcastic.
Bloo: Stop it!

Mac: Frankie, explain sarcasm to Bloo.
Frankie: What? You don't understand sarcasm?
Bloo: No.
Frankie: But you use it all the time!
Bloo: Right. I use it all the time.
Frankie: See? You just used it!
Bloo: I did?! Sure I did, Frankie.
Mac: You're totally messing with us, aren't you?

Season 3[edit]

Eddie Monster [3.01][edit]

Terrence: I'm counting on it.
Mac: I'm telling Mom!

Eduardo: [after Terrence gets electrocuted and pees his pants; chuckles] Who's a scaredy baby, now?
[Terrence runs away]

Hiccy Burp [3.02][edit]

Camp Keep a Good Mac Down [3.03][edit]

[on a camping trip, Wilt is stuck in quicksand as a bear has just shown up]
Madame: Run for your lives, boys! I'll stave him off!
Mac: What about Wilt?
Wilt: Don't worry Mac. I'll probably sink before the bear gets me.

Imposter's Home For Um... Make 'Em Up Pals [3.04][edit]

Frankie: Enough! If you're not an imaginary friend, I want you out! That means you and you and you… and you! [points directly to Goofball as he turns around and covers his nose] That's right, Goofball. I'm not washing anymore of your high school football jerseys! I'm not helping you with any more of your math homework. And I'm not buying any more groceries to feed your growing boy appetite! Because you are not an imaginary friend!

Frankie: You are not a make-believe companion-- imaginary friend. You are not an imaginary friend!

Duchess of Wails [3.05][edit]

Duchess: [spits out mouth wash on Eduardo, angrily to Wilt] You call this pre-gargled?! It's barely foaming!

Duchess' Family: If we adopt you, will you promise to behave?
Duchess: If you adopt me, will you promise to be less ugly?

Madame Foster: Give 'em no mercy! Because if Duchess returns, you ain't getting any from her!

Mac: [to Frankie] If it's not too much trouble, Frankie, can you forward my postcards to Bloo's new home after he gets adopted?
Frankie: What? Where are you going?
Mac: Oh, you know, Singapore.
Everyone: [shocked] Singapore?!
Mac: Yeah, my mom can't stand Duchess living next door to us anymore so we're moving to Singapore. Didn't Terrence tell you?
Terrence: [stops walking when he overhears; exchanges glances and sees everyone all angry at him; nervously] Uh... um... as they say in Wisconsin... Sayonara! [quickly dashes away]

Foster's Goes to Europe [3.06][edit]

Mac: Is this the flight to Europe?
Ticket Agent: Yes, it is. You just made it.
Mac: We made it! We made it!
Ticket Agent: Tickets?
Mac: I've got 'em! [tries to get them out of his backpack but realizes they're not in there]
[Later, everyone returns home and blame Mac for not having the tickets]
Frankie: [annoyed] Grandma, we're home!
Mr. Herriman: Oh, Master Mac. I'm most upset by your careless behavior. My schedule is null and void. [annoyingly rips his schedule into pieces]
Coco: Co! Coco coco co! ("Way to lose the tickets, Mac!")
Edurado: [imitating Paco] I es muy disappointed in you, Señor Mac. [glares at Mac with an annoyed scowl and storms off]
Wilt: [upset] Usually, I can forgive anything, but… [sniffles sadly as he's about to cry] I'm sorry. This is going to take me a while. Is that okay? [walks away]
Bloo: Real nice, Mac. Do you know how long I've been looking forward to this trip? I wouldn't give it up for the world! [whispers] For the world! [storms off]
Mac: [dumbfounded] But they were in my backpack! I swear!

Madame Foster: [on the plane; revealing that she had all of Mac's tickets] Oh, I got everything I needed out of that hug! [laughs]

Go Goo Go [3.07][edit]

Mr. Herriman: [lecturing Mac and Bloo about Goo, stretching out his head to them] And whenever she comes to Foster's she comes completely overstimulated and thinks and creates and imagines. Willy Nilly!
Willy Nilly: [rolls into the room] No, see, my creator's name was Kevin.
Mr. Herriman: No one asked you, Master Willy!

Mac: You guys, what happened?
Frankie: We had to sleep in the bus. That's what happened!
Mr. Herriman: Oh, the house has become so frightfully full that is actually far more comfortable to lie on these ancient benches [pulls out a spring.] than in our own overcrowded beds.
Mac: Gosh, guys. I'm really sorry. I--
Mr. Herriman: Well, you should be. We've been very patient with you, Master Mac, but I'm afraid there must be consequences for your inaction. From now on, you--
[Frankie stops him]
Frankie: Maybe I should tell him.
Mac: Tell me what?
Frankie: Mac, we've been talking, and, well, we know how very much in love you are with your girlfriend [Mac groans] and, well, since she only comes around to see you, and you won't ask her to leave, we kind of think you shouldn't, you know, [frowns] come to Foster's anymore.
Mac: [shocked] What? But what about Ches... I mean, Bloo?
Mr. Herriman: Our agreement to house Master Blooregard will stand firm as long as you, Master Mac, stay away.
[Coco, Eduardo and Wilt fold their arms and turn their backs on Mac. Bloo blinks slowly. Frankie frowns even more. Madame Foster looks miserably at Mac.]
Mr. Herriman: I'm sorry, Master Mac. But it is for the best.
[Mac leaves the bus.]
Goo: Oh, my gosh, Mac. I totally forgot to tell you about something and I totally remembered it when you were on the bus talking to that badger and that crazy angry lady, and I was outside communing with the animals like I always do on my family vacations in Wisconsin, and I suddenly remembered about the thing I've been wanting to do for, like, a long, long, long, long, long time, and I kept forgetting. And, you know, my mom says that sometimes memory loss is a sign of a protein deficiency, but I don't think that pertains to me, 'cause I eat lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of bananas. In fact, you could probably say I'm Bananas about bananas. Get it, Mac? Bananas? Get it? Do you get it, Mac? Do you get it, get it, get it, get it, get it, get it...? I know you wouldn't get it. Well, anyway, I just wanted to give you this, 'cause I've been thinking about all the time we've been spending together, and since we're best friends and all, and I really wanted to--
Mac: [snapping at Goo after being barred from Foster's] I-DON'T-LIKE-YOU! Don't you get it? Nobody likes you! You're annoying and weird and you talk too much, and Bloo's name is not Chester, Mr. Herriman is not a badger, that's not how you play checkers, and protein doesn't come from bananas, it comes from nuts, which you don't need to eat more of because you are nuts! You're chock full of nuts! You're so nuts, you drive me nuts! [jumps in Goo's face] Get it? Getitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetit?! Everybody thinks you're a nuisance and they all want you to just GO HOME! [Goo becomes sad and upset upon hearing Mac's words] Well?! [so she drops a box in front of him and runs off. Mac opens it and discovers his backpack inside. He also sees that the strap has been fixed and he reads a note on his backpack] "To Mac. Thanks for being so nice to me all the time. Your friend, Goo." Great.

Crime After Crime [3.08][edit]

Frankie: Tough beans, blob boy! I've made it five times tonight, and you ain't leaving till it's all gone!

[During the credits…]
Bloo: [clutching his stomach] That's… it.
Frankie: This is for gluing the furniture to the ceiling. And make sure you leave some room for banana hallway and condiment couch.

Land of the Flea [3.09][edit]

[As Frankie and Mr. Herriman chase after Eduardo all around the house, forcing him to get a flea bath]
Eduardo: You will never take them away from me!
Eduardo: They're my friends!
Frankie: So are we!

A Lost Claus [3.10][edit]

Mac: Merry Christmas Eve!
Bloo, Eduardo, Wilt, and Coco: Mac!
Wilt: Come on in, Mac! We saved the star for you! Is that okay?
Mac: Are you kidding? Of course it's o… [Wilt picks him up] Whoa! [places the star on top of the tree]
Everyone: Yay!
Wilt: [sets Mac back down] I'm sorry but I'm so excited!
Coco: Coco! Coco! Coco! Co!
Wilt: That's right! 'Cause tomorrow is our first Christmas with Mac and Bloo! This is gonna be the best Christmas ever!
Mr. Herriman: Oh, this is going to be the worst Christmas ever! Where is Miss Frances?
Wilt: Uh, I'm sorry, Mr. H. I think she went out.
Mr. Herriman: Oh, for goodness sake! Probably out holiday shopping again I suppose! She's neglected to pay these utility bills on time just like she did last December! The world does not stop turning for the holidays you know! She should expect to find a good talking-to under the tree this year! Hmph!
Mac: Wow, I didn't know Mr. Herriman was such a Scrooge.
Wilt: Oh, he's not so bad. He gets a little stressed, but every year he makes sure there's just enough money to get every friend in the house one whole Christmas present.

Mac: [speechless when he saw a large group of imaginary Santas] Were those all…?
Frankie: Yep. Imaginary Santas. Kids get so excited about Christmas, tons of these guys get imagined. It happens every year.
Mac: So, none of these guys were the real Santa?
Frankie: Pfft. As much as my Great Aunt Fanny.
Mac: Well, what does that mean?
Frankie: Oh, nothing. Listen, Mac, if you see the real Santa Claus, tell him I want magical self-cleaning toilets for Christmas. [leaves by giving Mac a double-thumbs up and a wink]

Mac: There's no Santa. Eh... No Santa. [lays on his side] Eh... No Santa. [shivers]
Bloo: This is a travesty! This is the most catastrophic, cataclysmic, cata... cata... cata-awful occurrence this world has ever known! Do you realize what this means?!
Mac: It means that everything in the world is a lie! [sobs]
Bloo: Um, no! It means I get one crummy gift this year! And you know it's gonna be lame because it's from Herriman! He's probably gonna get me socks! Socks, Mac. SOCKS! No! No! I refuse to accept it. Santa's real! Real I tell you!
Mac: Just think about it. Nothing about Santa makes any logical sense. Man, I'm so stupid! I actually believed that a huge fat guy can get his big behind down a chimney. I totally bought at someone could miraculously travel around the world in just one night. I mean, geez! That's just so totally bogus! Even with magic deer! And as such a total bonehead, I completely fell for it that someone that lives in the North Pole has some resources to manufacture and produce brand name toys. And not get his jolly red suit... [Bloo slaps him] Ow!
Bloo: [shakes Mac] Get a hold of yourself! I'm not going to give up Santa without a fight! And neither will you! [continuously shakes Mac] Do you hear me?!
Mac: [feeling dizzy] Yes, just stop shaking me!
Bloo: [drops Mac] Come on. We're going to conduct a few experiments.
[Mac walks with dizziness]

[Mac's apartment; Mac is in his room, desperately lying in bed]
Mac: Santa, I've really wanna believe you're out there. It's just that none of the evidence adds up. But I know that doesn't have to mean you're not there. I just need a sign. I need something that I know only you can do. I don't know what. It's just something... I know! If you are real, you'll bring me a present. Something really specific. That could be a sign, right? I don't even care what it is. It could even be something lame. Like underwear. I would be totally cool with underwear. Seriously, I would love underwear. That would be a perfect sign, Santa. Just so long I know it's from you. [his phone rings and answers] Santa? Bloo, what are you doing calling so late? You could've woke up my mom! What? What do you mean Herriman's canceled Christmas? He threw out all the decorations and gifts?! Bloo, that's awful! Why did he do that? What? Ghosts told him to? That's ridiculous, Bloo. Presence and robots can't even become ghosts. Because you have to be alive in order to die and you bec… [realizes] Wait a second. You did it, didn't you? Yes, you did! Do you even realize what a bad liar you are?! Ugh! Fine! [now becomes sad] Okay. Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. Okay, bye. [hangs up] This is the worst Christmas ever. Just a sign, Santa, please. Just a sign.

[Christmas morning; Mac is asleep in his bed until his mother knocks on his door]
Mac's Mom: Mac, honey, wake up.
Terrence: Yeah, it's Christmas, dork!
Mac's Mom: [annoyed] Terrence.
Mac: [wakes up from his bed, walks to the window, and looks outside, seeing the snowy neighborhood] All right, Santa, show me what you got.
Mac's Mom: Come on, Mac!
Terrence: [as Mac leaves his room and enters the living room] Come and get your presents from Santa, loser.

Mac: [as he arrives at Foster's and approaches the front door; sighs] This is the worst Christmas ever. [opens the door, surprised to see Wilt standing there]
Wilt: Mac! You almost missed the best Christmas ever!

Bloo: [popping out from his pile of coal while covered in coal dust; threateningly to Santa] Just you wait, fat man. One day, I shall have my VENGEANCE! [falls over]

One False Movie [3.11][edit]

Bloo: We lost! We lost! I can't believe we lost!
Mac: Bloo, the movie didn't have an ending.
Bloo: What are you talking about? Audiences today don't care about endings. As long as everything else is awesome, you don't need an en...
[Interrupted by "The End" title]

Setting a President [3.12][edit]

Mac: If you're just joining us, Frankie, Mr. Herriman and Bloo are all running for House President. And now, we're gonna watch the big candidate's debate.
Frankie: Well, I've been caring for imaginary friends for a long time, and over the years I've learned a few things. I've spent the time to ask you what you want. You told me you wanted bedtime to be a half-hour later - YOU GOT IT! [crowd of imaginary friends cheers] You told me you want bigger dinner portions with vegetarian options - YOU GOT IT! [crowd cheers again] You told me you want the doorbell to play Camptown Ladies - YOU GOT IT! [crowd cheers again] I'm the candidate of the people! I care about this house! I care about your needs! Whatever you need to be happy, YOU GOT IT, YOU GOT IT, YOU GOT IT! [the crowd cheers again]
Mac: Okay, Mr. Herriman. Same question. What would you change?
Mr. Herriman: Not a thing! Everything is perfectly fine around here. [crowd is silent; someone coughs "Loser!"]
Mac: Alrighty. Bloo, how about you? If you were president, what would you change?
Bloo: [after a long silence] Herriman smells like poo! [the crowd cheers again]
Mr. Herriman: But he's just mudslinging! [Bloo literally throws mud in his face] I should have seen that coming.

Eduardo: Señor Herriman?
Herriman: Well, of course it's five, you numbskull!
Eduardo: Bloo?
Bloo: You know, Ed, my opponents say 5, but I say that's not good enough! I say 6! Or 7! Or even 42!
Crowd: WHOO-HOO! [cheering]

Mac: Bloo, ever since you've been here, you broke a statue of Madame Foster, opened a secret door reeking havoc on everyone, uploaded a video to make an international fool out of Mr. Herriman, flooded the house, threw a party against house rules, sabotaged a date Frankie had, destroyed a beloved toy elephant, completely ruined my reputation at school, blew the roof off the house...
Bloo: Your point?

Room With A Feud [3.16][edit]

Bloo: Whoo-hoo, I win! [confidently] He meant "biggest for your size." I'm huge for my size.
Wilt: Sorry Bloo, everybody knows I'm the biggest.
Eduardo: You es the tallest. I am biggest! I have the most muscle.
Wilt: I'm sorry Ed, but that's not true. You're all fur. I'm a lean, mean, muscle machine! [wiggles his arms to demonstrate] Look at that, Look at that!
[Wilt proceeds to wiggle his arms out while the other friends try to imitate him.]
Eduardo: [holds his arms out, but cannot wiggle them] I do that! I do that!
Coco: [stands on her head to wiggle her legs but is unable to do so] Cococo! Woop woop woop! Cococo!
Bloo: [holds his arms out while jumping in the air] Am I doing it? Am I doing it?
Wilt: [singsong mockingly] ♪You can't do it, you can't do it!♪
Eduardo: That's not muscles! I'll show you muscles!

[The friends are deciding what to do about Peanut Butter. Coco has a menacing glare]
Coco: Coco co...
Mac: Coco... I think if we did that, we'd go to jail.
[Coco continues to glare evilly]

Coco: [On your marks] Cococo? [Get set] Coco. [Go] CO!
[It's a race to make an object the fastest. Coco is putting her banana and pinwheel inside of the bucket and bangs them with a tire. Everyone else is puzzled]
Bloo: I don't get it! What'd we do?!
[Wilt is now seen sticking his Pinwheel in the middle of his tire.]
Wilt: Is this okay?
[Coco is then seen peeling her banana open.]
Bloo: Eat it?! Are we suppose to eat it?!
[Bloo quickly eats his banana whole. Coco meanwhile is smearing her banana all over the tire, sticking her Pinwheel in the center of the tire, and then covering them all with her bucket. The stopwatch goes off and Coco runs around clucking in victory. Peanut Butter assembled his items wrong]
Peanut Butter: Oh, so the bucket goes on top.
[Bloo frustratedly shoves Peanut Butter away from the group as Coco hopes around everyone taunting them.]
Coco: ♪Cocococo-cococo! Cocococo-cococo! Cocococo-cococo! Cocococo-cocococo!♪
Eduardo: That is no fair! You know the answer because you make up the game!
Wilt: Yeah, if we're gonna compete against each other, it should be a game with rules that we all know.

Cuckoo For Coco Cards [3.17][edit]

Eduardo: Okay, I am brave, I am brave, I am brave!
[Wilt gives a thumbs up to the 2 headed dragon to flame up the hoop for Eduardo]
Eduardo: [repeatedly] I'm not that brave, I'm not that brave, I'm not that brave...
Wilt: [wavingly through the hoop] We're ready when you are, Eduardo!
Eduardo: You know, I think I can live with scaredy cat. [Eduardo starts to do his stunt and Bloo comes with the card]
[Eduardo and Bloo slides down to the ramp and jumps as Bloo gets the card]
[Eduardo activates the parachute in his bag but Bloo uses his card with a tricycle, but he gets burned himself by the hoop and crashes and everyone cheers at Eduardo who becomes brave]
Eduardo: I did it! I did it!
Bloo: I got it... I got it...

Season 4[edit]

Challenge of the Super Friends [4.01][edit]

NEWSMAN: The city... [quickly pans left to part of the city, which is destroyed] in turmoil! And I'm running for my life! [A monster slams its tail on the road and roars. The Foster's tour bus comes up and Coco, Wilt, Eduardo, and Frankie exit it. Frankie is holding two steaks, Wilt and Eduardo are holding cages, and Coco is holding a piece of rope.] FRANKIE: Don't panic! It's just an imaginary friend! It's perfectly... [The monster roars at Frankie.] ...harmless!

Wilt: We're gonna need a bigger cage. [The monster uses its tail to grab Wilt] I'm sorry but whoooooooa!

EDUARDO: I'll save you Wilt! [charges at the monster. The monster roars at him, causing him to back up.] BLOO: So, once again, the day is saved. Right, sidekick? Mac: Sidekick? I'm not your sidekick, you're my sidekick! BLOO: [scoffs] You wish.

EDUARDO: Eh, I wonder what else is on.

The Big Picture [4.02][edit]

Mr. Herriman: Here you are, Master Wilt. Top stair, section 12. [Wilt steams up, annoyingly] Is there a problem?
Wilt: I was just thinking. You know how my head gets cut off in the picture each year?
Mr. Herriman: Yes.
Wilt: I was thinking maybe, if it's not too hard, [squats down] I could stand a little lower so that doesn't, you know, happen. If that's okay.
Mr. Herriman: You mean not stand with the other W's? No, no, no. Everyone must be organized alphabetically. It's the only way that makes sense.
Wilt: Then maybe I could have a chair.
Mr. Herriman: Master Wilt, I dare say, if you stand in a chair, we shall see even less of you.
Wilt: Oh, yeah. Thanks.

Coco: [as Mac shows her the picture and gasps in outraged shock] Co-co-co?! [angrily smacks Mac in the face and storms off]
Mac: [to Bloo; confused] When did I call her fat?

Squeeze the Day [4.03][edit]

Weather Forecaster: As a cold front sweeps in, you can expect showers in Spokane.
Bloo: Showers in Spokane. Spo-Cahn.
Weather Forcaster: Temperatures are up there, and its hot in Topeka.
Bloo: It's HOT in To-Pe-Ka. Its hot. Hot-hot. Hot-hot-hot. Hot. [breathes out] HOT. HOT. Hot-hot-hottot! It's hot in Topeka! Toe-peker. I'm a toe-pick. I'm a hot toe-picker! Pick my toe-IT'S HOT! Pick my hot toe, PICK IT! Topeka's hot, my toe is hot-pick it! It's hot in Topeka. It's hot. It's hot. It's hot. IT'S HOT IN, IT'S HOT IN, IT'S HOT IN TOPEKA!...Topeka.

Bloo: [talking to the mirror after drawing eyebrows and a moustache on his face] I am Pierre Schezuan! Haw haw haw haw! I put ze ducks in Crystal Pond! [draws a goatee on his face] I am Pierre's evil brother! I steal ze ducks from Crystal Pond! [draws an ear on the side of his face] I am Pierre's third cousin! I have ze ear on ze side of my face! Haw haw haw haw haw! [puts on lipstick] I am Pierre's girlfriend! [starts kissing the mirror] Muah, muah, muah, muah, muah!
Mac: [walks in on Bloo, who just appears out of nowhere] What are you doing?
Bloo: Nothing, nothing! What are you doing?
Mac: You got something... [Bloo wipes face with his hands, attempting to hide what he was doing, smears lipstick and black makeup a little] You still got... [Bloo wipes face again, smears makeup substantially; beat, giving up] You got it.

Mac: [reading a note on the fridge from Frankie] "Dear Mac, we went to the beach. We'll be back by 6:00. Don't let Bloo destroy the house. Frankie."
Bloo: They went to the beach… without me?!

Frankie: [to Mac] I wish I could be you, Mac. No job, no responsibilities. You will never be a child again. Don't let it pass you by. All that matters is right here, right now. Take advantage of every precious moment. This is your time to do the most awesome of awesome things.

Neighbor Pains[4.04][edit]

Goo: This is Scooter. He's a great friend. He eats sandwich crusts, lima beans, and very old really cold pork chops. Scooter is very awesome because you can't be allergic to him because you can't, because it's totally impossible. And also you don't have to worry about him biting because his teeth are made of gum. What do you think? You want to adopt him? Huh? Do you? Do you?
Girl: I don't know.
Goo: How about something a little more sporty? More flashy? What do I need to do to get you with a friend today?
Girl: Do you have this in pink?
[blue imaginary friend frowns]
Goo: Here's Wilt, he'll help you with the superficial adoption forms.
Wilt: Don't worry, this is really easy. [puts stacks of paperwork on table]

Infernal Slumber [4.05][edit]

Wilt: [to Mac while checking out the apartment] This is a really nice place, Mac. Not that I'm surprised. I mean, not that you have to live in a nice place to be a nice person. I mean, that isn't to say nice people can't live in nice places, too, though. Like you, for example, 'cause you're a nice person. I'm sorry. Does that make sense?

Eduardo: [showing Mac a picture of him as a baby, taking a bath in the bathroom sink] Is this you as a little baby, Señor Mac?
Mac: [annoyed] Yes.
Eduardo: You so small, you take a bath in the sink. Look at your tiny baby butt. [takes a photo of the picture] The Foster's friends, they love the baby butts.

Mac: Guys, you don't understand. This is really serious. My mom doesn't know I go to Foster's every day. If she wakes up and sees you here, she'll know and she might never let me go back.
Eduardo: You mean, we never, ever see you ever again? [cries again after Mac shakes his head no]
Mac: That's what I'm talking about.
[Eduardo covers his mouth, muffling the crying]
Bloo: Why didn't you tell us to be quiet before?

Mac: So listen, my mom and brother are still asleep, so you have to be very…
Goo: [looking around the apartment] Mac, this is where you live?

Goo: A séance is where we conjure up spirits from the Great Beyond and talk to them like normal people, except they're not normal because they're DEAD.
Eduardo: [gulps nervously] Why es they dead?
Goo: Who knows? Old age, or they put a jet engine in their car, or they were attacked by possums! Ooh! Maybe they had a piece of popcorn stuck in their throat, and they were like- [falls over pretending to choke and gag]
[Eduardo uneasily replaces a popcorn kernel in the bowl]

Terrence: What is going on?
[Everyone turns to see that he's woken up by hearing everything]

[As Terrence runs around the apartment, frantically to get Cheese of his face, an alarm clock is heard from Mac's Mom's bedroom and the Grandfather Clock tolls as the time reads 5:00]
Mac: It's 5 o'clock! My mom's getting up! I'll distract her while you take care of him!
[Wilt, Bloo, Coco, Eduardo, and Goo all seal their mouths shut and give Mac a thumbs-up to keep everything quiet]

Eduardo: [as Terrence seizes his camera; menacingly] Let go of my memories! [bashes Terrence on the head, knocking him out unconscious after Cheese let goes of him and catches his camera]

[During the end credits, Mac's Mom looks at the broken roof hole in shock with Terrence at her side]
Terrence: I didn't do it! Must've been Mac's friends, that's how they got in the house!
Mac's Mom: What friends?
Terrence: His imaginary ones. He had 'em all over last night. There was the purple Spanish one, and this red guy with one arm, and this girl and airplane-bird thing riding a bicycle all over the living room, and Bloo was back too! Mac didn't give him up at all! [smiling with confidence]
[Slight pause]
Mac's Mom: [unconvinced] Terrence, you're grounded. [walks off]

I Only Have Surprise For You [4.06][edit]

Frankie: Mac, this party isn't for you.
Bloo: [enters with Artie, blindfolded] Surpri-- [notices the wreckage] Whoa, what the heck happened in here?

Mr. Herriman: Master Mac, when you told me you hate parties, my chief concern was protecting this one from you. But I see now no party is safe from the likes of you. You will destroy each and every one, even if that means destroying lives in the process. [leaves]
Mac: But… [attempts to stop him but retracts sadly]
Eduardo: You es muy, muy meano.
[Coco squawks annoyingly at him]
Wilt: Maybe next time, you could talk about your problems, instead of taking them out on a little imaginary friend.
Frankie: Like I didn't have enough to clean.
Goo: You stink!
Bloo: How could you, Mac? He was four years old today! Four years old.
Mac: [upset] I thought it was my party.

Bus the Two of Us [4.07][edit]

Mac: Why didn't you go to the bathroom at the gas station?
Bloo: [wearing plungers on feet] Ew! Grody! Gas station bathrooms are disgusting!
Mac: But it's not disgusting to wear... never mind.

[During the credits, Frankie scolds Bloo for the chaos he caused while taking Mac on a joyride after stealing the bus]
Frankie: [pacing back and forth] Driving without a license, lying on a job application, destruction of personal property, destruction of public property, illegal use of toilet plungers and calling me a heifer! I mean, really, Bloo, don't you have anything to say for yourself?

The Big Cheese [4.08][edit]

Frankie: This is a really important day, you guys! Now remember, they'll be here at 5, so we have to get everything ready by then.
Bloo: [not liking it] Boring.
Mac: Wow, I can’t believe Foster’s is going to be on TV.
Bloo: [still not liking it] Boring.
Frankie: I know, I've been calling the station and working the system for months. [moving the cart] And they're finally coming to do a special news story on us.
Bloo: [still standing and not liking it] Boring.
Mac: And that means more people will learn about Foster's, and more people knowing about Foster's means more adoptions.
Bloo: [Frankie hits him with a broomstick] Bor--ow!
Frankie: [to the imaginary friends] Now hurry along, all of you. We only have a few hours to finish. The house and everyone in it has got to be in perfect shape. Absolutely nothing can go wrong.
Cheese: [off-screen] I like chocolate milk.
Frankie: [She turns her head to see Cheese] Cheese, how many times do I have to tell you? You don't live here! Go home!
Cheese: [He just stands there with a short silence, inhales] Okay. [He walks away and Frankie watches him leave. She rolls her eyes and walks]
[At the Arcade, Mac sees a pile of snack bags and soda cans everywhere on the floor]
Mac: Ugh! I can’t believe people just throw trash on the floor. [He puts everything in the trash can, and he finds Bloo drinking a soda on a chair, and throwing it on the floor. He gets mad, and then Cheese screams in the arcade while Mac and Bloo cover their ears. Pushing Cheese out] Cheese, you don’t live here! go home! [He closes the door and Cheese stops screaming]
Cheese: [inhales] Okay. [walks away]
[At the Bathroom, Eduardo is taking a shower, while humming the Foster's Home theme. Cheese opens the door and walks up to the shower]
Eduardo: [soap gets in his eye] Ow! Oh, that soap is so stingy! [Continues humming]
Cheese: [He opens the curtains and repeatedly hits Eduardo with a carrot] I FOUND A CARROT!! [Continues hitting Eduardo with a carrot, repeatedly]
Eduardo: Señor Cheese, you no live here. Go home.
Cheese: [He slowly spits a carrot from his mouth. Inhales] Okay. [He walks away]
[At Foster’s Foyer]
Frankie: Hey Wilt? We're all out of light bulbs. Do you mind running to the store and picking up some more?
Wilt: Sure thing! [He comes out of the front door and goes to store. He sees Cheese holding his one hand]
Cheese: Where we going?
Wilt: Well, um, I’m going to the store. You’re going home, remember?
Cheese: I like the fair.
Wilt: Well, maybe you could go home and ask your owner Louise if she’ll take you to the fair. Okay?
Cheese: Okay. [Wilt tries to move his arm, but Cheese is still holding his hand] I like the fair.
Wilt: Yes, I understand that, [struggles to get free] but I’m going to the store, not the fair, and you need to go home! [He holds Cheese in the air with his arm, he keeps trying to get him off. Cheese keeps screaming while Wilt tries to get him off back and forth. He finally stops and takes deep breaths]
Cheese: [lets go of Wilt's hand] Do it again! Do it again! Do it again! Do it again! Do it again! Do it again! Do it again!
Wilt: [He runs away after noticing that Cheese is no longer holding his hand] I’m sorry, Cheese, but you don’t live here! Go home, please!
Cheese: [inhales and yells louder] Okay! [walks away]
[At Herriman’s Office/Foster’s Foyer]
Frankie: Hey Mr. Herriman, the news crew is coming at 5, so make sure you have your office...
Mr. Herriman: Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear oh dear! [Mr. Herriman straightens his carpet using a comb. Frankie smiles and closes the door. Mr. Herriman measures the carpet] I'll be humiliated on live television! Oh dear, oh dear oh dear oh dear! [Ice cream falls on the carpet. The camera pans left and up to reveal Cheese with ice cream all over his face and body]
Cheese: Hi kitty.
Mr. Herriman: Master Cheese, you do not live here! Go home! [As he kicks Cheese out of his office; Cheese slides on the floor as ice cream splatters all over the foyer]
Cheese: [inhales] Okay.
[A shocked Frankie looks at the mess caused by Cheese]
Frankie: Ugh! [Frankie loses sight of Cheese, until she eventually sees him walking out the front door] I can't take this anymore! This has got to stop!
Mr. Herriman: Quite right. I have just the solution.

Mr. Herriman: Now, let's see. "To program a new code, enter "star-5," master code code number 1 to 32, new four-digit code, the code-number is a double-digit from 1 to 32, press pound to return to ready." Oh my. [As he presses buttons on the keypad, one of the doors swing open and Cheese gets kicked out of Foster's]
Coco: Coco coco co, coco!
Madame Foster: Yeah, what she said!
Cheese: [inhales] Okay.

Frankie: [shocked when she sees Cheese memorizing the code in song as he leaves] CHEESE KNOWS THE CODE!

Frankie: [mumbles to Cheese to stop him from screaming] Rock-a-bye crazy on the treetop. When the wind blows, the cradle will destroy. When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall-
Cheese: Fall?! [screams]
Frankie: Oh, geez! Okay, um... Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his-
Cheese: Broke?! [screams]
Eduardo: I got this one! The itsy-bitsy spider-
Cheese: Spiders! [screams]
[Eduardo sighs]
Frankie: Baa, baa, black sheep, have you-
Cheese: Sheep! [screams]
Mac: Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake-
Cheese: Cake! [screams]
Coco: [to "Three Blind Mice"] Co-co-co, co-co-co-
Cheese: Coco! [screams]
Frankie: Quick, someone think of another song! Something that's not scary!
Bloo: I got one! Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts, mutilated monkey meat, chopped-up baby birdies' feet. Great green gobs of greasy, grimy gopher guts floating in my ice cream. and I don't got a spoon.
Cheese: No spoon! [screams]
Bloo: [laughs] This is fun!

Cheese: Yeah! I like fishy crackers!
Frankie: [pulls to get the doors open but they're still locked and turns to Cheese; furiously] YOU! If you had only listened to one of the thousand times I told you, YOU... DON'T... LIVE… HERE! [shouts] GO HOME!!!
Cheese: Cheese!

Bloo's the Boss [4.09][edit]

Bloo: You'll see! My home will be successful, than Foster's ever was! I'll show you all! You'll see! Now, good day sirs!

Emancipation Complication [4.10][edit]

[While Mac, Frankie, and Mr. Herriman are all still trapped in the foyer closet…]
Mac: This is all my fault. If I didn't bring them here, none of this would've ever happened. [upset] I'm really sorry, guys.
Frankie: Oh, it's okay, you couldn't have known. We've just got to figure a way out of here and stop the tyranny of Abraham Lincoln!
Mr. Herriman: We're never getting out of here! All the friends are gone, the madame is brainwashed, all hope is lost!
Mac: No! There is one who can save us!

Make Believe It or Not [4.11][edit]

Good Wilt Hunting [4.12-4.13][edit]

[Foster's is celebrating their 5-year creator reunion on a beautiful day when all creators come to visit their former imaginary friends]
Mac: Wow! I think it's so amazing that Madame Foster hosts this reunion every five years. It means so much for the imaginary friends to see their creators every once in a while.

Bloo: Look around you, Mac. These friends haven't seen their creators in years. Years! They are overcome with joy!

Mac: You know what I like best about the reunion? It's really cool to see what kind of people thought up all the friends we know.
Bloo: Hmm. Hadn't noticed.
Mac: You know whose creator I really wanna meet? [Quickly pan over to Wilt at a table with cupcakes, sadly frowning] Wilt!
Wilt: [cringing] Oh! Hey, Mac! Hey, Bloo! [clenching his teeth in a strained smile and twitching his good eye]
Mac: Is something wrong?
Wilt: [hesitantly] Yeah, sure! Never better! Sorry! Want some burgers? [instead offers Mac and Bloo a plate of cupcakes]
Bloo: [takes a cupcake] Uh, thanks.
Mac: Hey, Wilt, where's your creator?

[11:00 P.M. at night; Bloo wakes up, hearing Wilt pack up his things in a bindle and leaves the room and follows him down to the foyer]
Wilt: [on the phone] Yeah, that's right. It's me. Bet you'd hoped to never hear from me again, didn't you? It's time we set things straight once and for all! Oh, really? Fine! Fine, then it's on! I'll see you in two days! You can count on it! [angrily slams the phone on the receiver]
Bloo: Wilt?
Wilt: [surprised to see Bloo has followed him] Oh! I'm sorry, Bloo. Did I wake you?
Bloo: Are you going somewhere?
Wilt: Well, yeah...But don't you worry about it. [slings his bindle over his back]
Bloo: "Don't worry about-?" [walks down a few more stairs to better see what Wilt is doing] What do you mean? Where are you going?!
Wilt: I did something terrible. It's time I set things right. [closes the door behind him as he leaves the house]
Bloo: Something...terrible? [hangs his mouth open in shock]
[Next morning, Eduardo, Mac, Coco, Frankie, Bloo, Mr. Herriman, and Madame Foster are all in the room, investigating on what happened the previous night]
Madame Foster: Huh. Now if that ain't the pot leadin' the horse to water.
Frankie: Well, he couldn't have just left.
Mac: [opens up Wilt's locker] Look. His locker's empty.
Eduardo: And his toothbrush is gone.
Coco: [checking under the bunk beds where Wilt usually sleeps and finds nothing there] Coco coco co co!
Mr. Herriman: By Jove, he is gone.
Bloo: See?! I told you!
Frankie: No note? No letter? No nothing.
Madame Foster: Oh, that's not like him at all.

Foofy: Hello?
Wilt: Well, hello there, little friend! I'm sorry, but imaginary friends don't belong in the Lost and Found.
Foofy: But, I am lost. My little girl left me here when she was gonna go visit her grandma… [sniffles sadly] and she never came back to find me. [starts to sob]
Wilt: Oh, it's okay. I'm sure she'll be back looking for you soon.
Foofy: But… [sniffs] I've been waiting… [sniffs again] since Christmas.
Wilt: Chwistmath?! I mean, Christmas? But, that was months ago. [Foofy cries harder; picks her up from the box and comforts her] Shh. No, no, no, don't cry. You'll see her again someday. Maybe you could go find her yourself.
Foofy: But I'm afraid to go all by myself.

[Wilt and Foofy walk up to a pink house and Wilt rings the doorbell and a blonde mother answers it]
Sara's Mom: Hello? [looks up at Wilt and he holds out Foofy; gasps in surprise] Oh, my gosh! It's Foofy Woogums! She's come home!
Sara's Dad: [off-screen] What?! Are you serious?!
Sara's Mom: Yes, yes! Get Sara, quick! [shakes her fists in excitement]
[Sara's Dad walks up to the front door, holding his daughter]
Sara: [gasps as her eyes well up with joy] Foofy?!
Foofy: [does the same] Sara?
[Wilt and Sara's Dad both set Foofy and Sara down and they run up to each other and hug, spinning around]
Sara: I never thought I'd see you again!

Sara's Mom: [as the doorbell rings; weeping] Just a… minute. [answers the door and sees Frankie and Mac standing at the doorway]
Frankie: Hello, ma'am. We hate to bother you, but… [sees her about to tear up] Oh, my gosh. Are-are you okay?
Bloo: [poking out from the bus window; shouting] WILT MUST HAVE ROBBED THEM! HE'S GETTING DESPERATE!
Sara's Mom: [dabbing her teary eyes with a tissue] I'm fine. It's just…I love getting visitors. [starts weeping]
Mac: Oh, well, uh… We're looking for our friend. He's really tall and red with one arm.
Sara's Mom: Oh, yes. He was here. [Mac and Frankie smile at each other; sniffs] We took him to the train station.

Bloo: Let's try Coco!
Bloo, Eduardo, Douglas, Adam, Nina and Coco: [singing] Coco Coco bo-boco
Banana fana foco foco
Mee mi momo coco!
Frankie: Let's try... SHUT UP!
[Frankie orders to stop singing and Bloo and others continue to sing]
Bloo, Eduardo, Douglas, Adam, Nina and Coco: [singing] Shut up shut up
Bo butup banana
fana fo futup
me mi mo mutup, mutup!
Mac: Frankie, what if we don't catch Wilt at his next stop?
Frankie: I don't know. But don't worry. We can always try for the next stop until we catch him. As long as there's a trail to follow, we'll find him.
[Bloo pops up Mac and Frankie]
Bloo: Let's try Frankie!
Bloo, Eduardo, Douglas, Adam, Nina and Coco: [singing again, making Mac and Frankie annoyed] Frankie Frankie
Bo benkie Banana
fo fenkie!

[At a motel, the gang are checking out after staying for a late night when they lost track of Wilt's trail]
Frankie: [on the phone with Madame Foster while checking out at the front desk] No, Grandma. We didn't find him. We totally lost his trail.
Receptionist: Checking out?
Frankie: Yes, thank you. [signing a form] It was really late last night, so we stayed in a motel. I guess there's nothing else to do except come home. Maybe you're right. Maybe he will just come back. I sure hope so. We'll be back this afternoon. Love you, too. [hangs up and puts her phone in her purse; sighs sadly]

Mac: Maybe he left some clues! Come on, we gotta try!
Frankie: Mac…
Nina: No, wait. The kid's got a point. Maybe there are some clues. His behavior has been sporadic, but what about before he left? Did anyone notice him acting strange?
Mac: Well, actually, he was acting really weird at the reunion.
Nina: How so?
Mac: He seemed really tense and uncomfortable and he was smiling really hard like this. [imitates Wilt's strained grin] And he was getting really confused about stuff. Like, he put potato salad in someone's lemonade.
Nina: Mm-hmm... was there anything that might have been triggering this strange behavior? Anything someone was doing or saying?
Mac: I don't think so. I was just asking about his creator. I mean, who is his creator anyway?
Bloo: Al Capone! No… Attila the Hut!
Frankie: Heck if I know. Did you know that in all the years Wilt has been at the house, Wilt's creator hasn't even once come to the reunion?
Nina: Never?
Frankie: Nope. Nobody even knows who he or she is.
Nina: Well, we're going to find out.

Adam: Thank goodness the internet does not offer anyone any privacy.
Douglas: I never would have guessed Wilt and his creator were in...Japan!
[The group approaches the arrival/delays board as they arrive at the airport; Most of the flights in and out are marked "delayed"; Flight 724 for Japan shows a blinking "on time" sign and the group rushes towards their designated gate]
Adam: So, who else wanted first class?
[Cut to the plane flying off towards the sunset]
Frankie: [offscreen; irritated] WILL YOU GIVE IT A REST, ALREADY?!

Stats: Oh, my gosh! Wilt, is that you?
Wilt: Stats? Stats!
Stats: Wilt, it's been so long! So, tell me, what brings you back to the hood?
Wilt: I've come to see Larry. [walks into a basketball court] Foul Larry!
Foul Larry: Well, well, well, if it isn't Mr. Sore Loser. You're late.
Wilt: Sorry. But I had some things to take care of.
Foul Larry: It's been 30 years since I whoop your behind. Come back for more?
Wilt: No thanks. You know what I'm here for, Foul Larry, if that's okay.
Foul Larry: A rematch, huh? 'Nother game of 2-on-2? [mocking gasp] Oh, wait! That's right. Your little creator has gone away and left you all alone. [mocking baby talk] Hee hee hee...What do you think you gon' do? You think if you beat me he'll forgive you? He'll take you back? Well, forget it! He don't want you no more! And you know why? 'Cause you let him down. 'Cause you're a loser!
Wilt: Why don't you prove it? [unties his hobo bindle, revealing a red, white, and blue basketball] Is that okay?
Foul Larry: [takes off his robe and throws it aside; approaches Wilt at the center of the court, showing that he's taller than him] Scared, shorty?
Wilt: Ready when you are!

Wilt: [remorsefully] I lost again. I can't believe I lost again. Now he'll never forgive me.
Jordan: Wilt? I'm sorry, but, are you okay?
Wilt: Jordan?
[Jordan helps his imaginary friend get back up on his feet and the group appears from offscreen]
Foster Gang: Wilt!
Wilt: [surprised] Wha… Guys?! How did you… when did… What are you doing here?
Eduardo: We have been so mucho worried about you!
Frankie: We've been following you for days!
Mac: But you were, like, running all over the place!

Jordan: I didn't even know until Stats told me. And your arm and your eye. It was all my fault. I looked everywhere for you, but you disappeared. If I hadn't been so obsessed about that game, you never would have gotten hurt and I never would have lost you. Losing had taught me something, winning isn't everything. Your friends, the people you loved, that's the most important. That's worth sacrificing yourself for. I created you to make me a better ball player, but instead, you made me a better person. I can't thank you enough.
Wilt: There's no need.

Season 5[edit]

Cheese A-Go-Go [5.01][edit]

Frankie: [on the phone with Madame Foster while driving] Look, Grandma, I went to the post office, picked up Mac and Bloo at the movies, and picked up Ed and Coco at the dentist! I don't have anything else to take care of, so I'm on my way!

Frankie: [answering her grandma on the phone; angrily screaming] FOR THE LAST TIME, I AM ON THE WAY!
[Cut to a courthouse…]
Madame Foster: [on the phone] Don't you take that tone with me, missy! You'd better be here in two shakes of a lamp's tail! Got it?!

Jackie: She's a thief!
Madame Foster: That's a load of malarkey, Khones!
Judge: [banging his gavel] Madame Foster, please refrain from your outbursts.
Madame Foster: Oh, yes, certainly. Whatever you say, love.
Jackie: Your excellency, it was my stuff, and she took it.
Madame Foster: LIES! ALL LIES!
Judge: [banging his gavel again] Order! I will have order!
Madame Foster: Please, pardon my French, young man, but what he's saying is a bunch of baloney.
Jackie: No, tuna. It's half a tuna sandwich.
Madame Foster: That tuna sandwich was mine and you know it, Khones! I made it three weeks ago!
Judge: [banging his gavel again] Order! One more outburst and I will find you in contempt.
Madame Foster: Oopsie. [giggles] Pardon me.

Judge: Well, well, well. What? Did you steal some fries to go with your sandwich?
Madame Foster: Why you tyrannical-saurus sandwich-loving gun of a son!
Judge: [furious] THAT'S IT, YOU ARE IN COMTEMPT!
Madame Foster: Oh, don't you tempt me, law boy!

Frankie: [angrily] Oh, no he didn't!
Hobo: [standing behind her] Oh, yes he did! [snaps fingers]

Frankie: [lowering herself to Louise's eye level] Please...listen to me. And listen carefully. I have had a crazy day. Now I can forget all about the sandwiches, dentists, courthouses, the brain-sucking aliens from the outer who-knows-where–
Cheese: Gotta go gotta go!
Frankie: –as long as I can find out one teeny-tiny little thing. Louise, where, WHERE DOES CHEESE HAVE TO GO?!
Louise: I dunno. Sometimes he just likes to go. [Cheese darts out of the apartment]
Cheese: [running into the city] Gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go–
Louise: See? Look at him go.

Eduardo: [in tears] I can't believe all those people saw my tushy! Now everyone knows I'm fat! They all know now!
[Bloo and Mac are also being held in the same cell]
Bloo: I'm a hero, Mac. A hero! History will vindicate me!
Mac: [annoyed] You are such a doofus.
[The cell door opens, and Jackie Khones and Coco are let in by the officer who was previously getting sandwiches with them. The officer now has a black eye]
Coco: Coco coco co coco!
[The officer shuts the cell door on them.]
Jackie: I did give him a sandwich! A knuckle sandwich. I said, "let's get sandwiches," not "I'll buy you a sandwich, you freeloader." [Madame Foster smirks at him] Shut up.

[During the credits, Frankie is in Madame Foster's car, on the phone with her grandma, shouting indistinctly before getting ready to go on her way to pick up the gang from jail]
Frankie: Yeah, Grandma, I'm on my way. No, I'll be there, in like, 15 minutes. No, I didn't get donuts yet.
Cheese: [running down on the sidewalk] Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go, gotta go…
Frankie: Cheese, no, wait! [realizes and talks to herself; calmly] No. When you gotta go, you gotta go. [drives off]

The Buck Swaps Here [5.02][edit]

Say It Isn't Sew [5.03][edit]

Something Old, Something Bloo [5.04][edit]

Bloo: It's... It's... [Frankie smacks Bloo with a board] Ow!
Frankie: Bloo! I said it's time to go. Now get on the bus!
[Cut to Frankie and the others are trying to pull Bloo out]
Bloo: No! You can't make me! I'm meant to be in here! [Frankie and the others pull Bloo] It!
Bloo:...Heaven to me...

The Bloo Superdude and the Magic Potato of Power [5.05][edit]

Slate: [to his Hispanic girlfriend] What was it you used to say? "Usted huele muy mal". And I was the fool who believed you.

Bloo: That all you got?
Mr. Herriman: No, there's one more.
[a carrot bot runs over to Bloo, then he smashes it]

Mr. Herriman: Oh, she's not imprisoned, she just says that so people will do her chores for her.
Frankie: So sue me.

Mac: 'Cause it's fun? Man, what a hypocrite!

Schlock Star [5.06][edit]

Wilt: Wow, sorry. Was my singing that bad?

Fluffer Nutter: That's it! [throws drumsticks] There aren't going to be any shark uniforms, instrument changes, cats, or anything like that! We are "Pizza party!"
Bloo: Right right. We are Pizza Party. And...?
Fluffer Nutter: No, Bloo, we are! And Bloppy Pants is our singer!
Bloo: Bloppy Pants?!
Bloppy Pants: Um...yeah. I'm...I'm...I'm- I'm the singer. Sorry Bloo. [Walks away to the Pizza Party]
Bloo: What are you trying to say?
Bloppy Pants: You...Um...[whispering] not part of the um... uh-band.
Bloo: Whaaaat? But why?
Bloppy Pants: [talking normally] Well, i-i-it's just because... well...
Yogi Boo Boo: YOU RUIN EVERYTHING! [covers his mouth] Oops!
Bloo: Ruin everything?! Whaaaa!? but-
Fluffer Nutter: No butts, Bloo. We're sorry, but you are out.
Bloppy Pants: Actually, um... You never quite were even [clears throat] in.
Bloo: I- Well, that's the way you all feel?
Fluffer, Billy, and Yogi: YES!
Bloo: Fine! [knocks down the microphone on his way out] I didn't want to be in your crummy band anyway! [slams the door and sits outside]

Frankie: NEVER AGAIN! No more concerts… EVER!!!

The Bride to Beat [5.07][edit]

Affair Weather Friends [5.08][edit]

Mac: [angrily enters an ice cream shop and places a quarter on the counter] Give me a hot fudge sundae and make it a double…scoop.

Mac: [angry about Bloo, while on a sugar rush] That two-timing no-good times-twoer! I know what I'm gonna do! I'll confront him! Yeah, yeah! I'll totally be all "Hey, Bloo, you stink!" And then Bloo will be all "Oh yeah?! Well, tough beans - Barry doesn't think I stink, he thinks I smell awesome!" "How could you do this to me?! We were supposed to be best friends!" "Best friends come and go! And I'm tired of you, Barry's my best friend now!" "Oh yeah?! Well maybe I should just go over to that blankety-blankety Barry's house and show him a thing or two!" "Nah, don't bother! We're having too much fun with all the gazillions of super-awesome state-of-the-art toys! Plus, you probably couldn't find him in his ginormous mansion of expensive humongousness!" "But I trusted you!" "A leopard can't count its spots!" [losing steam] "A leopard can't change its spots, Bloo! A leopard can't change its spots..." "Yes, that's what I said..."

Mac: [as Berry rolls him to the tracks while strapped to the giant rubber band ball] Uh, what are you doing, Berry?
Berry: Bloo and I have a date with destiny. And you have a date with… demise!

Ticket to Rod [5.09][edit]

Bloo: [Angry at Boomer, while he has Bloo's tickets] You...Bono! Those are my tickets!
Boomer: It's Boomer. And now they're mine.
Bloo: You have to? So who are you taking please be me, please be me, please be me, please be me, please be me!
[Madame Foster had the keys to Boomer for a ride]
Madame Foster: Need a ride?
Boomer: Yeah, cool!
[Boomer runs along with Madame Foster to take a ride, Bloo stampers alone in the mansion]

Nightmare on Wilson Way [5.10][edit]

Zombie Foster: Eduardo, come here and safe me. I am not a Zombie yet.
Eduardo: Paco?
Bloo: Oh, come on, he's not that-
[Eduardo disappears and Zombie Foster bites Eduardo's arm]

Better Of Ed [5.11][edit]

The Little Peas [5.12][edit]

Let Your Hare Down [5.13][edit]

Mr. Herriman: Blue Blazes!
[Mr Herriman is suprised and sees Bloo in his bed]
Bloo: And so it begins. [Bloo puts Mr. Herriman in a sack and kidnaps him]

Mr. Herriman: [after hanging out with Bloo at Tijuana at top of the rock] So Master Blooregard, are you ready to relent allow me return to Fosters' and my beloved binky back?
Bloo: No! I can break you... I know I can!
[Bloo faces Mr. Herriman]
Bloo: You will have fun even if it he kills me!
Mr. Herriman: Oh now you've gone too far, as much as I've disliked our extended excursion, I do not wish you to sacrifice yourself in order to please me.
Bloo: It is an expression geez! you take everything you do seriously! You take yourself way to seriously, you need to learn how to laugh at yourself.

Season 6[edit]

Jackie Khones and the Case of the Overdue Library Crook [6.01][edit]

[Flashback to Mac walking along the street]
Mac: [voiceover] I was walking along, laying low like you said, and that's when I started seeing them. [hears a bicycle bell ring and turns to see two librarians riding on a bicycle, pedaling towards him] LIBRARIANS! THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! That's when I ran! I ran as fast as I could, I never stopped! I don't even know how I made it here, what beasts! It was horrible! If they had caught me, I would've been– I would've been– who knows what would have happened?!

Mondo Coco [6.02][edit]

Frankie: [annoyingly walks over to Coco, hugging her mop] Coco! How many do I have to tell you, my mop does not want to go out with you! Shoo! Shoo!

Mac: No fair, you can't load your squirt gun with mud!
Bloo: Sorry, Mac! You've shouldn't have brought a water pistol to a mud fight!

Pranks for Nothing [6.03][edit]

Mr. Herriman: YOU!
Bloo: Me?!
Mr. Herriman: I should have known you would have been up no good, Master Blooregard!
Bloo: Me?! But it was all them! They pulled a PRANK ON ME! I'm totally innocent!
[Points at Wilt, Eduardo and Coco looked tired while watching TV]
Mr. Herriman: Oh please Master Blooregard, these three never do anything wrong unless you make them. [faces Bloo] You expect me to believe THEY'RE the cause of all this?!
[Cut to Wilt, Eduardo and Coco looked tired while watching TV]
Bloo: Yes! I didn't do anything! I'm totally innocent!
[Door knocks and Mr. Herriman opens it to a room service for Bloo]
Servicer: Room service for, uh, Bloo?
Mr. Herriman: THAT DOES IT! [takes Bloo to somewhere] I am putting you someplace where you can cause no more tomfoolery!
Bloo: You got it all wrong! It was them... them I'm telling you! they pranked me with the door and the bucket! You're letting them getting away from it! I'm innocent, innocent I tell you!

Bloo Tube [6.04][edit]

Mac: [laughs after seeing this on ViewTube] Hahaha. Works every time.
Frankie: Come on, Mac, let's go.
Mac: See you later, Bloo. Light off, right?
Bloo: Ow.
Everybody: Water Park! WOO!

Race for Your Life, Mac and Bloo [6.05][edit]

Bloo: Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to Foster's?
Old Man: Whazzat?
Bloo: Foster's! I need to get to Foster's!
Old Man: Flatsberg's, ya say?
Bloo: [getting annoyed] Foster's! Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends!
Old Man: Flatsberg's Cone for Mackinary Hens?
Bloo: Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends!
Old Man: Flatsberg's Gnome Floor in Mackin' Harry's Pants?!
Bloo: Foster's! Home! For! Imaginary! Friends!
Old Man: Flatsberg's Foamy Foreign Asian Gary's Plans??!
Bloo: Foster's.
Old Man: Flatsberg's.
Bloo: Home!
Old Man: Dome!
Bloo: For!
Old Man: Wharf!
Bloo: Imaginary!
Old Man: Engaged Blueberry!
Old Man: Soup!
[Bloo screams in frustration and walks away]
Old Man: Ahh yourself.

Mac: Lousy conscience. I'm never gonna win the race with these annoying morals. How can I be faster without cheating? [looks up at a blast off energy drink billboard] Sweet! [gets an energy drink can from the vending machine and drinks the whole thing] Huh. That's weird. Normally, sugar makes me… [starts going cuckoo bananas] Uh-oh. I immediately regret this decision!

Destination: Imagination [6.06-6.08][edit]

Bloo: [after throwing Lego-like bricks at the police] These people wobble but they don't fall down!

[On a rainy night, a family couple carries a yellow toy chest with chains around it and put it in the car trunk and hug afterwards]
Little Boy: Mommy? Daddy?
Little Boy's Mom: [picks him up] It's okay, sweetie. [hugs him] You're safe now.
Little Boy's Dad: I'm taking it to a place where it can't keep you away from us anymore. Everything's going to be all right.

Mr. Herriman: [over the speaker, which startled Frankie out of bed] Miss Frances. It's 6:33 A.M. You're late.
[In the hallways, Frankie is walking to a bedroom door, knocking on it, and reminding imaginary friends to wake up]
Frankie: Rise and shine, Murphy and Durphy. Breakfast in 10. [closes the door, walks to and knocks on another, and wakes up other imaginary friends] Morning, Clambake, Cy, and Jimmy Shoes. Almost time for breakfast.
Cy: [inside of the bedroom] Uh, Frankie...
Frankie: No worries. Saw you ran out last night. [throws a roll of toilet paper in the room off-screen and closes the door]
[We now see the outside window views of Frankie walking to another door]
Flutter Nutter: [inside of the bedroom] Uh, Frankie...
Frankie: [interrupts] Clean socks... Don't match. Told you I wouldn't forget. [closes the door, walks to and knocks on another, and wakes up another friend] Good morning, Jackie. Got your eyedrops.

Mr. Herriman: [notices the chained-up toy chest sitting in front of the door after Frankie tripped on it] What's this?
Frankie: I don't know. Someone just left it here.
Mr. Herriman: [reads the note] "Imaginary friend inside: Do not open."
Frankie: What?! Who would lock a friend in a trunk? How awful!
Mr. Herriman: [clicks tongue] Miss Frances, that sign is an explicit instruction.
Frankie: So?
Mr. Herriman: Must I remind you what we do with explicit instructions, young lady?

Wilt: I'm sorry, but that is one deep toy chest.

Mac: Bloo, there is no king, cop, hero, or puppy. There's just one face, and it takes over different bodies.
World: That's right. I'm everything, I'm everywhere, I'm everyone.
Mac: No, you're not. You're just one guy, and you're the only guy who can be at one place at one thing at one time. Now, take us to Frankie.

Everyone: But Frankie, we need you!
[Then they will plead Frankie to come with them, as they remind her of the stuff they did for them]
Eduardo: Sí. And I is miss how you sew my beanie baggie when they rip- so the beanies they don't fall out of the baggie!
Wilt: I'm sorry, but I miss how you pump my basketballs so they were always just right!
Mac: I missed how you helped with my homework! Even if it's like a really long math problem!
Coco: Cococococococococococo!
Bloo: Besides, who's gonna make us Frankie Foster's famous flinginberry butter-drenched toast?!
Frankie: [misunderstanding] Oh, I get it. You didn't come to rescue me 'cause you missed me. You missed all the stuff I used to do for you!
Mac: What? No, we-
Frankie: Well, you can forget it! I'm sick of taking care of everyone and everything and never getting a word of thanks, an ounce of help, or a tiny LITTLE SMIDGEN OF INSPECT! [she walks to the door] You guys are just like Mr. Herriman! I'm just a servant to you! Well, guess what?! In this world, I'm the one who's taken care of, [sheds into angry tears] and THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE IT! [angrily slams the door behind her as she leaves]
Mac: No! Frankie, wait! [starts to go after her, but as he opens the door, someone blocks his way, it's World, possessing a sorcerer body]
World: [viciously] Nobody upsets my Princess Frankie! [points his staff at the gang with unconscious gas] You never should've come here! Now get ready to say goodbye to your Frankie FOREVER!

Jackie: But you've been mopping for two days. I ain't never gone that long without a sandwich.
[Everyone agrees]
Mr. Herriman: I assure you, I shall tend to your requests once I complete mopping this-Doh!
[Many imaginary friends walked pass, now the floor was dirty again.]
Mr. Herriman: It's ruined! Oh, very well. I shall simply begin again.
[Jackie Khones jumps on the mop.]
Jackie: No more moping, 'til I get my sandwich!
Belly Bob Norton: I want clean underwear!
[Mr. Herriman tries to get the mop back, but the imaginary friends kept passing the mop over and over again, until they talk about their problem, as Mr. Herriman start to get angry, his monocle crack.]
Mr. Herriman: ENOUGH! I'm sick of taking care of everyone and everything and never getting a word of thanks, an ounce of help, or a tiny LITTLE SMIDGEN OF INSPECT!
[The imaginary friends are completely shocked to hear him say that.]
Mr. Herriman: [calm] That's Ms. Francis' job. [then furious] And I'm going to have to demand that she take it back! Now, where is that lazy girl?!
[Mr. Herriman hops away, as Jackie made a mop into a sandwich and eats it.]
Jackie: Mmm. Not bad.

Frankie: [picks up the paper airplane and finds the shrunken gang in it] Guys? What happened to you? [they tell her what happened through their squeaky voices] He did what?!

Mr. Herriman: Aha! There you are, Miss Francis!
Frankie: Mr. Herri-
Mr. Herriman: [stops her from talking] Now, where is this toy chest friend? [hops angrily over to World] You, young man, are a bad, bad, bad, bad, bad boy! Luring a naive young woman to this silly little imaginary world and keeping her from her duties! Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shame on you! Now, I'm taking Miss Frances and those unsupported whimper-snappers over here back to their rightful home! And you, young man, you are going to stay here in this toy chest, alone! And think long and hard about what you have done! [pushing Frankie and the others away]
Frankie: Ow, ow, ow! Mr. Herriman. You have no idea, what you just did-
Mr. Herriman: I know very well what I'm doing, young lady.
Mr. Herriman: Good heavens! What's happening?!
[World's castle is about to fall down, lava erupts, Frankie and the others escape to World's Imagination]
[They continue to run as they go across obstacles and they fall across, and they run as the ground shatters, and they continue to run as the world begins to go out of control]
World: NOOOOOOOOOO! [turns background into shapes and nightmares] SHE HAS TO STAY! WITHOUT HER MY WORLD IS EMPTY! AND I'M NOTHING!
[Then the world turns into a white void while the others running]
Bloo: Good grief! Are we even getting anywhere?!
Mac: I don't know! Just keep running!
Eduardo: Look!
[They spot a scribbled tree in the distance]
Frankie: Yes! This is the tree I wrote on when I first got here! That means the entrance is...[points the entrance where Frankie was fallen]
All: Up there!
[Frankie uses Herriman to climb the tree]
Mr. Herriman: Well, I never!
Frankie: Oh, yes you have!
Eduardo: Ay-Yi-Yi! Why do I always have to be on the bottom?!
[Frankie and the others are climbing to reach the entrance]
Mac: Just a little higher...
Frankie: We're gonna make it! We're gonna make it!
World: [echoing] NO! YOU CAN'T TAKE HER! I WON'T LET YOU!
[Then the shaking causes the gang to fall off and the stuff blows away as Mac and the others try to hold on until it stops]
Frankie: Is everybody okay?
Eduardo: [Screams]
Frankie: Did you hurt yourself?!
Eduardo: [Screams]
Mac: Did you break something?!
Eduardo: [Screams]
Bloo: Is it your arm?!
Eduardo: [Screams]
Wilt: Is it your leg?!
Eduardo: [Screams]
Coco: Cocococo?!
Eduardo: [Screams]
Mr. Herriman: Oh, for goodness sake! What is it?!
[World, possessing a dragon-like monster toy body appears behind them and roars]

[During the end credits, Madame Foster enters the foyer, returning home from her vacation]
Madame Foster: Hello! I'm back from my vacation! [opens her eyes and looks around, seeing the entire house completely empty] Hello? Where is everybody?

The Bloo Superdude and the Great Creator of Everything's Awesome Ceremony of Fun That He's Not Invited To [6.09][edit]

Bloo: Hey, leave that alone!
[Frankie's goons are using Bloo Superdude's armor]
Bloo: You! Put that down! It's not under warranty anymore! [Frankie stirs the potion] Why can't you just let make presence known "The Great Creator of Everything?" He'll be expecting me. Pretty please? With sugar on top?
Frankie: Sugar on top? Okay! [Frankie drips the sugar on the poison]
Bloo: What is that?

Bad Dare Day [6.10][edit]

[Jackie Khones enters the foyer, eating his sandwich, revealing that Wild didn't dare to eat it]
Bloo: What! You didn't eat it?!
Jackie: Eat what?
Bloo: Your sandwich. We dared Wilt to eat your sandwich, and he didn't do it!
Jackie: You what?! No, no, no, no. That's not a dare. That's a death wish.
Wilt: Told you.
Jackie: You want a dare? I'll give you a dare. I dare one of y'all to steal Madame Foster's gold-plated dentures.

Madame Foster: [catches Mac, stealing her gold-plated dentures] THIEF! [sternly] You better drop that grill, bucko!

Madame Foster: Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Today's not Sunday, but friends from all over the house have joined together for the first-ever Foster's Dare Cup Tournament! They will endure intense physical trials, face life-changing humiliation…and maybe eat a worm. All for the chance of winning the title "Ultimate Dare Master!" Let the dares begin! Round 1– Bloopy Pants VS. Preparation Ape. Dare!
Preparation Ape: Punch a friend in the butt.
[Bloopy Pants sneaks up behind Frankie, punches her in the buttocks, and flees]
Frankie: Hey!
Madame Foster: Dare!
Bloppy Pants: Lay out by the pool without sunblock.
[Preparation Ape is laying outside by the pool on a beach chair, in pain; gives in by squirting loads of sunblock on himself]
Madame Foster: Winner: Bloppy Pants. Round 2– Bloo VS. Rodney Squiddlebeak. Dare!
Rodney: Handlebar mustache draw!
[Bloo successfully draws a handlebar mustache on his face with a marker]
Madame Foster: Dare!
Bloo: Braid Creaky Pete's beard!
[Rodney tries to braid Creaky Pete's beard, but fails when a swarm of bats fly out]
Bloo: Whoo-hoo! Yeah!
Madame Foster: Winner: Bloo. Round 3– Mac VS. Yogi Boo Boo. Players, to the ready. Dare!
Yogi Boo Boo: Mac, I dare you to… [thinking] Eh, to…
Eduardo: Make him eat something!
Boomer: Give him a mohawk.
Fluffer Nutter: Make him admit he loves someone.
Bloo: Make it Frankie. He loves Frankie. He'll never be able to do that one.
Mac: [shocked] Bloo!
Bloo: He's had a crush on her like forever.
Mac: Nuh-uh! I do not!

Mac: Bloo, I dare you to… throw all of your paddle balls into the fireplace!

Read 'Em and Weep [6.11][edit]

Sunset Junction: I'm a little confused about the script. There's like, 10 pages of crying and then some random Spanish phrases that make no sense. And who are Darby and Explorin' Lauren?
Bloo: I like the fur, although we'd have to dye it purple. But you'll have to lose the scarf and mittens and put on about 200 pounds.
Sunset Junction: What?! Say, what sort of production is this, anyway?

Frankie: [reading a letter from Cheese] "Dear Voice man, please send me the thing you showed me on the TV. Here is my $8.95." [pennies fall out of the envelope; annoyed] "In pennies."
Mac: Here's a postcard from Sam Burger. [reading] "Dear Foster's, things are great. My new friend…"
Sam Burger: [voiceover] …Ronald is great! And boy, is he generous. Ronald has paid for both of us to go on a world cruise.
Frankie: Here's a short note from Bloppy Pants! [reading] "I have never been surrounded by so much love." [touched] Aww, isn't that sweet?
[Bloppy Pants has been adopted by a stereotypical Italian family at his new home while having dinner]
Brother: [places his elbow on Bloppy Pants' head] Hey, bro, pass the sauce.
Bloppy Pants: [uncomfortably] Well, I'm not sure that I can reach–
Mother: [grabs Bloppy Pants by the cheeks] My sweet baby boy! Have another helping of brisket. You want to grow up big and strong like your brothers, don't you?
Bloppy Pants: [blushing] Well, I… [a piece of brisket lands on his plate; whimpers uncomfortably]
[Back at Foster's; Mac, Bloo, and Frankie approach a sad Fluffer Nutter sitting on the stairway]
Mac: Hey, Fluffer Nutter. What's going on with Jackie?
Frankie: Is everything okay?
Fluffer Nutter: He's fine! [crumples up the letter] He's very, very happy! [throws the crumpled-up letter at Mac, hitting him in the forehead, and runs off, sobbing]
Mac: [picks up and unfolds the crumpled letter; reading] "Yo, Foster's. Hope there ain't no hard feelings for dropping y'all a line sooner…"
[Fade to Jackie's new adoptive home]
Jackie: [voiceover] …but I didn't want to rub your poor, pitiful noses in my good luck. But what can I say? My new crib has got it going on. It's loaded with tons of pricey toys. Got my new old lady eating out of the palm of my hand. And speaking of eating, how's about a 24-hour all-access pass to the family fridge? Boo-yah! I ain't met the kid that I'm supposed to hang with yet, but Tabby comes home from the hospital later today. I'll have her in my pocket by dinner time.
[Back at Foster's…]
Mac: [finishing up reading] "Which reminds me, it's time for my mid-morning sandwich. Peace out, Jackie K."
[Fluffer Nutter wails off-screen]

Frankie: [reading a telegram from Bloppy Pants] "Family life didn't suit me. Have landed in a quiet college town and decided to go back to school."

Bloo: [snatches the two telegrams from Bloppy Pants out of the telegram man's hand] That's Bloppy Pants, you, you… FAKE MAILMAN! [angrily closes the door on him]
Wilt: [puzzled] Two telegrams? That's kind of strange.
Bloo: Here, live it up. [gives them to Wilt]
Wilt: [reading the first telegram] "Have dropped out of school, will seek my fortune elsewhere."
[Cut to Bloppy Pants in a rat race, struggling for wealth; back to Foster's]
Frankie: [enters the house with Mac, carrying a handful of more letters] Bloo, what did you do to the telegram guy?
[Telegram man sobs and wails off-screen after Bloo rudely insults him]
Bloo: The mail!
Mac: [sets the letters down on the floor] Yep, 34 new letters.
Frankie: [carrying a C.O.D. package from Jackie Khones] Plus this package from Jackie.
Wilt: And two telegrams from Bloppy Pants. Here's the latest. [reads the second telegram] "Have left the rat race behind, pursuing alternative career opportunities."
[Cut to a rodeo; Bloppy Pants is running around on the field, dressed up as a clown, while being chased by a bull]

Mac: Oh, no! Sam Burger's cruise ship is sinking!
Frankie: [gasps] What do we do?! Call the coast guard?! The navy?! And what about Jackie?! What are we gonna do?

Frankie: [barges into the house with more letters] Everybody, stop what you're doing! We've got updates! [Flutter Nutter, Madame Foster, and Bloo run up to her] Another video from Jackie. [gives it to Fluffer Nutter] A message in a bottle from Sam Burger. [gives it to her grandma] And a piece of tree bark from Ed. [gives it to Bloo, then gives the rest of the letters to Mr. Herriman] Here, you handle the rest.
Mr. Herriman: [finds another telegram from Bloppy Pants] Another missive from Master Bloppy Pants? [clears throat and reads] "Have gone back to my first love, cooking."
[Cut to a diner at night where Bloppy Pants is working as a chef as the waitress gives him meal orders]
Waitress: One BLT, stack of ramana, hockey puck with frog sticks on the side, bloodhounds in the hay, and a cup of mud.
Bloppy Pants: Cup of mud? Who would want to drink a c-c-c… and what the heck are frog sticks? [notices the stove on fire; panicking] Oh, dear, oh, my. I… [bashes the spatula to put out the fire but the flame gets bigger; freaking out] Oh, dear, oh, dear, oh, my, oh, my, oh, dear! [grabs a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire]
Waitress: Yeah, I need a radio sandwich with love apples.
Bloppy Pants: [losing it] WHAT?!

Madame Foster: Let's see here. [dumps out Sam Burger's message from the bottle; reading] "Ronald and I have survived the shipwreck and washed to shore on a deserted island."
[Cut to a deserted island where Sam Burger and Ronald have washed up on after surviving the shipwreck]
Sam Burger: [writing his message; desperately] I hope this note reaches someone in time. We're running out of coconuts. There's nothing else to eat. [looks over to Ronald, craving with hunger and hallucinating] And I don't like the way Ronald is looking at me. Ronnie? You doing okay? [Ronald imagines him as a chicken drumstick] Ron? It's me, your old pal Sam. Ron?

[As Bloppy Pants crashes a trailer truck into the foyer and jumps out]
Mr. Herriman: Master Bloppy Pants?! What have you done?!
Bloppy Pants: Only thing I could do! Had to escape the horrors of the outside world! COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! [opens up the back doors of the truck, revealing all the recently adopted imaginary friends] So I went and saved the others and brought us all back to Foster's.
Fluffer Nutter: [hugs Jackie happily as he hops out] Jackie!
Jackie: Who loves you, baby?

Fools and Regulations [6.12][edit]

Frankie: Do you guys know why I gathered you here, today?
Eduardo: You es getting a divorce?
Frankie: What?! No! Ed, I'm not even married.
Eduardo: [relieved] Oh, that is a big relief.

Eduardo: Fire! There is a fire! FRANKIE! THERE IS A FI-
Bloo: [hops onto Ed to stop him] Are you crazy?! Frankie told us we have to be quiet!
Wilt: Don't worry! I'll put it out! [runs down the hallway, sees a fire extinquisher, and reads the sign above it] "Break in case of an emergency." Well, I guess this is an emergency. I mean, unless something else happens and it's a bigger emergency, and we should break the glass, then...
Coco: [impatiantly] Co coco! [she grabs the mallet next to the extinquisher ready to break the glass, but is stopped by Bloo.]
Bloo: Break glass? Are you crazy?! That's gonna be way too loud!
Coco: [panicked] Coco cococo co co co!
Eduardo: Water! Water is muy quiet to put out the fire!
[Bloo and the others turn on the shower to fill up a bucket of water but hear how loud the shower is starting up. The shower is too loud and Eduardo is forced to turn it off.]
Eduardo: The pipes, they have no inside voices!
[Suddenly, a loud beeping is heard. Their smoke detector has gone off.]
Wilt: It's the smoke detector!
[They turn off the smoke detector. Jackie Khones comes in to see the fire]
Jackie: You got a fire in your room.
Bloo, Wilt, Coco, & Edurado: [silently] WE KNOW!
Jackie: Okay.

Mr. Herriman: What the heavens?! [He and Frankie then look back up at the open window to see Bloo and the others, looking back outside down at them]
Frankie: What are you doing upstairs?!
Bloo: Chill out, Frankie, we didn't go through the first floor. We've been following all the rules.
Eduardo: Si! I even made my bed, so I can lie in it.
Frankie: [threateningly] When I get back in there, you're all in deep trouble!
All: What?!
Bloo: This isn't fair! We didn't do anything wrong!
Eduardo: But it no matter because now there is the new rule! We get in trouble when Frankie gets inside!
Bloo: [gets an idea] You're right. [He is seen locking the back door] There, now we can't get in trouble.

[Bloo is seen standing inside of a wagon while Mac and the others are seen standing on the stairs looking out nervously at Frankie and Mr. Herriman, who are angrily banging on the door to be left in]
Mr. Herriman: Let us in this instant!! Bloo, open this door right now! When I get in there, they'll be in rules like you've never imagined!! Oh, my!
Mac: [concerned] Bloo, we have to let them back in.
Bloo: No way. All day, we've done everything Frankie asked of us, we haven't broken one rule.
Eduardo: What about you? You is on the first floor.
Bloo: But I'm not setting one foot on it, am I? [wiggles around in the wagon to demonstrate the loophole] Look, eventually, Frankie and Herriman will come to their senses and realize how well we're behaving. Why, I wouldn't be surprised if they're ready to apologize right now. [goes to unlock the door]
Frankie: [angry] Bloo, you are so dead!!!
Mr. Herriman: [angry] Master Blooregard, this is an utter outrage!!
Bloo: [re-locks the door] We'll give 'em a few more minutes.
[Outside, Frankie and Herriman are see banging on the door]
Frankie: [exhausted] I can't believe it. He's really not letting us in.
Mr. Herriman: Have no fear, Miss Frances. We shall return to our guests but momentarily. For I have a key. [pulls out multiple keys on a ring]
Frankie: Awesome!
Mr. Herriman: Now, if only I can remember which one it is. [tries one key] Oh, not that one. [tries another key] No, not that one. [tries another key] No, that is definitely wrong.

Goodbye to Bloo [6.13][edit]

Terrence: Hey, doofus, your box of junk is in my way!
Mac: Terrence, I can carry that. There's some fragile things inside!
Terrence: Fragile, huh? [drops the box] Whoopsie!
Mac: [enraged] You big jerk!
Bloo: Who am I kidding? I can't kill Mac.

[last lines of the series]
Mac: I'm not moving away. It's just to another apartment in my building.
Mr. Herriman: Oh, did I fail to mention that key detail? My apologies, Master Blooregard. I do have a habit of doing that.
Mac: My mom got a promotion, and so we needed a bigger place so she can have a home office.
Bloo: Then, what the heck were you talking about a tragedy?! And you! All day you been saying Fosters is never gonna be the same after tomorrow. And it's your last chance to have one special day!
Mac: That's because I'm moving into my neighbor Louise's old apartment, except... Well... She's moving somewhere that doesn't allow imaginary friends so...
Cheese: Ha, ha! Now we're brother roomies!
[Everyone screams in horror]
Wilt: I'm sorry, but this is NOT okay!
[the show ends with the house slowly being erased as the beginning of the show's theme song plays in reverse]
Cheese: [last lines; offscreen] Okay, bye doggies!
[the credits roll with the left side showing a drawing of Mac and Bloo happily walking into the sunset with words above reading: "Thanks for watching!!" signed by Craig McCracken and Lauren Faust]


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