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Devendra Banhart (born May 30, 1981) is a folk musician and songwriter.


  • And because my teeth don't bite, I can take them out dancing
    I can take my little teeth out and show them a real good time
    • -This Beard is for Siobhan
  • Each strand of her hair
    Is really insect eyes
    And each hole in her tongue
    Is always occupied
    By the milk of the sun
    • -Insect Eyes
  • Little yellow spider, laughing at the snow.
    Maybe that spider knows something i don't know,
    'cause i'm goddamn cold.
  • And hey there little sexy pig, you made it with a man
    And now you've got a little kid with hooves instead of hands.
    • -Little Yellow Spider
  • Cook me in your breakfast,
    and put me on your plate,
    'cause you know i taste great.
  • Put me in your dry dreams
    or put me in your wet
    If you haven't yet.
    • -At the Hop
  • I heard somebody say that the war ended today, but everybody knows it's going still.
    • -Heard Somebody Say
  • I see so many little boys I wanna marry, I see plenty little kids I've yet to have.
    • Little Boys
  • Now if I lived in my land, which I do, if I lived in Iceland, if I lived in Greensland I'd still have Chinese children, but out of my ears my little grey baby hears.
    • -Chinese Children
  • Cripple crow say something for our grieving, where do we go once we start leaving. Well close that wound or else keep on bleeding and change your tune, it's got no meaning.
    • -Cripple Crow
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