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Dexter (2006–2013) was a television series airing on Showtime, starring Michael C. Hall. Series is about a serial killer with standards who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood-spatter analyst.

A Beautiful Day [8.01][edit]

Dexter: [Voiceover: There's nothing like a crisis to help define who you are.]

[Batista, Quinn, Dexter and Masuka are examining a fallen near a river]
Batista: Hey, what do we have?
Dexter: Robert Bailey, killed by a single gunshot wound to the chest, right above the heart.
Masuka: Judging from the stippling on the wound, it looks like the muzzle of the gun was in contact with the victim's chest when fired.
Batista: Suicide?
Dexter: No, the victim was killed elsewhere and dumped here. [Dexter lifts the victim's head. A part of the head falls. He raises the part to reveal a piece of the brain] Parietal and occipital bone sliced through. Back of the cranium removed.
Batista: Okay, that's weird.
Dexter: And looks like a piece of it has been scooped out, like with a melon baller.
Quinn: Just got weirder.
Det. Miller: We have a gun.
Batista: So someone shoots this guy, cuts his head open, and messes with his brain. He takes the body and the weapon and brings them all the way out here. Why?
Dexter: People are crazy.

Debra: Do you wanna know why I'm not returning your phone calls? Because I don't wanna talk to you. And I really don't wanna fucking see you.
Dexter: Why?
Debra: Why!? Umm, because you made me compromise everything about myself I care about. And I hate you for it.
Dexter: No you don't.
Debra: I shot the wrong person in that trailer.

Dexter: I came here to save you.
Debra: No.
Dexter: Deb, look at yourself. You're lost!
Debra: I am not lost! I know exactly where I am. I am in some shitty fucking hell, which is exactly what I deserve! But you! You are lost! All my life, I thought I needed you. That I couldn't survive without you. Fuck! Fuck! It was the other fucking way around! It was the other way around.

Dexter: [voiceover] Debra was right. I was wrong. It's me who's lost. A better person would let her go. But I don't know how. Without her, I don't know who I am anymore.

Dr. Vogel: You can't kill me.
Dexter: Why?
Dr. Vogel: Because I don't fit Harry's code.

Every Silver Lining [8.02][edit]

Dr. Vogel: I know almost everything about you, Dexter - and not just because I heard it from your father, but because I helped create you.
Dexter: Create me? You sound like Dr. Frankenstein.

Dexter: [Voiceover: Miami makes more corpses than sunburns - and I'm thankful.]

Dexter: What if I weren't here to cover your ass?
Debra: You really wanna play the "what if" game? What if you weren't a serial killer? What if Harry had left you in that shipping container?

Dexter: [Voiceover: Dr. Vogel says that psychopaths are not a mistake of nature.They're a gift. But what kind of gift destroys everything it cares about?]

Dr. Vogel: You were only doing what you thought was right. We had no idea that-
Dexter: You should have no idea. You've never done this before. Me, it's what I do. The one thing I've always been good at. Vetting, stalking, and killing people. I can't even do that anymore.
Dr. Vogel: What you're feeling now, it's not because of the killer.
Dexter: I've destroyed Deb. She's gone. You were wrong about me. I'm a mistake.
Dr. Vogel: You're exactly what you need to be Dexter. [gently embraces him] You're perfect.
Dexter: [gasps]

What's Eating Dexter Morgan? [8.03][edit]

Dexter: I can't believe she actually confessed. I thought I got her to see that she's a good person.
Dr. Vogel: This could have been the only way she could relieve herself of the guilt.
Dexter: Need you to help get her out of this. Give your expert opinion that she's having a breakdown.
Dr. Vogel: Are you sure? This could be the best thing for her.
Dexter: Spending the rest of her life in prison? That's the last thing Deb needs.
Dr. Vogel: Or the last thing you need. If Debra goes away, odds are, you'll join her. Admit it, Dexter. You're mostly worried about yourself.
Dexter: That's not true. I told you, I love her.
Dr. Vogel: Not the same way she loves you. When Debra killed LaGuerta, it was real, selfless love. She sacrificed everything she believed in for you. Can you see that?

Dexter: [To victim] You're disgusting. Cannibal - a consumer of human flesh. There was a time I couldn't imagine anyone being what you are...and doing what you do. But now I realize I'm just like you. I consume everyone I love.

Scar Tissue [8.04][edit]

Dr. Vogel: LaGuerta. She was on her knees, where those blood stains are, isn't that right? She was your co-worker, your friend. Why didn't you just stay at the party and let Dexter take care of everything?
Debra: I had to stop him.
Dr. Vogel: But Dexter can't help what he is. He has no conscience, unlike you. You knew the moment you pointed that gun at LaGuerta it was wrong, and still, you pulled the trigger. You shot a woman in cold blood! You let her bleed out and did nothing! You shot an innocent woman for simply doing her job!
Debra: Because of Dexter!
Dr. Vogel: And that's what terrifies you the most. You so desperately want to believe that if you had just shot Dexter, then you wouldn't have to face the truth, that if you had to do it all over again you'd still choose him. Because in your heart, you know you'll always choose Dexter.
Debra: [quietly] How do I make it right?
Dr. Vogel: By finally accepting that you're a good person who was forced to do a terrible thing. And that you made the best of an impossible situation. You can walk out that door. You can move forward. The choice is yours. It always has been.

Dexter: The body forms scar tissue to close a wound. Has my sister begun to do the same? Eventually, scars fade. Who knows, with enough time, you may not even remember how you got them.

Debra: Did Dad kill himself?
Dexter: Yeah. A few years back, Matthews told me the truth. Harry OD'd on his heart medication.
Debra: Was it because of you?
Dexter: He thought he'd created a monster.
Debra: I think I know how he felt. Why he killed himself. But he only got it half right!
[Deb grabs the wheel and forces the car into a lake]

This Little Piggy [8.05][edit]

Dr. Vogel: Well, we're never gonna get anywhere unless one of you starts talking.
[Dexter and Debra remain silent]
Dr. Vogel: Okay...Debra, it seems that you tried to kill Dexter as well as yourself.
Debra: Yes, but then I saved him.
Dexter: You saved me? You only had to save me because you tried to kill me!
Debra: I know, but-
Dexter: You almost left my son an orphan. Harrison. Who's gonna take care of him!? Who!?
Debra: ...I don't know.
Dexter: All I've done my whole life is try to take care of you, to protect you.
Debra: Protect!? Jesus Christ, Dexter! If this is your way of protecting me-
Dexter: Okay, so I'm not perfect! You think it's easy being your brother!?
Debra: You're not even listening to me. You don't understand. I've been trapped in a fucking fog-
Dexter: No, I don't understand! Haven't you heard anything she said?! I'm stupid that way. My brain is limited. So when my sister tries to kill me, for some reason, it doesn't make sense!
Dr. Vogel: It's true, Dexter, what she said. While in the throes of PTSD, one's thinking becomes cloudy. The weight of what she has been through has been too much for her to bear. Debra has been in such a turmoil that she sought out the first solution that presented itself.
Debra: I had just found out that Dad killed himself because of you. Because of what you are. I was fucking traumatized by all this shit!
Dexter: [sarcastically] Yeah, so try to kill us both. That solves everything.
Dr. Vogel: You are overlooking an important part of what happened, Dexter. Yes, she tried to kill you, the both of you. And that was Debra hitting rock bottom. But ultimately, as she said, she saved you. And that was Debra's first step toward recovery. You should see that as a promising sign for your sister.
Dexter: Great. [to Debra] I'm so fucking happy for you.

Debra: I've never seen him so mad.
Dr. Vogel: That wasn't just anger.
Debra: Fuck, it wasn't!?
Dr. Vogel: Underneath all that is hurt. Dexter is deeply hurt by what you did.
Debra: Well that makes two of us.

Zach: For what it's worth, you're wasting your time looking into my dad. He's an asshole, but he's not a killer.
Dexter: That's quite an endorsement.
Zach: In my family, that's about as good as it gets.

Debra: You can hate me for the rest of your life but for right now, can we just set that aside until we know she's okay?
Dexter: I don't hate you...Why'd you save me? Why didn't you let me drown?
Debra: ...I saw the car going underwater...I knew you were gonna die...I couldn't imagine my life without you in it.

[out on Dexter's boat dumping Yates' body]
Dr. Vogel: It's beautiful out here Dexter.
Dexter: I like it. It's peaceful, alone on the water.
Debra: Tonight you brought us.
Dr. Vogel: Yes, why?
Dexter: I wanted to be with family.

A Little Reflection [8.06][edit]

Dexter : Accidents happen... Shattering our sense of control, if not our lives.

Quinn : I mean, you think Miller's clean? Come on... You dig deep enough on anyone in this department, and you know what you find?
Dexter : What?
Quinn : The shit. It's there. I mean, we all got it. I know you know what I'm talking about.
Dexter : Yeah, I can't argue with that. We've all got the shit.
Quinn : Yeah. Big difference is, some people get away with theirs, and some people don't.
Dexter : Well, you're a good detective. It'll work out.

Dexter Some things happen to us by accident. Others are choices. There are parts of me that I can never share with my own son. But with Zach... Could I teach him? Am I ready for this, to be a spiritual father?

Dress Code [8.07][edit]

Dexter : Harry was a good teacher to me because he was normal, human. But can anything good come from putting two killers together? Whether it be student and teacher or whatever Hannah and I have? Or will it always end the same way... like this?

Are We There Yet? [8.08][edit]

DexterIs it possible Zach did this? Every contact leaves a trace. That idea is the foundation of all crime scene analysis. I should be focused on who bludgeoned Cassie and why. But instead ever since Hannah came back into my orbit, she's all I can think about.

Dexter Every contact leaves a trace. Everything and everyone we touch, is changed in someway. But the changes they are never what we anticipate.

Make Your Own Kind of Music [8.09][edit]

Goodbye Miami [8.10][edit]

[Dr. Vogel and Saxon are eating breakfast in Vogel's house]

Dr. Vogel: Feels good to cook for you again. It reminds me of what it was like to be your mother.
Saxon: You think fixing breakfast makes you my mother again?
Dr. Vogel: No.
Saxon: You gave up the privilege a long time ago.
Dr. Vogel: Daniel, whatever mistakes I've made in the past, I want to make it up to you. I can help you.
Saxon: Help me how?
Dr. Vogel: I can arrange for the care you need.
Saxon: The care I need? I will never be locked up again.
Dr. Vogel: I have contacts at the best facilities.
Saxon: Like the last one you sent me to? Do you know what that was like? Day after day wondering when you'd finally come to visit, only to realize that the answer was never!
Dr. Vogel: Daniel, I couldn't. You'd killed Richard.
Saxon: That was your fault! You ignored me. All you ever cared about was Richard. You never tried to help me.
Dr. Vogel: I was young, inexperienced. I didn't know how to help you.
Saxon: But you sure as hell knew how to help Dexter Morgan. You taught him how to deal with his condition. You gave him everything you denied me. While I was rotting away, you gave him a life.
Dr. Vogel: I know that. I do. It was a horrible mistake.
Saxon: I was your son. I needed you.
Dr. Vogel: Please...
Saxon: Please what?!
Dr. Vogel: Let me help you. I'm sorry for everything I've done. I truly, truly am.
Saxon: I wish I could believe you. [Saxon stands up and leaves the house]

Monkey in a Box [8.11][edit]

Debra: You should go on one of those cooking shows. The competition ones? You'd win.
Hannah: Oh I'd make sure I did.

Saxon: I have a proposal. I figured the safest way to deliver it was to bring a referee.
Dexter: I'm listening.
Saxon: We walk away.
Dexter: Walk away?
Saxon: From each other. We take our separate paths, lead our separate lives. I forget about you, you forget about me.
Dexter: You went out of your way to kill your mother in front of me, and you expect me to forget?
Saxon: [chuckles] That may have been a little over the top, but I was trying to make a point.
Dexter: I missed the point.
Saxon: It was a test, to see if, this time, she would finally choose me. Well, we both know how that turned out.
Dexter: So, naturally you had to cut her throat.
Saxon: You know what it's like to kill. It can be cathartic... and it was. That's why I'm giving you a choice: Go on with your life, or come after me.

Saxon: Miami's a great town. Lots of Cuban food, nice weather, murder solve rate's about 1 percent...

Debra: The next time we do this it's gonna be fucking tacos and tequila, or whatever the fuck they eat in Argentina.
Dexter: Yeah, it'll probably be steaks. It's Argentina, not Mexico.

Debra: God, this is such a mind fuck! After tomorrow, you're not gonna be here. What the fuck does that look like?
Dexter: We both start over.
Debra: Is that even possible?
Dexter: Yeah, I think so. Don't you?
Debra: It's just every fucked up-- Every time I've been a complete mess, you've been there for me. Even when it was your fault that I was fucked up you've never given up on me. So if I can't make this work, going back to being a cop again, then who the fuck is gonna help me pick up the pieces of that?
Dexter: You're not that person anymore. You're stronger than that. You're stronger than I'll ever be.
Debra: I'm not.
Dexter: Deb, Dad and Vogel gave me the code so I'd know the right thing to do, but you've always just known. It's the compass I always wished I had. And as long as you listen to that you won't need me. You'll be fine.
Debra: Maybe. But don't ever think that it was the code that made you a good brother. There's a human being in there. There always has been. Even if you can't see it.

[Dexter is about to kill Saxon, but at the last minute he feels something wrong]
Dexter: This used to be my favorite moment, but now... I don't want to be here. [awestruck] I don't need to kill you.
Saxon: Does that mean you're letting me live?
Dexter: No, you're still going to die — but now it'll be in the electric chair.

Harry: Dexter, are you sure about this?
Dexter: Yes.
Harry: I never thought this day would come. You don't need me anymore.

Dexter: [voiceover] I used to live my life at night in the shadow of my dark passenger. I lived in shadows so long until the dark became my world, but over time the people in my life flipped on a light. At first I was blinded, it was so bright, but over the years my eyes adjusted and I could see and now what’s in focus is my future, bright, brighter than it’s ever been.

Remember the Monsters [8.12][edit]

[Debra has been shot]
Batista: I'm calling your brother.
Debra: No, he's leaving with Harrison. If you tell him what happened, he'll stay.
Batista: Deb-
Debra: I swear to fucking God, I'm not getting on that ambulance if you call him.
Batista: Okay.
Quinn: [to paramedic] Can I ride with you to the hospital?
Paramedic: Yeah, no problem sir.
Quinn: [to Debra] For once don't argue with me. I'm in the ambulance. That's it.
Debra: You're such a fucking asshole.

[Quinn is riding with Debra to the hospital]
Debra: [in pain] Ooh You know, I really hate getting shot.
Quinn: [chuckles] You need to stop that.
Debra: I thought that was it, I thought I was going to die.
Quinn: No, you'll live forever.
Debra: I thought I was getting what I deserved.
Quinn: What you deserved? Why would you deserve that?
Debra: I've done shit I'm not proud of. Stuff I can't take back.
Quinn: I've done shit I'm not proud of.
Debra: Not the same.
Quinn: I know. You went through a bad time. But I've fucked up too, Deb, a lot. I think we get to make up for it, you know?
Debra: How?
Quinn: Do enough good in the world, it kind of cancels out the bad.
Debra: I think we'd need to save a busload of nuns or something.
Quinn: You're a good person, a lot better than most. Now that you're back on the force, you'll have a million chances to do good. Maybe even save that busload of nuns. [smiles] But if they're like the ones I had in school, let 'em go. Come here. [kisses her on the forehead]

[In flashback]
Dexter: [holding a newborn Harrison] I don't know how to do this.
Debra: Just keep his head up.
Dexter: No, I mean everything. How to be a father, how to take care of him.
Debra: You'll be great.
Dexter: How do you know?
Debra: Because you've always taken care of me.
Dexter: I have?
Debra: Ever since we were little. Don't you remember the monsters?
Dexter: Uh, no.
Debra: Every time Mom turned off the lights, they'd be running all over the walls. I couldn't fucking go to sleep. I thought they were gonna eat me or something.
Dexter: I don't remember.
Debra: They were the shadows. You came in and explained it in your dorky little voice. "Oh, it's just the absence of light, Deb."
Dexter: Heh.
Debra: I don't even know why I remember that, but I do. And even then, you stayed in my room and slept on the floor by my bed. You made me feel so fucking safe. You were always taking care of me. You're gonna be a great father, because you've always been a great big brother.
Dexter: You really believe that?
Debra: With all my heart.

[Dexter confronts Saxon in his cell]
Dexter: I wish I could blame you for everything. For what you did to my sister. But I know it's all my fault. Should have walked away. You know, what you've actually done is opened my eyes. Forced me to look at myself. You made me see myself.
Saxon: And what did you see?
Dexter: A trail of blood and body parts.
Saxon: [smiles] What a pretty picture.
Dexter: In one sharp moment, you took away this foolish dream that I could have a happy life.
Saxon: Is that why you're here? To tell me all this?
Dexter: No. I'm here to kill you with that pen.
[Saxon looks at a pen Dexter placed in the table. He looks back at Dexter. Then, Saxon takes the pen and stabs Dexter in the shoulder. Dexter takes out the pen and stabs Saxon in the neck. Saxon grins a smile before falling to the ground, dead]

Dexter: [Voiceover: As much as I may have pretended otherwise, for so long all I wanted was to be like other people. To feel what they felt. But now that I do, I just want it to stop.]

Dexter: [to Debra's unconscious body] I would change everything if I could. [takes her hand] I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. But I can't leave you like this. I'm your big brother. [disconnects her life support] I love you, Deb.

Dexter: [Voiceover: I destroy everyone I love. But I can't let that happen to Hannah, to Harrison. I have to protect them from me.]
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