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Dhaka (/ˈdɑːkə/ DAH-kə or /ˈdækə/ DAK-ə, Bengali: [ˈɖʱaka]), formerly known as Dacca, is the capital and the largest city of Bangladesh.


  • The city is the largest in Bengal, and it manufactures cotton and silk the best and cheapest. The plenty and cheapness of provisions are incredible, and the country is full of inhabitants, but it breeds none of tolerable courage, for five or six armed men will chase a thousand.
    • Captain Hamilton, in Forster, vol. I, pp., 218-219. Forster, George, A Journey From Bengal To England, 2 vols., Languages Department, Punjab, 1970, first published 1808. quoted from Jain, S., & Jain, M. (2011). The India they saw: Foreign accounts. New Delhi: Ocean Books. vol 4.
    • Hamilton, Captain Alexander travelled, by land and sea, between the Cape of Good-hope and the Island of Japan from 1688 to 1723.
  • In Dhaka, Muslims have started riots with the complicity of the police. They attacked the houses of the Hindus, raped the women and slaughtered all those who resisted. They burned down whole neighbourhoods under the eyes of the policemen. These only intervened when a Hindu grabbed a weapon to defend himself. In that case, they entered the house, seized the weapons and arrested the men. The Muslims were armed; they on their part did have that right. All attempts by Congress to brng them to peace have failed.
    • Mircea Eliade, on the riots in Dhaka, in his travel diary for 1928-31. Journal des Indes, 1992. p. 128. as quoted in Elst, K. (2010). The saffron swastika: The notion of "Hindu fascism". p 803.

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