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Dhani Harrison

Dhani Harrison (born 1 August 1978) is an English musician and the son of George Harrison of The Beatles.


  • When talking about what his Father was doing at the age of 23
    I said to him last year, or the year before, ‘Yeah, well…something…something.’ You know, I’d done my degree and I was like ‘You know, well, I’ve got a degree…you know, I’m this age.’ and he, he, laughed and he was just like ‘What was I doing when I was 23?’ and I said, ‘Dunno’ and he was like, ‘What was I doing?...Oh yeah, Sgt. Pepper.’ and I was just instantly just like oh.
  • That’s a nice little flip camera you got there? They’re good those.
  • I wrote that; I ran right outside I hopped inside a cab. I went out the other door. You know like the Beatles, when they go in one side and then get out the other side and everyone thinks they’re in the cab and they’re not. And this Englishman said fab. That was Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream, you know the one.
    If you’re a musician, people expect your music to be free. It’s like is all plumbing free? Is all electricity free? Is all dentistry free? No.
    • Dhani Harrison cited in Dhani Harrison", at Youtube.com, 28 June, 2008: On his band Thenewno2


You Are Here (2008)[edit]

  • How many falling stars does it take to wake a nation?
    And trample through your head and lay your
    mind out on the pavement
    Confusing and consuming all in all it complicates me.
    • Another John Doe
  • Another John Doe and we all become the same yeah
    Another John Doe and a another face to blame yeah
    • Another John Doe
  • I don't deny-a what I'm seeing
    You vilified all our kind
    You criticize people's weakness
    When all the time it's just your lies
    • Yomp
  • But no matter what they say,
    You can make it all right
    You can do it alone now
    Do it your way
    • Yomp
  • The world continues to dissolve
    It’s sad how we just keep devolving
    And the smaller it all goes
    All the stranger it’s becoming
    • Choose what you’re watching
  • They choose what you’re watching and you don’t mind
    They choose what you’re watching ‘cause they’re so kind
    They choose what you’re watching and you don’t mind
    Dunno what you’re watching and you don’t mind
    • Choose what you’re watching
  • The way you’re perceived is regal
    On the televisions by the people
    You don’t fool us: we know you’re evil
    And your face should be illegal
    • Choose what you’re watching

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