Diary of the Dead

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Diary of the Dead is a 2007 film about a group of young film students run into real-life zombies while filming a horror movie of their own. Directed and written by George A. Romero. Rated R for strong horror violence and gore, and pervasive language.

Looter: What the fuck are you doing here?
Jason: What the fuck are you doing here?
Looter: :[holding TV] I'm just stealing shit. But you... what's a guy with a video camera doing in the women's dorm, huh?

[last lines]
Debra: Jason once said he thought he could help, maybe even save some lives. This is the last thing he downloaded before he died: a couple of hometown Joes who went out to shoot at targets. But that day, they used people. Dead people. You know, just for fun? There was one target that was different from the rest. A woman... tied by her hair to the branch of a tree. The boys had this one set up just for kicks. They got out their favorite 12 gauge and...

[zombie's head is blown in half]

Debra: Are we worth saving? You tell me.

Tracy Thurman: Can somebody please explain to me why girls in scary movies always have to, like, fall down and lose their shoes and shit? It's totally lame. And why do we always have to get our dresses torn off?
Ridley Wilmott: Actually, I'm looking forward to that part.

Debra:It's funny. You spend so much time resenting your parents, separating yourself, building your own life. But as soon as the shit hits the fan, the only place you want to go is home.

Gordo Thorsen: Gordo Thorson, Danville, Pennsylvania.
Tracy Thurman: Tracy Thurman. We're, uh... we're together.
Gordo Thorsen: [hugging Tracy] Forever.
Tracy Thurman: Uh, yeah. We'll see.

Tracy Thurman: Don't mess with Texas!

Asian Woman: Don't bury dead. First shoot in head.
Colonel: [to Jason] Turn it the fuck off.

[points gun barrel directly at the camera lense]

Colonel: Now.