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Richard Hayden Black (born May 15, 1944) is a Republican member of the Virginia State Senate. Black represents the 13th District, encompassing parts of both Loudoun and Prince Williams Counties.[1] Black was previously a member of the Virginia House of Delegates from 1998 to 2006. He has represented the 13th Senate district since 2012.


  • It’s sickening to hear these clowns repeatedly claim that “Assad murdered 500,000 of his people,” as though the U.S.-backed terrorists have played no role in the killings. I’ve viewed hundreds of beheadings and crucifixions online but none committed by Syria troops – all were proudly posted by the hellish filth that we’ve recruited, armed and trained for the past eight years. Major war crimes, like beheading 250 Syrian soldiers after running them across the desert in their underpants, were scarcely mentioned by the MSM.
  • I think that it makes a mockery of free speech in the United States. We go around lecturing the world about how they need to have freedom of the press and freedom of speech and yet here we are cracking down on free speech. ... the objective of doing this to RT news is not to block information from going to Russian citizens, it is to block the truth from reaching the American public in the United States ...
  • Many Americans who have come to rely on RT News as the most valid, truthful broadcast medium in the United States ... CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC... are just a bunch of people screaming back and forth... Most of it is just propaganda... extremist opinion...
  • You listen to RT news and they present very accurate information that is verifiable when you go and you and you actually research it... RT news ... has been a source of accurate information about NATO's provocations; their military provocations and their aggressive actions towards Russia in Europe. ... too many Americans have been saying you know what, what we're seeing on RT news seems to be much more factual than what we're seeing on CNN and some of these other broadcast media sources... millions of Americans have come to rely on RT news.

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