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Dick Tracy is a 1990 film about the Dick Tracy comic strip character created by Chester Gould.

Directed by Warren Beatty. Written by Jim Cash and Joe Epps Jr.
I'm on my way! (taglines)

Dick Tracy[edit]

  • Tess, you're one in a million.
  • Take the bad men away. They scare me.

Big Boy Caprice[edit]

  • Because I have a vision. A big boss must have a vision. We gotta town with thousands of small stores and bussinesses. People are working real hard. I think they should be working real hard. For us. Because we are for the people. "And if you ain't for the people, you can't buy the people." Lincoln.
  • There was one Napoleon...one Washington...one me!
  • All right, that is enough! I want them dead, both of them. I want this No Face dead and I want Tracy dead. What's the matter, you bums forgot how to kill people? Doesn't your work mean anything to you anymore? Have you no sense of pride in what you do? No sense of DUTY, no sense of DESTINY? I'm looking for generals; what do I got? Foot soldiers! I WANT DICK TRACY DEAD!!!
  • Don't move! Not if you want to stay alive. A woman, a woman, a woman! I've been humiliated by a woman. The way I see it--and Plato agrees with me--is that there is what is, and then there is what we would like it to be. But that's not important. What's important is the future; it's planning ahead. "A man without a plan is not a man." Nietzsche. Wait a minute. Wait. I'm having a thought. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. I'm gonna have a thought. It's coming. It's coming. It's gone. We must rise above the tide, take that journey, that journey into that faraway land...a land that just waits. It waits by the track where the train of destiny must run... run into the future, breaking the shackles of the past. Forget the past. Forget the past. Our limitations are our shackles. Put them behind you forever. Put them behind you forever, Tess. Can't you see I love you?

Breathless Mahoney[edit]

  • I know how you feel. You don't know if you want to hit me or kiss me. I get a lot of that.
  • Aren't you gonna frisk me?


  • Itchy: Well, I guess that's the end of Dick! [snickering] Thirty seconds, no more Dick! Thirty seconds, no more Dick! Thirty seconds, no more Dick!
  • Kid / Dick Tracy Jr.: When do we eat?
  • Mrs. Trueheart: He could be President of the United States and he'd call it a desk job. Dick Tracy is awfully tough on himself; he's torn, Tess. He's torn between love and duty; if you get too close to a man like that you probably won't be treated any better than he treats himself. It takes a lot of understanding to love a man like that.
  • Flattop: [pointing a gun at Tess Trueheart]: If anybody shoots, I shoot you, sweetpea!


[Southside Warehouse near the River: Lips is thrown to the ground by Big Boy's henchmen.]
Big Boy Caprice: Ah, look what you did to your pretty tuxedo.
Lips Manlis: Big Boy, ain't we pals?
Big Boy Caprice: No pals in this business, Lips; you taught me that!
[Big Boy throws a document in Lips' face]
Big Boy Caprice: Sign it!
Lips Manlis: The deed to the Club Ritz?!
[A gun is cocked and placed beside Lips' head. Lips begins signing the deed.]
Big Boy Caprice: That's right, I'm going into show business now!
[The signed contract is taken from Lips and Big Boy begins backing away, tapping two walnuts together in his gloved hands].
Big Boy Caprice: You're dirty, Lips. You need a bath.
Lips Manlis: Not the bath, Big Boy! Not the bath!!!

[Lips has been placed into a padlocked crate and a mixer begins pouring cement on top of him]
Lips Manlis: Big Boy, we're friends! Not the bath, Big Boy; not the bath, we're friends!
Big Boy Caprice: I know and I'm gonna miss ya, but all's fair in love and business! Benjamin Franklin.
[Lips is totally covered in cement by this point]
Lips Manlis: Big Boy, we're friends; think about this...
[Mumbles is watching from behind a row of warehouse crates]
Mumbles: I didn't see anything.

Big Boy Caprice: Around me, if a woman don't wear mink, she don't wear nothin'.
Breathless Mahoney: Well, I look good both ways.

Kid: I don't like dames.
Tess: Good. Me neither.

Breathless Mahoney: Thanks for calling. I was beginning to wonder what a girl had to do to get arrested.
Dick: Wearing that dress is a step in the right direction.
Breathless: Are you going to make a move or do I have to do everything?
Dick: I'm on duty.
Breathless: When's your day off?
Dick: Sunday.
Breathless: It's a big world. It must be Sunday somewhere.

[Tracy residence. Knock on door]
Dick Tracy: Who is it?
Offstage voice: Mr. Tracy?
Dick Tracy: Who is it!
Offstage voice: I'm Mrs. Scaffe from the Welfare Deaprtment.
[The Kid stops dead in his tracks and hurries back to his room]
Dick Tracy: The welfare department?
Offstage voice: I'm afraid we're gonna have to take the little boy to the orphanage.
Dick Tracy: Well, just give me one minute, Mrs. Scaffe.
Offstage voice: I hope you understand, Mr. Tracy, that as a single man you can't just pick up a child from the streets and take him home. He belongs in the orphanage!
Dick Tracy: Mrs. Scaffe, let's discuss this.
Offstage voice: It's the law! He has to be processed through the proper channels.
[The Kid grabs his things and dives out the bedroom window]
Dick Tracy: Uh, Mrs. Scaffe, if you'll just leave this situation to me, I think you'll--"
[Tracy opens door to be greeted by Flattop and Itchy, who have their guns drawn on him]
Flattop: We don't want no kid, copper."
Itchy: (still using his Mrs. Scaffe voice) Yeah, we don't want no kid, copper. Get dressed! Hehehehe.

88 Keys: The girls are tired. We've been going all night. It's 2 a.m.
Big Boy Caprice: It's 2 a.m.? I'm about to turn this dump into the birthplace of a new era in entertainment, you're telling me it's 2 a.m.?
[smashes 88 Keys' the lid of the piano on 88 Keys' fingers]
Big Boy Caprice: PLAY THE PIANO!
Breathless Mahoney: Hey! That was a silly thing to do. He's the best piano player in town.
Big Boy Caprice: Shut up! Come here. Next time, I take his fingers and I turn them into pretzels. I just might do the same thing to your face.
[He slaps her. Terrified, 88 Keys starts playing again]
Big Boy Caprice: See? He's playing better already.

Dick Tracy: Is the enemy of my enemy my friend, or the enemy of my friend my enemy?
Pat Patton: What?
Dick Tracy: Or enemy of my enemy my enemy?
Pat Patton: What'd he say?
Dick Tracy: The enemy of my enemy is my enemy.
Sam Catchem: He said the enemy of his enemy is his enemy.
Pat Patton: Oh.

Tracy plays recording from top of ceramic water fountain shaped like a bear on its hind legs
Dick Tracy: You want Big Boy to hear that?
Mumbles laughs
Tracy slows down the recording
Recorder: Rigwoydidit...rewinds...Wig woy idit...rewinds again...Big Boy did it.
Dick Tracy: What do you think, Mumbles?
Mumbles begins sobbing
Dick Tracy: Alright, let's go and play this for Big Boy.
[Tracy picks up the fountain and begins to leave with Sam Catchem]
Mumbles: W-w-wait!
Tracy turns around
Mumbles: 88 Keys, the piano man, set you up. Big Boy paid him to get you out of the way.

[Tracy gets a call]
Tess Trueheart: Well, what are you waitin' for? A nice, safe desk?
Dick Tracy: Tess? [tosses her a wedding ring] You're one in a million.
Kid: This is amazing, Tracy! What are you waitin' for? Come on, let's go! Come on, Metropolitan Bank! Come on, step on it! You know somethin', Tracy? I kind of like that dame.


  • I'm on my way!
  • Next Summer, They're Out to Get Him!


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