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Dick Tracy vs. Cueball is a 1946 film about a police detective who uses his girlfriend to track down a homicidal maniac.

Directed by Gordon Douglas. Written by Dane Lussier, based on characters in Dick Tracy by Chester Gould.
They've thrilled you in the comics... They'll startle you ON THE SCREEN!  (taglines)


Pat Patton: I called Sparkle's house.
Dick Tracy: Did you say who you were?
Pat Patton: No! Do you think I'm that dumb?
Dick Tracy: Well, we won't go into that.

Dick Tracy: Where have you been?
Pat Patton: If I told you, you wouldn't believe me.
Dick Tracy: Well, don't tell me.
Pat Patton: I'll tell you anyway.

Filthy Flora: I thought they put ya away for ten years.
Harry 'Cueball' Lake: They did.
Filthy Flora: Ten years! Time sure flies, don't it?
Harry 'Cueball' Lake: Not where I was, it don't!

[Tess observes four beautiful women leave Dick Tracy's office]
Tess Trueheart: I can see that police work might be very interesting.
Dick Tracy: Now, Tess, those were policewomen.
Vitamin Flintheart: Policewomen? Ha! A man is confronted with jeopardy from all sides.

[Tess objects to Junior reading about a gory murder in the newspaper]
Dick Tracy: Tess is right, Junior. Say, how would you like a lifetime job showing Junior what to read?
Tess Trueheart: Why, Dick Tracy. Proposing so early in the morning?
Junior Tracy: Why don't ya just marry him so he can stop proposin'?

Simon Little: Why you-you fool! You big, stupid, blundering fool!
Harry 'Cueball' Lake: Shaddup!
Simon Little: You killed him... you murdered Abbott! Why did you kill him? Why? Why?
Harry 'Cueball' Lake: 'Cause he was gonna plug me. Okay. I got the diamonds - where's my dough?
Simon Little: Keep the diamonds... go to the chair with them. I won't touch them.
Harry 'Cueball' Lake: You rat!


  • They've thrilled you in the comics... They'll startle you ON THE SCREEN!


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