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Digimon: The Movie is a 2000 American-Japanese film adaptation produced by Saban Entertainment and distributed by 20th Century Fox as part of the Digimon franchise. It was composed from three films that are edited to create a flowing storyline: The prequel to Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure: Our War Game and the two-part Digimon Adventure 02 film Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! and Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals.


[Agumon jumps to avoid on coming car]
Passenger: Did you see that?
Driver: [tired sounding] No, I was sleeping.
Passenger: But you're driving!

[Agumon detroys vending machines, Kari is on his back in a Koloa-like outfit.]
Kari: Hey! Mom says not to do that to society!
[Kari takes two of the beverages that came from the destroyed machines]
Kari: Just one each!

Mrs. Kamiya: Kids, I'm making your favorite, liver sticks!
Tai: Great...
[closes the door]
Tai: Oh, good. It looks like she burned them.

Sora: [over the phone] Tai, I know you're there! Mimi told me you were the one who threw up in my hat!
[After Meeting up with the Digidestined on the internet]
Patamon: I was surfing the web, but I wiped out.

[Tentomon and Agumon enter the Internet and spot Keramon]
Tentomon: He doesn't know we're here yet!
Agumon: Let's sneak up on him quietly!
Tentomon: [shouts] Super Shocker!
Agumon: That's quietly?

[After repeated e-mails are sent to slow down Diaboromon]
Izzy: YOU'VE... GOT... MAIL!!! [presses enter]

[Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon are becoming Omnimon]
Izzy: They're digivolving together!

Izzy: I'm... about... to barf.
Tai: Wait 'till you try the cake.

[Tai is typing an email]
Tai: "Dear Sora, I'm sorry I made fun of your hair. I know you haven't been this mad at me since I forgot to tell you I threw up in your hat. You say you love thunderstorms, so what's a few raindrops between friends? Love, Tai." Love? I meant from! [changes "love" to "from"]
Kari: Whatcha writing?
Tai: Nothing! It's just a joke! [Covers the monitor. "from" changes back to "love"]
Kari: If you want to send an email, you'll have to do this. [grabs the mouse] Click!
Tai: I wasn't going to send that!
Kari: Then why were you writing it?
Tai: (groans) Go to your party!
Kari: (sarcasm) OK!

Infermon: I'm looking for the programmer. Don't interfere!

[Diaboromon has been killed by Omnimon]
Omnimon: Connection... Terminated.
Diaboromon: Willis...
[After Terriermon Digivolves for the first time]
Willis: He wears pants now?

[Before Lunch]
Terriermon: If Davis eats it all... [Inflates Stomach]
DemiVeemon: [Laughing]

[Terriermon Inflates ears to shade Willis]
Willis: I don't suppose you could turn into a glass of lemonade too?
Terriermon: Don't push it.

Davis: There's not an ounce of fat below my neck!
Willis: You're gonna deliver that pizza to my house, aren't you! Could you do me a favor and pick us up on the way?
Davis: Tell them to forget the whole thing, because I'm in the mood for Chinese.
Willis: Shut up!

[After Willis share his back story]
Davis: (crying) That is the saddest story I have every heard.
Willis': Hey, it's not your problem.
Davis: (Stops crying) OK.
Willis: Wow, that was fast.

(Davis and Willis need a ride so Veemon digivolves to Raidramon to give them one)
Davis: Did somebody call for a ride?
Terriermon: Wow, that's cool!
Willis: Haven't you done that before?
(They ride through a meadow and a bunch of kids run alongside)
Kid: Hey, can we get a ride too?
Davis: Sorry, but we're on a mission!
(The three approach where the others are appearing as a cloud of dust)
Upamon: Hey, its a big gust of wind!
Cody: No, it's Davis!
Yolie: Same difference.

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