Diiriye Guure

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Diiriye Guure was the monarch of Darawiish, a qusuusi (Darwiish leader) and an anti-colonial activist.

On Dhulbahante[edit]

  • Raggii diinta hooyga u noqdiyo, hanad shirshooraa leh
  • (rough translation) The men who are guardians of their religion, those of Shirshoore (i.e. founder of Dhulbahante garaadship) are gifted
    • Hanfi iyo hunriga soo dhaca poem; reported by Xaaji Axmad Aaden Surgo; link
  • Oo aan dunjiga Cali Garaad, duubcad wada saaray
  • (rough translation) Whereby I covered the lands of Ali Garaad (i.e. Dhulbahante lands), in its entirety with white turbans (i.e. the Darwiish white flag symbol)
    • Wiilyahow daloombiyi poem; reported by Cabdullaahi Qarshe, link
  • This letter is sent by all the Darwiishes, the Amir, and all the Dolbahanta to the Ruler of Berbera ... We are a Government, we have a Sultan, an Amir, and Chiefs, and subjects.
    • Sayyid's 3rd of May, 1899 letter to Harry Edward Spiller Cordeaux; P. 333, The Scramble in the Horn of Africa
      • (interpretation of letter by James Sadler) "In his last letter the Mullah pretends to speak in the name of the Darwiishes, their Amir (himself), and the Dolbahanta tribes. This letter shows his object is to establish himself as the Ruler of the Dolbahanta, and it has a Mahdist look."
        • letter Sadler wrote to British prime minister Salisbury dated, Berbera, May 4, 1899 and received on May 22; P. 328, The Scramble in the Horn of Africa