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Zulu King Dingane kaSenzangakhona, Maropeng, South Africa.jpg

Dingane ka Senzangakhona Zulu (c. 1795 – 29 January 1840), commonly referred to as Dingane or Dingaan, was the second king of the Zulu Kingdom, which was founded by his half-brother Shaka.


  • I see that every white man is an enemy to the black, and every black man an enemy to the white, they do not love each other and never will.
    • Dingane to Richard Hulley in February 1838, as quoted in Hulley's “An Account of Rev. Mr Owen’s Visit to Zululand in the Year 1837”.

Quotes about Dingane[edit]

  • Pray to your God to keep me from the power of Dingaan.

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