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Dinosaur is a 2000 computer animated feature film produced by Walt Disney Pictures featuring anthropomorphic dinosaurs. It tells the story of Aladar, an Iguanodon whose egg was snatched and dropped on a remote island.

Directed by Eric Leighton and Ralph Zondag. Written by Ralph Zondag, John Harrison, and Robert Nelson Jacobs.
Music by James Newton Howard.


[first lines; A life in the egg of Iguanodon name Aladar. By seen the dinosaurs have a seen to biggest changes]
Plio: [narrating] Some things start out big, and some things start out small, very small. But sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest changes of all.
[A many eggs in the nesting grounds. Aladar's mother was Iguanodon taking care of her nest that was filled with eggs. She hears birds in the forest in the skies; as Aladar's mother filled with eggs in the Nesting Grounds, a baby Parasaurolophus sees a dinosaur's nest and sniffs one of the eggs (presumably Aladar's egg), but Aladar's Mother scares it away. It then runs to the other nests, but gets frightened away by dinosaur mother guarding them. A herd of Brachiosaurus also called a Giraffatitan with a dinosaurs in the lakes. The Parasaurolophus later runs through the river, and it visually perceives a spot winged lizard called a Longisquama. The Longisquama catches dragonfly and eats it. It then chases the flying lizard and runs into the forest; The Parasaurolophus comes in close proximity to the Longisquama, but it flies up to what appeared to be a tree. The Parasaurolophus then sees a couple drops of saliva landing on a tree branch and notices what and where the Longisquama landed on; the nose of a vicious and bloodthristy Carnotaurus that has been aroused. The Parasaurolophus then runs out of the forest and gets chased by the Carnotaurus, which it tries to evade and started chasing all of the dinosaurs present in the Nesting Grounds. As Aladar's mother abandons her nest, the Carnotaurus smashes all but one of the eggs in the Iguanodon's nest in the process. Ultimately, the chase ends when the Carnotaurus runs down and kills a Pachyrhinosaurus, because the herbivorous dinosaur is unable to run too fast. The Carnotaurus roars at them: Only one of the eggs survived the attack; and an Oviraptor suddenly appears and tries to look for any eggs that been left by the plant-eating dinosaurs. The theropod takes a sudden interest in Aladar's egg left unharmed and intact from the destruction. Knowing that Carnotaurus is almost a few feet away, the Oviraptor decides to steal the egg and hurries off into the jungle. Before it could start eating the egg, another Oviraptor swipes it from it's grasp. The Oviraptor starts brawling the other one for the egg, but their fingers eventually start losing their grip onto the Aladar's egg as it falls down into the river below. They resume their fight with each other after losing the egg. As it is swept away by the current, it was swallowed, then spat out, by a Koolasuchus; floated up between a pair of quarreling Talarurus; moved towards the river's center by a herd of drinking Pachyrhinosaurus; and finally picked up by a Pteranodon that carries it far away to Lemur island. A baby Pteranodons are watching; a two Ichtyornis pester the Pteranodon and it drops the egg falls on the island.]

[When a dinosaur egg falls on the island. All the lemurs scatter in a frenzy. A clan of 4 lemurs including Plio, Yar, Zini, and Suri. as Plio sees a dinosaur egg on the patch of moss]
Young Zini: Yar, what is it?
Yar: I don't know. PLIO, GET BACK HERE! We don't know what it is!
Young Zini: Plio, be careful.
[Plio sneak over sensing, she got present when the egg cracks, then opens the shell and is happy to see a baby iguanodon.]
Plio: Dad, get over here.
Yar: Zini, it's not safe!
Young Zini: Oh, I always have to go when stuff's happening.
[Yar looks tries to get closer to Plio, she's got present to him]
Yar: Well, what is it?
Plio: It was an egg. [to baby Aladar] Look. [Yar looks shocked] What?
Yar: It's a cold-blooded monster from across the sea: vicious, flesh-eating! [baby Aladar burps] Eurgh...
Plio: Looks like a baby to me.
Yar: Babies grow up! You keep that thing, one day, we'll turn our backs, it'll be picking us out of it's teeth! Things like THAT eat things lie US a snacks!
Plio: So, what do we do?
Yar: GET rid of it!
[Yar is trying to dissuade Plio from raising the baby Aladar]
Plio: [vexed] What has gotten into you?
Yar: [exasperated] Plio... That thing is DANGEROUS!
Plio: [to baby Aladar; regretfully sighs] I'm sorry, little one. [to Yar, handling baby Aladar over to him] Okay, get rid of it.
[Yar gasps]
Plio: [coyishly and sarcastically] Hmph!
[Plio sits on a patch of moss to seemingly watch Yar get rid of baby Aladar]
Yar: All right, I will.
[Yar lifts baby Aladar over the edge of the branch, preparing to drop the dinosaur baby to his death. All the other lemurs are watching him. Instead of dropping baby Aladar, Yar heistates, grumbling to himself as though trying to will himself to do his job.]
Plio: [sarcastically] You'd better hurry up, Dad. It looks hungry.
Yar: Hmph!
[Yar looks at baby Aladar. Baby Aladar coes and looks at Yar with droopy eyelids. Yar grumbles indecively, trying hand not to be overcome with tenderness for the baby dinosaur. Then, he closes his eyes and sighs, defeated. Yar hears a strange sound and opens his eyes to see that baby Aladar is peeing on him]
Yar: [disgusted, defeated; handling Aladar back to Plio] Rmmm... Here.
Plio: [smiling] It's okay. We'll teach him to hate meat.
Yar: Hmph. Watch his head! [stops at lemurs to baby Aladar] I-I mean, watch it, he could bite. [he's walks away from patch of moss]
Young Zini: [about Aladar as a baby] This "monster's" got no teeth! What's he gonna do? Gum us to death?
Plio: Zini, come on: look at that sweet little face. Does that look like a monster to you?

[Suri first appears on Lemur Island where she and some lemur kids are chased by Aladar turns to be adult Iguanodon, though it turns out to be just a game.]
Suri: Let me out! Let me out!!
[Suri took inside Aladar's mouth and he spit her in the patch of moss]
Aladar: [coughs] Hairball. [coughs]
Suri: That was great! Get him!
Aladar: [lemur children start to playing with him] Oh, NO! Attacking lemurs! Suri, please! I can't take it! There are too many of you! COME ON! PICK on someone your own size! HELP! [Plio look at Aladar, he's playing with lemur kids and shes funny at him] Augh! Augh! Augh! Ahhhh. [playing dead]
Suri: [as Aladar is playing dead] Aladar, you're not dead.
Aladar: [disbelief] No!
[Suri and the lemur kids are happily laughing at him]
Plio: All right, guys, break it up. Remember the courtship? You gonna miss seeing all that smooching.
Suri: Oh, Mom.
Aladar: That's okay, Plio. We can smooch right here. [starts kiss scares out of lemur children hop away each other]
[after the lemur children hop away after playing with Aladar]
Plio: [sarcastically] Heh. It's a shame you don't like kids.
Aladar: [sarcastically] Ugh. Nasty little vermin.
Plio: Ha-ha. Go find Zini. He's rehearing pickup lines. Let's hope he's find found some new material.

Zini: [rehearing pickup lines alone] "Hey, sweetie. If you'll be my bride, I'll groom ya." That is good. Oh, that's good. "Girls, I'm known as the 'professor of love' and school's in session." Yeah, I still got it.
Aladar: I hope it's not contagious.
Zini: I'm a raging epidemic of romance.
Aladar: [chuckles] Come on, hot stuff. [before the courtship] Let's get goin': you don't wanna to miss Yar's annual pep talk.
Zini: Oh goody: I can't wait to hear the mating advice of an old monkey.
Aladar: Hey-hey-hey, I heard that in this day, that old monkey was quite a swinger.
Zini: You takin' to Yar?
Aladar: Yeah, to hear him tell it, he put the "prime" in "primate".
Zini: [sarcastically] Really?

Yar: [both are giving mating advice, Yar to the males, Plio to the females] Okay, boys, gather around: listen and learn from the Master.
Plio: Now girls, don't jump into the trees after the first boy with a cute back-flip: it's more fun if you keep them guessing.
Yar: And if a cute back-flip doesn't work, guess.
Plio: You're never going to forget this day, so make it one to remember.
Yar: But if you mess up, don't worry: they'll never remember.
Aladar: Come on, guys! We don't wanna let 'em down!
Yar: Go on, now. Chest up! Chin up!
Male Lemur: Whoo!
Yar: Make 'em look good, son.
Aladar: Come on, Yar. My charm and your brains? No problem.
Yar: [laughing]
[Aladar has male courting monkey's on his back]
Aladar: Hey girls, look what just pulled into town.
Male Lemur: Hey, ladies!
Aladar: Your buffet table of love!
[The female lemurs laughing]
Male Lemurs: Right here! Right here! Hey, beautiful!
Zini: Hey, free samples! Get me while I'm hot! Whoa! [Zini grabs a Aladar's tail and ride on the tail, chuckles]
Suri: Zini. [laughs]
Zini: [the male monkeys jumps in the tree courting] Whoo! Wah-hoo!
[Plio, Yar, Zini, Suri calling, and Aladar bellow roars, Zini falls on the bush. Suri laughing at him. The male Lemurs jumps out of the tree, in the vines swinging around, Zini trying stick it the branches, Aladar take a little branch to help Zini and throws over the vine]
Aladar: You're missin' all the action, pal. Come on!
Zini: Hey, haven't you heard? I am the action! WHOO! Whoo-ah!
[The female lemurs always climb the vines, as he practices lines for picking up girl lemurs. Every lemur ends up finding a mate except Zini, who snags his feet on a vine before he could even swing forward.]

[By the time he unsticks himself, all the female lemurs have left, much to his disappointment. Aladar tries to comfort Zini, who seems to take it okay and believes he will get another chance at finding girls]
Aladar: Ah, don't worry, Zini. You always have next year.
Zini: Hey, I'm lucky to be rid of them, with the ladies, before you know it, they wanna move to a bigger tree.
Yar: Oh, well. Poor Zini. The clan still has one bachelor.
[Plio looks at Aladar, he's help a Zini on his nose]
Plio: No, we have two.
[Aladar caring Zini on the ground each other]
Plio: [sarcastically] Well, it's never really been his best event.
Aladar: [sarcastically] He's got a tougher hide than mine.
Plio: Oh, Aladar, if only there was someone on the island for you. Well, you know, who looks like you, but prettier.
Aladar: Come on, Plio. What more could I want? [There seen a fireballs in the sky] Whoa!
[Aladar look at the fireballs in the sky, as Pilo, Yar and Suri watching in the sky. As Aladar look up the sky, Suri come and look at Aladar, but it know are coming]
Suri: What are they?
Aladar: I don't know.
[Suri up in the tree to take a look, a fireballs falls out in the skies there minions tons of them. Zini watching over us, Plio and Yar hearing these fireballs past to it. Plio look for a flock of Ichthyornis in the skies; Yar sniffing]
Plio: Dad?
Yar: [about the asteroid] Something wrong.
Plio: [to Aladar] Aladar, where's Suri?
Aladar: [about Suri] She's up in the...tree.
[Plio is present when an asteroid falls from the sky and then strikes to it, causing violent tremors. But still it hard blow the lemur's island]
Plio: COME ON! Go, go! COME ON!
Suri: [off-screen] Mom!
Plio: Suri!
Suri: [crying for help after observing the disaster] Mom!! Mom!!!
Aladar: Suri!
Suri: [off-screen] Mom!
Aladar: Suri, where are you?!
[Plio want to find and save Suri in the tree, and she back down to Aladar]
Plio: [Frantically after asteriod strikes] Run, Aladar! Run! Run!
[Many fireballs soon start falling, and Aladar runs with the lemurs]
Aladar: Yar, Come on!
Plio: Zini!
Aladar: ZINI!
Plio: Jump!
Aladar: JUMP!
Plio: JUMP! [Zini getting chased by Asteriod in the island and jump, but Plio grabs a hand to him] Hold on!
[as the fireballs, we're getting by destroyed by the lemur island. Aladar, Plio, Yar, Zini and Suri chased by asteroid; but then look down the cliff. He turns around to see the massive cloud of fire barreling towards him. He quickly jumps into the sea as the cloud passes over. Aladar and his lemur family swim to the mainland, only to find out that it was also devastated by the asteroid]
Aladar: [coughs] Plio! Yar! Where are you?! [coughs]
Plio: Aladar, over here!
[as Aladar trying to save the lemurs by the asteriod, the waves gathering. Yar coughing, Aladar sighing, are the fires diaster. They all turn back to the island to see that it completely destroyed, the flames from the island illuminating it in an orange glow. Suri goes up to the edge of the mainland and calls out to the island, trying to hear if anyone on the island survived, but she gets no response. Suri weeps, as she realizes that everyone on the island is gone, and Aladar bellows a similar mournful roar. Plio comforts her daughter]
Plio: Oh, Suri. Easy, easy. [give it hug to Suri]
[after a asteroid devastates Lemur Island]
Suri: [crying] They're all gone.
Plio: Shh, shh. I'm right here.
[Suri crying]
Aladar: Come on. We can't stay here.
[With that, they climb onto Aladar, who looks one last time at the island, the birds are flying in the skies, that was once his and his family's home before turning around and walking off.]

[Aladar and his closest family in the desert; suri stills cries on Aladar's back]
Yar: Now, now, Suri. There's nothing to be afraid of.
Zini: [to hearing noise calling] LOOK!
Yar: Ah!
Aladar: Whoa! [velociraptor runs off] Do you see that?
Yar: What?
Zini: I did.
Suri: Me too!
Plio: Where did it go?
Aladar: I don't know. Let's go see.
Yar: Leave it alone. Hey!
Plio: Shh, Dad!
Yar: It-It's 'scaring' Suri.
Suri: No, it's not.
Aladar: Everyone just be quiet.
[as Aladar and the lemurs walk through the barren wasteland, they see a velociraptor, he looks curious on what it is and decide to check it out. When they find it, the raptor snarls at them. and soon seven others appear and start chasing them. The velociraptor jumps on Aladar and bites him on the side, and he roars of pain, the other Velociraptor jumps and snap it to Yar in the Aladar's back while he falls down]
Plio: Yar, grab on!
Yar: I can't reach!
[as Yar grab his Plio's hand to it, when velociraptor jumps and climbs and tries eats it snap to him it misses. until it jumps back the pack of velociraptors, and Aladar escapes from the raptors]
Plio: Aladar, they're stopping!
Aladar: [Then soon, the raptors ran away when the surviving dinosaur herd appears] Huh?
[Aladar led the Kron, came by]
Kron: [his first words after he knocks Aladar down] Stay out of my way!
Bruton: [his first words] You heard Kron! MOVE IT!!
[Aladar sees a surviving dinosaur herd walking past him, then he sees a baby iguanodons walking under him, then Neera bumps into him]
Neera: Watch it!
[As Aladar looks at Neera, he sees a Pachyrhinosaurus walks into him with its nasal boss, knocking him to the ground, then a pack of Microceratus jump over him and the lemurs]
Yar: Zini, get your head down!
[He sees three other dinosaurs as Baylene the (called a Brachiosaurus in the movie, actually a Giraffatitan), Eema the Styracosaurus and Url the Ankylosaurus. As she walks under him as he and lemurs look up]
Eema: Walkin' backwards, huh?! Well, let me know if that gets you there any faster! Keep those little legs moving, Url, or you'll get left behind!
[He seen looking that before; Suri watches the massive herd of varied dinosaurs]
Suri: Look at all the Aladars!
Yar: If you're even thinking of joining them--
[as ambush of velociraptors in the desert]
Aladar: Hang on! Hang on!
[The velociraptors chases at Aladar and the lemur family, he's escape by the raptors, he runs to the massive herd of varied dinosaurs. The raptor snarls]

[Soon after, they encounter of a herd of various dinosaurs (Iguanodons, Parasaurolophus, Styracosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, Microceratus, Struthiominus, and Stygimoloch.) It led by Kron as each other]
Bruton: Kron, There is a more protected spot further down the--
Kron: We'll rest here for the night. Go ahead, Bruton.
[Bruton shows a bellow roars at the herd, as Aladar walking towards the herd]
Baylene: Oh, Eema! I wish we were at your nesting grounds now! All this pushing and shoving about, just for a place to sleep! I'm not used to this kind of behavior.
Eema: Baylene, you've got big feet; just give 'em a kick! [shoves a stygimoloch] GET!
Baylene: Oh, I couldn't possibly... eh, shoo! Shoo!
Eema: Would you come on, Baylene? If you wanna get to the nesting grounds alive, show some backbone!
Aladar: Hey there!
Eema: Ahhh!
Aladar: [after spooking Eema] Oh... sorry about that. Uh, it's just that, we overhead you talking and, umm...
[Url drops a rock enthusiastically at his feet just like a dog, Aladar looks confused]
Eema: Well, my word. Look at Url. He doesn't normally warm up to strangers so fast.
Baylene: [Sniffing the lemurs on Aladar's back and sneezing to lemurs] What an unfortunate blemish.
Eema: Good mud bath'd clear those up.
Yar: Excuse me?
[Eema jumps back, appalled]
Aladar: [about Yar] Um, he's my grandfather -- couple of times removed.
Zini: Try a couple of species removed.
Aladar: Uh, my name's Aladar. This is my family. We're...all that's left.
Baylene: Oh, my dear. I'm so sorry.
Eema: Baylene's the last of her kind. Finding stragglers like her all along the way.
Plio: I heard you say something about nesting grounds?
Eema: It is the most beautiful place there is, child. It's where the herd goes to have their babies.
Suri: Will we find anybody that looks like us there?
Eema: Oh, the last few days, I've seen 'em all shapes and sizes. Who knows what we'll find. The hard job now is just getting there.
Baylene: And we're being driven unmercifully.
Aladar: By who?
Eema: Kron, the herd's head honcho.
Baylene: We can hardly keep up. An older woman like myself. It's... Well, it's positively indecent.
Aladar: Then tell him. What's the worst he can do? [Url squawks]
Baylene: Oh.
[Neera, Kron, and Bruton approach; Url nervously walks out of the way; Bruton growls at him; Kron rudely pushes past Aladar]
Aladar: Hey! What's his problem?
Eema: That's him, honey, Kron.
Aladar: Huh. Uh, Excuse me! Kron! Got a second?
Bruton: Get lost, kid!
Kron: [chuckles] Relax, Bruton. [comes up to Aladar] Who are you?
Aladar: Uh, Aladar.
Kron: Why aren't you uphill with the... [notices the lemurs on Aladar's back] ...uh, young bloods?
Aladar: Well, I was back here talking to these guys. I guess they... they're having a hard time keeping up. So, you know, maybe you could slow it down a bit.
Kron: [sarcastically] Hmm, let the weak set the pace. Now, there's an idea. Better let me do the thinking from now on, Aladar.
Aladar: Hey! They need help back here.
Kron: Watch yourself, boy. [snorts]
Neera: Don't worry. That's how my brother treats newcomers, no matter how charming they are.
Zini: You sure know how to catch a girl's eye, there, stud.
Eema: I wouldn't be catchin' nobody's eye if I was you, especially Neera's. You just keep your head down, and you mind what Kron tells you.
Yar: Since when do we take orders from the likes of him?
Eema: [chuckles] Kron has swatted flies bigger than you, pops.
Yar: I could hold that monster's brain in the palm of my--
Aladar: No, Yar, she's right. Better keep our heads down with this bunch than get 'em bitten off by...those things.
Eema: [The velociraptors hissing] Well, you consider yourself lucky, that's all that's following us.
[When velociraptors playing fighting biting each other but the raptor stop fighting, and furious looking an scaring eye behind to it]

[Later, The herd of dinosaurs sleeping on at night, but after that, the sun will rises up in the desert, the herd waking up in the morning to time to moving on. Zini looks find Aladar and his friends are sleeping over in the desert.]
Zini: [Aladar snoring] Hey wake up, enough with the beauty sleep! You're ravishing already! [Aladar snoring again, he looks confused and checking open Aladar's eye, sarcastically] Hey! Hello! Anybody in there?
Aladar: [Get up and swoop Zini into his nostril] Zini, what are you doing?
Zini: I believe you left a wake-up call for the dawn of time. COME ON! Move it!
Aladar: What's the hurry?
Zini: Something's up. The herd's gathering without us. Let's check it out.
Bruton: Rise and shine! Kron says everybody goes. [trying to Iguanodon's stomach, and up in the feet] Come on, get up! On your feet!
Zini: [looks joking] Heh. The charm never stops around here.
Bruton: [looks confused to Aladar] You saying something?
Aladar: Uh, no, no, sir.
[Bruton walking towards to Aladar around, angoring sensing on each side around in the herd]
Bruton: Unless you got a death wish, you and that little parasite better get MOVING!
Zini: [sarcastically; about Bruton] Sheesh! Is that guy ugly or what? Hey, hey, hey, [to Neera] there's your girlfriend.
Aladar: What are you takin' about?
Zini: You know what I'm takin' about: Neera. [about Neera] Scaly skin, Yellow eyes. Big ankles.
Aladar: Yeah, I made a real I'm on her.
Zini: [whilst combing his head back with his head] What you need is a little help from the 'love monkey.'
Aladar: The 'love monkey?'
Zini: Ow! Baby! [calling howling out to Neera and the 2 iguandon children]
[Aladar nervously laughs]
Neera: [About Aladar] That, children, is what's known as a jerkasaurus.
Zini: And with that, the ice is broken.
[When Aladar turning around the herd, Bruton makes the distinctive bellowing roar (the sound that no other dinosaur makes in the movie) with the herd, suddenly, Kron's make attention in the desert]
Kron: We've got a lot of first-timers here, make sure they get it: We stop for nothing, and no one.
[Silence to the herd]
Bruton: [turns to herd] If this is your first crossing, listen up! There is no water until we reach the other side. And you'd better keep up, 'cause if a predator catches you, you're on your own. Move out!
[Bruton head out the herd to start moving. Kron and the herd vision walking cross the desert]
Baylene: Oh, my goodness. It looks like a very long walk.
Eema: And hot. [about to cross the desert] If you smell something sizzlin', it could be me.

Kron: We're moving too slow.
Bruton: I'll pick up the pace! [Bruton makes the distinctive bellowing roar (no other dinosaur in the movie makes a sound that the Iguanodons make) to keep moving out]

Yar: Hey, old girl, you're wandering off a bit.
Eema: [panting] That's all I need: A monkey on my back.

[Eema panting]
Aladar: On your feet, Eema. We can't let those things eat you. They're out there waiting.
[In later, Velociraptors eating full of dead struthiomimus. Until the velociraptors scares off by predators. Carnotaurus sneaking over his prey by those searching in the desert]

[The next day as the herd is traveling to get to the lake, Kron tells his second-in-command, Bruton, to give orders that the herd must keep up because if a predator catches anyone, they're on their own.]
Eema: The lake!
Yar: We made it?
Eema: It's just over that... that hill, baby.
Baylene: Oh, thank goodness.
Aladar: Come on, Eema. Water, remember water?
Eema: Oh, it's time to refresh my memory. [Kron drives the herd unmercifully across the hot sunny desert, losing a couple of members in the process, until they finally reach the lake] I'm just gonna walk right into that lake until the water's up to my eyeballs and soak it all in. [sighs]
[a discover that lake a skeleton dinosaur is a dryed with no water]
Bruton: Maybe the rains collected somewhere else. What do you want us to do?
Kron: Take a scout and check the entire perimeter. [Bruton to take scout and check the entire perimeter to see if there's any water. To the two iguanodon children turns face to him] ENOUGH! You have to be strong now! The nesting grounds are only a few days away! Keep moving!
Neera: Kron, we've never gone this far without water: if we keep going like this, we'll lose half the herd.
Kron: Then we save the half that deserves to live. [distinctive Iguanodon bellowing roars at herd]
Baylene: What? They're moving already? Oh-ho, we'll never keep up.
Eema: There was water here, always water here before. We always had water, always, and... plenty of mud. [coughs]
Baylene: Oh, Eema, please. The herd won't wait, we must carry on.
Aladar: You gotta get up!
[Baylene walks rumble]
Eema: There was water everywhere.
Baylene: There is no water, dear.
[as Baylene walks comfort her, Aladar hears something rumble under her feet]
Aladar: Baylene, don't move.
Baylene: Oh, what is it? What's wrong?
Zini: [as Baylene rumbling her feet above the water] Did you hear that?
Aladar: I sure do. Lift your foot, Baylene.
[She lifts her foot, and Aladar and Zini dig a hole under it]
Zini: Ooh!
[Eema coughs]
Aladar: Now press down.
[Baylene press down, and her titanic size has unearthed the water]
Zini: I always did like big girls!
Aladar: Water!
Baylene: Oh, my goodness!
Aladar: [makes the distinctive Iguanodon roar to get the herd's attention and calling out the Neera and Kron] Water! Come on!
Neera: He found water.
[Aladar dig a hole to found a water]
Baylene: That's it, Eema. Come drink.
[The others help Eema to drinking a water in the hole, soon, the friends drink, until Kron charges off in the desert]
Aladar: Kron, look, all we had to do is dig, and--
Kron: Good. Now, get out of the way.
[Kron pushes his way into it while roaring and drinks the water for himself, showing no mercy for the herd charges it]
Aladar: Wait! Wait! There's enough for everyone! Ah!
Eema: Ooh!
Aladar: Eema! [as he is pushed by the thristy herd trying to make their way to the water; sarcastically] That's it! Keep pushing and... [he gets shoved to Parasaurolophus] Shoving! That's very helpful.

[Bruton and the scout find no water on their search to them]
Scout: Bruton, we've been walking in circles. There's no water here. I think we should get back.
Bruton: Shh. Keep it down. [Then Bruton spots a shadow of a Carnotaurus] Let's get out of here.
[a Carnotaurus appears from behind and grabs the scout by the tail, killing him. Then another Carnotaurus appears and tries to kill Bruton, but he manages to escape with wounds. The Carnotaurus eats him, and the other Carnotaurus escape it to him]

[One early morning, the friends and the herd sleeps in the desert, Suri tries to ask some timid young Iguanodons to come out on the count of three. Aladar notices and manages to persuade them by convincing them that Suri is harmless]
Suri: Now, you come out on 3. 1...2...3! Come on, come on out. No one's gonna hurt you.
Aladar: Hey, hey. What's going on?
Suri: The little Aladars haven't had anything to drink. I think they're scared of me.
Aladar: Who wouldn't be? You are pretty scary.
Suri: Rrrrr!
Aladar: [laughing] Come on over, guys. [two young Iguanodons looks afraid being shy] Takie it easy, don't worry, she's just a hair ball.
Suri: And proud of it. Come on. He's gonna find you some water. [the two young Iguanodons are follow by Aladar and Suri. Later in the evening; Neera sees Aladar getting water for the two orphan Iguanodons she's been looking out for.]
Aladar: Here. Now, you just take a foot, and press. [press down in the mud as the water, but the two young Iguanodons fighting each other and he knock it] Whoa. Hey, hey, hey! Come on, come on! Knock it off! Let's work together here, huh? A little teamwork. Ready? 1,2,3. Press! [finally, the two young Iguanodons drinking water] Good job, Suri. So, where are your parents anyway?
Neera: A lot of us are on our own now. You like kids, I see.
Aladar: Well, the skinny ones are a bit chewy. [Neera chuckles] I'm Aladar the...jerkasaurus.
Neera: [sarcastically] Oh, sorry... about that.
Aladar: [sarcastically, chuckles] You're probably right.
Plio: Dad, [Yar snoring] wake up.
Yar: Huh?
Neera: Why did you help that old one?
Aladar: What else could we do? Leave him behind? [slight pause] Oh, you mean, you actually...
Neera: Well, that happens all the time. You don't survive if you're not...
Aladar: Strong enough.
Neera: Well... yeah.
Aladar: Is that you talking, or your brother?
Neera: [she's not sure what to think] Everything's so different. I don't know what to think anymore.
Aladar: Look, Neera, if we watch out for each other, we all stand a chance of getting to your nesting grounds.
Neera: You sound so sure.
Aladar: I'm not. But, it's all I know. [as the dig to find a water] So, um, um, water. I'll get you some water.
Neera: Can I try?
Aladar: Sure, just press.
[they were on the feeting to begin to bond.]
Aladar: [chuckles]
Neera: Hmm.
Aladar: [near bump head to Neera] Oops.
Neera: [chuckles, smiles] Sorry.
Aladar: No, you first.
Yar: One down, and... well, one down.
[Aladar and Neera are drinking thristy about which attracts an young Iguanodons]

[As they get some water, Kron wakes up the rest of the herd as Bruton has come back badly wounded]
Bruton: Kron! Carnotaurs!
Kron: What!? They never come this far north.
Bruton: The Fireball must have driven them out... Ugh!
[in the distance, a roar sounds out]
Kron: You led them right to us! Maybe we can feed them with your hide! Move the Herd out, double time!
[Bruton makes the distinctive Iguanodon bellow, and the herd wakes up, with Kron moving out the herd quickly]
Aladar: What's happening?
Neera: My brother's moving the herd. [Kron is moving the herd out double time after recieving word from Bruton about the Carnotaurus] Kron! What's going on?
Kron: Carnotaurs. If we don't keep moving, they'll catch up to us.
Aladar: [about Eema and Baylene] But, the others at the back...They'll never make it!
Kron: [unkindly] They'll slow down the predators!
Aladar: [enraged] You can't SACRIFICE them like this! [Kron approaches the herd] HOLD IT!! THAT COULD BE YOU BACK THERE, OR YOU!
Kron: [He knocks Aladar down on the ground for interfering with him] If you ever interfere again, I'll kill you. [walks off by him, to Neera] Stay away from him!
[Kron then pushes Neera along the herd to Aladar when is angry growling at him]
Neera: Aladar, no! You just-just go. I'll be okay.
[Aladar walks off and stays behind with his family, Eema, Baylene, and Url]
Aladar: [waking up the others] Let's go, let's go! Carnotaurs!
Yar: Carno-what?
Eema: Carnotaur! A mouthful of teeth with a bad attitude, let's go!
Aladar: Come on, you guys! Get on! Get on! We're gonna get left behind! [as his friends got up each of it with the lemurs] Let's go! Hurry up! We're losing them!
Plio: Aladar, slow down! [as he hurries, he sees that his friends are struggling, and slows down for their sake, albeit losing the herd. Kron and Neera pass by the herd. as Aladar are waiting the others to slow down to follows him; Later, Carnotaurus while searching for water and thristy to it, an another carnotaur want to share his water in the night, as soon, a large Carnotaurus sees a thunderstorms by Aladar's friends and lemur family as well]

Baylene: Oh, joy. Blisters!
Eema: I got blisters ON my blisters.
Yar: You don't wanna know where I got blisters... [hearing a bellow up ahead]
Eema: What was that?
Baylene: It came from up ahead.
Zini: OK, what's the worst thing it could be?
Suri: [fearfully] A Carnotaur.
Zini: [increasingly nervous] OK, what's the second worst thing it could be?
Baylene: TWO Carnotaurs! [shudders]
Eema: That's it! I'm gone!
Aladar: Everybody! We don't know for sure! It could be the herd. Let's check it out.
Baylene: Oh, my goodness. Goodness, gracious.
[they turn the corner to find Bruton exhausted from his recent injuries]
Eema: Oh, it's Bruton!
Baylene: It appears we weren't the only ones left behind.
[Bruton have injured by carnotaurs]
Aladar: What happened?
Eema: Carnotaurs. Oh, We should keep moving.
Plio: We can't just leave him here!
Eema: We can, if we move fast enough!
Aladar: Hey, you don't look so good. Let me help you.
Bruton: Save your pity. I just need some rest. Now, get away from me!
Aladar: Suit yourself.
[The storms in dark sky, Aladar look at Url, and he got a tongue out like a dog, he sees a sniffed it cone and sniffed, as Url check it inside the cave]
Aladar: Changed mind, be those caves.

[they enter a cave]
Aladar: It's dark, but at least it's dry.
Eema: I like dry. It's the dark part I'm having trouble with. [accidentally steps on Url's spikes] OUCH! Ooh, Sorry, Url. Sturdy little thing, ain't he?
Baylene: [clears throat] We appear to have a vistor.
[Bruton was too slow while in the rain, loud thunder, as injured Bruton is left behind to it, and bellow down on the ground; wounded. Aladar trying to help him to step on each Aladar's feet]
Aladar: You coming in, or what?
Bruton: What is it with you?
Aladar: At least I know enough to get in out of the rain. Now, come on, on your feet. [Aladar offers to help Bruton on your feet, until to offer him and move away each other. Pilo looks to Aladar and Bruton inside the cave with Baylene, Eema, Url and the lemurs] Uh, you can lie down with us. It's warmer.
[Bruton walks slowing to up in the cave, and Plio want to be nurse]
Baylene: May I remind you that he's one of them?
Aladar: Well, looks like he's one of us now.
[Bruton lay down and wounded in the cave. Plio take a plant that grew on Lemur island.]
Eema: Ahh. Who booked this trip, anyway?
Aladar: Ah, you'll be at the nesting grounds soon enough.
Eema: Well, when I get there, I'm gonna give Kron a piece of my mind.
Aladar: [sarcastically] Tell me, Eema.
[Suri laughing at Url laying flat on the stomach and Url yawn could in the sleep]
Yar: If I could sleep THAT deep, I'd be in paradise.
Eema: If you could sleep THAT deep, honey, you'd be dead.
Plio: This plant grew on our island. It will make you feel better.
[It put plant on Bruton's skin with false hope]
Bruton: Why is he doing this? Pushing them on with false hope?
Plio: It's hope that's gotten us this far.
Bruton: But why doesn't he let them accept their fate? I've accepted mine.
Plio: And what is your fate?
Bruton: To die here. It's the way things are.
Plio: Only if you give up, Bruton. It's your choice, not your fate. [Bruton panting] Well, the plant will help.
[Pilo back down in the cave with Aladar, Baylene, Eema, Url and the lemurs; Bruton accept deep look on the plant on each side of his hand]

[Later, as Aladar, his family, friends and Bruton take shelter from a rainstorm in a cave, the Carnotaurus inevitably discover them: the footsteps of the Carnotaurus awaken Aladar; he looks out and gazes in surprise at them as Bruton quietly comes up to him]
Bruton: [whispering] Shh. Carnotaurs. [they look out at the two predators surveying the area]
Aladar: [whispering] What do we do?
Bruton: Wake the others. [turns to go and tell the others to wake up and get moving; the Carnotaurus move closer to the cave. Bruton, Eema, Baylene, and the lemurs begin to proceed deeper into the cave. Aladar nudges Url to wake him up; he bellows in fright, and Aladar immediately silences him so he doesn't give them away; the Carnotaurus look up briefly and then continue looking around]
Baylene: Oh! [her neck touches the ceiling, causing a rock to fall and hit Eema; Aladar attempts to catch it, without success; one of the Carnotaurs examines the rock and sticks its snout through the water and sniffs Aladar before a thunderclap illuminates him; the Carnotaurus charges at him]
Aladar: Go! Go! Hurry! Move it, Eema!
Plio: [after the Carnotaurus grabs Aladar by the tail and drags him back] Aladar! Aladar! Oh, no! [from a distance, Bruton hears the lemurs' screams and ponders what to do next: save himself or protect the others; the Carnotaurus begin to fight over which one of them gets to devour Aladar]
Bruton: [after stopping the Carnotaurus from attacking Aladar; his last words] I'll hold them off! You help the others!
[Bruton manages to fight off the Carnotaurus. After knocking one of the beasts into a support stalactite, he notices that rocks from the cave are beginning to crumble, which gives him an idea. He charges and rams the second Carnotaurus onto another stalactite, causing the part of the roof to collapse on them.]
Aladar: Bruton! [He comes back and tries to help Bruton, but the rocks fall on Bruton before he can] Bruton, No!! [Coughs] Bruton!
[After the rocks are done falling, Aladar digs through them and finds Bruton who has died from being crushed by the rocks. Aladar mourns the death of his friend to which Plio would say]
Plio: [to Aladar] You did what you could.
[A Carnotaurus distance roars on the rocks; Aladar look at the rocks, who's trying to push a rocks trying to get anger and he's very ugly snarling, is the one Carnotaurus left push out of the rocks; A dead second Carnotaurus, Aladar mouns to death Bruton's sacrifice was not completely in vain, as the other Carnotaurus died with him, the large Carnotaurus survives, however, leaving and roaring in vegngence, before continuing his search for the herd.]

[The herd while gathering in the desert, the two iguanodon children panting, but there's one little falls on the ground, the other little one bellowing, Kron still looking at and when keeps moving. The little one was calling but still, the little one trying get up on your feet]
Neera: It's okay, little ones. We're going to make it. [she help the little one and continue to move the herd]

[Aladar, Eema, Url, Baylene and the Lemurs are wandering through the cave. Zini is trying to pass the time by playing "I Spy"]
Zini: Okay, okay, let's do it again, let's do it again. Uh... I spy with my little eye...
Yar: [very unenthusiatically] A rock.
Zini: [excitedly] You got it again! Oh! You are good!
Eema: Well, I'll tell you what I spy... A dead end.
Yar: What do we do now?
Aladar: I guess we just go back.
Zini: [sniffing] Hold on a moment.
Suri: Zini, what is it?
Zini: [sniffing] Do you smell that?
Suri: Yeah.
[Aladar sniffing around the dead end wall, Zini starts shovling out of rocks, however they see light bursting through a hole in the dead end wall. Eema and Baylene gasping]
Eema: Get a load of that!
Baylene: Good show.
Aladar: Everybody stand back. We're outta here!
[Aladar starts to push the dead end wall, it rumbling, the lemurs back away the dead end wall]
[Aladar moves big rock on the cave and jump off on the ground, but the light disappear in the dead end wall]
Aladar: NO!! [it push really hard inaccidently, it roars knows push around it and roars distrested by 'em.]
Pilo: Aladar, we'll go back.
Aladar: Back to what? It's gone. [despairing] We're not meant to survive.
Baylene: Oh, yes we were! We're here, aren't we? And how dare you waste that good fortune by simply giving up? Shame on you. Shame on you, shame on you! The worst of it is, you allowed an old fool like me to believe I was needed, that I still had a purpose...and do you know what? You were right. And I'm going to go on believeing it. And I, for one, am not willing to die here! [until Baylene stand up slowing, growling and bellowing and push the dead end wall, as Eema helps to hit the rock wall and breaks it, Url stick out the rock, Aladar unreaved. Baylene bellows, finally Aladar continue to hit the wall, as she delivers one more hit to the wall, it collapses, and there in front of them is the Nesting Grounds] Oh, dear.
[Upon the Nesting Grounds]
Eema: The nesting grounds. It's... It's untouched.
[the group reaches the Nesting Grounds, featuring a large lake]
Plio: Our new home...
Zini: AND IT COMES WITH A POOL! [suri laughing] You're lady, you're lady and whooo!
Baylene: Whoo, whoo, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
Zini: [Zini on the Baylene's head] CANNONBALL! [jump in the lake]
Baylene: Ha. Amateur.
Zini: [Baylene starts to jumps in the lake, fun waves] LOOK OUT BELOW!
[Url watching Baylene fun waves with Zini]
Aladar: Not bad. I don't get it. Where's the herd?
Plio: Not to mention Neera.
[Yar laughing]
Eema: [chuckles] They'll get here. Soon enough. [to cliff rocks sheer trap] Oh, no.
Aladar: Eema?
Eema: I spoke too soon.
Aladar: What is it?
Eema: That is the way we used to get in here.
[Aladar seens a dangerous cliff on landslide, sheer trap]
Aladar: They'll never make it over that.
[Aladar dashes off to warn of the landslide]
Eema: Aladar, wait, wait! Kron'll eat you alive!
Aladar: Let him try. [he dashes off]
Eema: [sighing] I hope Kron's in a listening mood...

[Kron continues, it up the landslide with the herd; Neera and the two iguanodon children unmercifully.]
Neera: Stay here. [walk to Kron and sees the landslide rocky hill entrance] We'll find a way around it.
Kron: In the morning, we'll climb it.
[On his way back in the cave, Aladar want trying to find a herd on the right side; Aladar sees a dead Stygimoloch. Then, a Carnotaurus comes quickly hides when he hears, the Carnotaurus coming, and it eats the dead dino as Aladar manages to escape shortly after, the Carnotaurus swallows a dino whole, unintentionally drawing the carnotaur's attention.]

Kron: [to the herd] We have to keep trying. Our survival, our future, is over these rocks. NOW, LET'S GO HOME!!!!
[the herd starts approaching him by going over the rocks, as they follow him]
Kron: [to the two iguanodon children] You'll make it, won't you, boys?
Neera: [to Kron] No.
Kron: [to Neera] Watch them. They're tough! If they can do it, so can you!
[the herd stops for a brief moment, then think Kron has gone crazy at Neera, and then continue walking up toward the rocks, as Neera receives a smile from Kron, until...]
Aladar: [off-screen] KRON!
[Kron looks back in shocked in confusion]
Neera: [gasps]
[Aladar shows his whole self up, as he approaches the herd]
Aladar: [to Kron] Get the herd out of here! A carnotaur is coming!
[Kron gets very angry]
Kron: [to the two iguanodon children and the herd] Keep moving!
Aladar: [to Kron] Stop! I've been to the valley! There's a safer way!
Kron: [hits the two iguanodon children with his head, making them cry] Go on! Show 'em!
Neera: [to Kron] Kron, listen to him.
Aladar: [to Kron] Look, we've got to go now!
Kron: Go where, straight to the carnotaurs?!
Aladar: If we hurry, we can get around them! You can't get over those rocks! There's a sheer drop on the other side! [Kron hits the two iguanodon children with his head, making them cry again] You're gonna kill the herd! I know a way to the valley, and everybody can make it! [to the herd] Now, follow me!
[Kron approaches the herd]
Neera: [to Kron, as he leaps from rock to rock] Kron!
Kron: [to the Aladar] They're staying with me!
Aladar: [to the herd] All right, let's go!
[Kron viciously attacks Aladar, who viciously fights back at him, as they both bellow and fight at each other, and knock each other down to the ground and get up again; the herd watches both Kron and Aladar fight, as Neera rushes through the herd, and watches them both for a brief moment, and then rushes quickly to save Aladar; Aladar knocks Kron to the ground, to which Kron throws sand in Aladar's eyes, scratches Aladar across his chest with his thumb spike, leaving behind a huge wounded scar on Aladar's chest, and knocks Aladar to the ground, forcing a herd of Microceratus to get out of the way; Kron gets up, stands up on his hind legs, and is going to nearly kill Aladar with his thumb spike, but Neera knocks Kron to the ground to save Aladar's life; Neera is shocked and angry at everything Kron has done, and then turns herself over to Aladar, who is being wounded from the fight with Kron, as she helps him get up, and they both continue walking towards the cave entrance to the valley that Aladar has made, along with the herd, and the two iguanodon children; Kron watches Aladar, Neera, the herd, and the two iguanodon children walk by, and then gets very furious at Neera]
Kron: NEERA!!!
[Kron gets horrified and as he shouts his sister’s name, Aladar, Neera, the dinosaur herd, and the two iguanodon children leave him; Kron realizes that he has been left behind by them, and then goes back to the rocks, and starts climbing over the rocks all by himself; suddenly, Aladar, Neera, the herd, and the two iguanodon children hear the Carnotaurus roaring in the distance, and the Carnotaurus then shows up, and then approaches Aladar, Neera, the herd, and the two iguanodon children, and then confronts them in hunger; Kron, who is climbing over the rocks, notices the Carnotaurus, and then tries to warn the herd about the carnotaur that Aladar has led him to them]
Kron: [to the herd about what Aladar has done] He's led that monster right to us! This way! [continues climbing over the rocks]
Aladar: [to Kron] No! Don't move! If we scatter, he'll pick us off! [to the herd] STAND TOGETHER!!!
[Kron looks at Aladar, Neera, the herd, and the two iguanodon children with an enraged look on his face, and then stubbornly continues climbing over the rocks, and sets off to prove Aladar wrong, as the Carnotaurus roars at Aladar, who roars back at him; Neera joins Aladar, along with the herd, and the two iguanodon children, making the Carnotaurus pass through the herd in the process, and then make the Carnotaurus turn his attention toward Kron, who has made it to a cliff, and then realizes that Aladar was right about the sheer drop; Aladar and Neera both start chasing after the Carnotaurus]
Neera: [to Kron, as she rushes towards him] Kron!
[Kron notices the Carnotaurus, and realizes that he is cornered by him]
Kron: [his last words] No, no!
[Kron attacks the Carnotaurus, who wounds him with his sharp teeth by biting him several times, and then throws him into a rock; Aladar, and Neera both arrive just in time, and then start fighting with the carnotaur; Kron (as he dies) watches both Aladar and Neera fighting the Carnotaurus, as he is realizing that he was wrong about Aladar; Aladar, and Neera both corner the Carnotaurus at the cliff, and Aladar knocks the Carnotaurus into the sheer trap, making him fall to his death below; Aladar, and Neera both rush toward Kron, who has died due to the fight between him and the Carnotaurus]
Neera: [off-screen] Kron.
[Neera nudges Kron's head to make him get up, but it's no use, even to no avail; Kron was already dead(in fact, if Kron did not die near the end of the movie, he would continue threatening to kill Aladar). Aladar, and Neera both then hug each other, and finally embrace each other; some time later, Aladar, Neera, the herd, and the iguanodon children all went through the cave towards the cave entrance to the valley that Aladar has made, and they all finally made it into the valley]
Aladar: [to Neera] Welcome home.

[Last lines: Sometime later, the eggs on the nesting grounds, Aladar and Neera become mates and have a nest in the valley]
Eema: Move over, everybody. Bringin' in babies is what I do best!
Yar: I'd say it's been a few years since you've hatched an egg. [laughing]
Eema: [laughing] You're right, [stop, serious] so, let me practice on your head!
Plio: Look! Somebody wants to meet you. [cracks an egg of Aladar's newborn son] Ohh! Aren't you the sweetest little small fry I ever did see?
Aladar: [about his newborn son] Hey little, guy! He looks just like me!
Neera: Meet your dad. He's not as crazy as he looks.
Eema: [off-screen] Oh, happy day.
[Newborn son sneezing]
Baylene: [off-screen] Well done, little one.
Yar: Come here, you little rascal. LET me get a good look at you! [it hears a sound and Aladar's baby urinates peeing on him in the nesting ground] Yep. You're your father's son, all right.
[Suri laughing]
Zini: [surrounded by female lemurs] Hey, look what I found! New neighbors! Any of you ladies up for a game of "monkey in the middle"? [female lemurs playing on him] Easy, now! Easy! Hey! Whoo!
[The lemurs laughing, Aladar bellows in joy, followed by Neera, his friends Eema the Styracosaurus, Baylene the only surviving Giraffatitan, and finally the whole herd of surviving dinosaurs.]
Plio: [closing narration] None of us we know what changes, big or small, lie ahead. One thing is certain; our journey's not over. We can only hope that, in some small way, our time here will be remembered.


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