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Dinotopia is a four-hour (three-episode) TV miniseries based on the fictional world of Dinotopia, a utopia in which sentient dinosaurs and humans coexist, created by American author James Gurney. The miniseries uses plot details from Gurney's first two Dinotopia books, Dinotopia and Dinotopia: The World Beneath, although it takes place in a time farther into the future. The main characters are two American teenage boys from a contemporary time frame. The boys crash their father's plane into the sea and get stranded on Dinotopia, where they must adjust to a new society.

Episode 1[edit]

Karl: Marion, we have to get off this island.
Mayor Waldo: I'm afraid that's impossible. Over the centuries many have tried, but they all perished on the razor reefs.
David: How do you know that no one's ever made it.
Mayor Waldo: Had you ever heard of Dinotopia before now?
David: No.
Mayor Waldo: Exactly.

Karl: If dinosaurs are so smart then how come they are doing all the manual labor?
Marion: Dinosaurs take pride in their strength.
Karl: Well they're still carrying us around on their backs.
Marion: There's many things you can learn from a brachiosaurus.
Karl: Oh yeah, like what?
Marion: Like humility.

Karl: So how big is Dinotopia?
Cyrus: Not that big, only a couple hundred miles across.
Karl: Two hundred miles. How come we've never heard of it before?
Cyrus: Well we are a bit cut off from the rest of the world.

Episode 2[edit]

Cyrus: [After discovering that Karl has tricked him] You crook. You filthy, lousy, cheat. I like you.

David: [to Marion] I don't believe it. This can't be happening. How can we be here, alone on top of the world and my brother is sending you sing-a-grams? That is so typical!

Episode 3[edit]


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