Dionysios Solomos

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Anything true, is essential to the national.

Dionysios Solomos (8 April 1798 – 9 February 1857) was an author, poet and writer of the Hymn to Liberty, which became later the Greek national anthem.


  • Anything is true, is essential to the national.
    • in Greek: "Εθνικό είναι το Αληθές"
    • Thoughts of the poet, prolegomena by Iakovos Polylas, "Poems, Icarus edition, 1961"
  • Beautiful, moral world, created in an angelic way.
    • in Greek: "Όμορφος κόσμος, ηθικός, αγγελικά πλασμένος".
    • Sarcastic tone; from his poem "to Francesca Freiser"
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