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Disability studies is an academic discipline that examines the meaning, nature, and consequences of disability.


  • While disability theory has compellingly pointed to the ways in which the construction and production of (inaccessible) space renders disabled bodies abnormal or aberrant, Indigenous peoples informed by Indigenous epistemology, have consistently intimated that the disablement of space via settler colonial practices of land appropriation and destruction in pursuit of profit, concomitantly yields the disablement of Indigenous bodies and worldviews that are intricately woven together with space. These issues strike us as particularly urgent given that much of what is recognized as disability studies scholarship is produced by non-Indigenous people within settler-colonial states.
    • Laura Jaffee and Kelsey John, "Disabling Bodies of/and Land: Reframing Disability Justice in Conversation with Indigenous Theory and Activism," Disability and the Global South, vol.5, no. 2, pp. 1407-1429

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