Distant Thunder (1988 film)

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Distant Thunder is a 1988 American drama film, directed by Rick Rosenthal and starring John Lithgow and Ralph Macchio.


Jack: My father wants to see me. He sure took his sweet ass-time about it.

Jack: I'm not going to waste all of your time so I'm just going a few words. Like all of you, I would like to move on in life. Thank you.

Mark: I'm not fucking with you.

Mark: When I was 18, my father used to call me "numbnuts" and "dumbass".

Mark: Why don't you go take a flying fuck?

Jack: This is what they do. Kill theirselves by walking into trains?

Mark: I wrote a letter, didn't I?
Jack: 15 years and one goddamn letter? Fuck you!

[Mark tries to dodge a train]

Mark: There it is.
Jack: Fuck "There it is"! Don't you see I care about you?


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