Distichs of Cato

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The Distichs of Cato (Latin: Catonis Disticha), is a Latin collection of proverbial wisdom and morality by an unknown author from the 3rd or 4th century AD.


Loeb Classical Library volume 434

  • Deo supplica. Parentes ama. Cognatos cole.
    • Pray to God. Love your parents. Respect your kindred.
      • advice to his son, p. 593
  • Libros lege. Quae legeris memento. Liberos erudi.
    • Read books. Remember what you read. Instruct your children.
      • advice to his son, p. 595
  • Alienum noli concupiscere.
    • Do not covet what is another's.
      • advice to his son, p. 597
  • Stultitiam simulare loco, prudentia summa est.
    • To act the fool at times is truly wise.
      • advice to his son, p. 607.

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