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Disturbia is a 2007 horror/suspense film starring Shia LaBeouf. The film is both a partial remake and updating of Alfred Hitchcock's famous 1958 thriller, Rear Window.

Kale Brecht

  • It's okay! I'm green!
  • This is reality without the TV.
  • I popped my Spanish teacher.
  • Okay, there's the Mustang, then there's the longhorn skull in his garage. And then there was the club girl, who looked freaked out, okay? She looked freaked out. She was running around half-naked in his living room. Then he challenges me. He stares at me. He shows up in my kitchen, hits on my mother.
  • I got you now, Greenwood! You better not be listed!
  • [Ashley has his iPod] Okay, just relax, okay? That's 60 gigs of my life.
  • Only in disturbia.
  • [to Ronnie, who scares him for a prank in his closet; enraged] DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT I'VE JUST BEEN THROUGH?!?!?!

Robert Turner

  • [Kale is watching him mow his lawn through a fence] Hey. What are you doing? What are doing? Looking at my garden? Is that it? You looking at my beautiful garden? Well, I caught you now. I got you. [Picks up a rabbit] Yeah, you're not gonna dig in my garden anymore.
  • Listen, I get. I went to school. There were plenty of teachers I wanted to just... kill.
  • So, he caught her on tape. I really didn't want this. All I wanted... was to live in peace, which is why we have to keep the spotlight on you. You've done most of the work already. You were the troubled neighborhood boy who cried wolf. But now, you are really going to snap. First, you killed your buddy... because he was calling your girlfriend behind your back. And now, we got to bring your mom over here... so you can slit her throat... because she just wouldn't stop blaming you for killing your dad. So it sounds good? Good? Pen and paper. [Hands Kale a pen and a piece of paper] Write this down: Dear Ashley, I killed Ronnie...
  • [Last words] You made me do this.


  • Hi, Ronald.
  • Operation Stupid is officially over!
  • You made the Tower of Twinkie.


[Beginning of film]
Kale: Think he sees us?
Daniel Brecht: No, he can't see us. Trust me, you can feel him when he's watching.

Greenwood Kids: What are you going to do? Kill us like you killed your teacher?
Kale: Not before I take this shit and my foot and shove it back up your asses!!

Ronnie: [Feminine voice] Aloha, señor Kale.
Kale: [Takes the cup off his nose and sets down his aluminum bat]] Ronald! What's going on, bro?
Ronnie: Nothing.
Kale: How're you doing?
Ronnie: Oh, great. Have you been showering?
Kale: Of course. Come on. What is that?
Ronnie: Macadamia nuts.
Kale: That's all you got me? Some stupid nuts?

Ronnie: Hey, I got something to show you that is most definitely...
Kale: No, I got something to show you! This is the reality without the TV. There's a world right outside my window. Look, look, look, look, look.
Ronnie: Take a look at these Maui chicks, man.
Kale: There it is. Mrs. Pilch. And the Pilch dog.
Ronnie: [Sarcastically] Exciting.
Kale: No, no, no, wait! It's not done. Look--and look-- look what she does.

Ashley: What took you so long?
Kale: We were... We were upstairs playing.
[Ashley snickers, obviously thinking of something else]
Ronnie: Video games!
Kale: Yeah, video games... This is my friend, Ronnie. Ronald. Say hi, Ronald.
Ronnie: Hi, Ronald.
Kale: [Whispers] You are so stupid. [To Ashley] So, what brings you here? To my house?
Ashley: I got locked out.
Kale: Oh, that sucks.
Ronnie: It's a tragedy.

Ashley: Are you spying on the neighbors, Kale?
Ronnie: Actually, he is! You see, he's got this neighbor, who, I guess, by definition, would also be your neighbor. Who may, in point, be a cold-blooded killer... from Texas.

Kale: I'm saying that if you want to enjoy your party, enjoy your party. Don't keep looking up at me, trying to get a rise out of me. It's unnecessary.
Ashley: So you were watching me.
[Kale is rendered speechless. He tries to start but Ashley interrupts.]
Ashley: But for how long? Just tonight? A week? Two weeks? Since I moved in? What have you been keeping tabs on, Kale? Huh? What else have you seen?
Kale: What else have I seen?
Ashley: Yeah, what else?
Kale: I've seen a lot. I mean, not like that, not, I mean ... [takes a breath] For instance, I've seen that you're maybe one of, I don't know, three people in the world that likes pizza-flavored chips. You're also the only person I've ever seen that spends more time on the roof of her house than in her actual house. And what are you doing? You're reading. Books. You know, not "US Weekly or "Seventeen", or, you know... but you're reading substantial books. You also do this, uh, ... [scratches head, chuckles] You do this thing where, it's like an OCD thing, but it's not. It's, um ... Whenever you're leaving your room, you grab the doorknob, you turn it and you're getting ready to leave but you don't, you stop and you back up and you turn to the mirror and you stare at yourself. But it's not like a, you know, "I'm so hot" kind of stare. You know, it's more like ... "Who am I, really?" And to ask yourself that, I mean, that's so cool. So you look out the window all the time like I do, only you're looking at the world, you know? Tryin' to figure it out, trying to understand the world. Trying to figure out why it's not in order like your books. (long pause) I'm only looking at you.
[They regard each other.]
Ashley: That's either the creepiest... or the sweetest thing I've ever heard.
[They kiss.]


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