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Django Wexler is an American fantasy author.


The Forbidden Library series[edit]

The Forbidden Library (2014)[edit]

All page numbers are from the hardcover first edition published by Kathy Dawson Books, ISBN 978-0-8037-3975-8, 1st printing
Italics as in the book
  • At that age, Alice had grasped the idea that some things in books were real, and others were not.
    • Chapter 1, “The Fairy” (p. 6)
  • After the cousins came the accountants, who were more open in their appraisals and didn’t bother with Alice at all, and after the accountants, like a Biblical plague building up to a big finish, came the lawyers.
    • Chapter 2, “Mr. Pallworthy” (p. 16)
  • He was, of course, cheating her, that was what lawyers were for.
    • Chapter 2, “Mr. Pallworthy” (p. 19)
  • But—though she was not an expert on cats—she was fairly certain that they did not, as a rule, snicker.
    • Chapter 5, “The Library’s Library” (p. 60)
  • “Patience, my friend.”
    “I’m not your friend. And I’m not patient.”
    • Chapter 5, “The Library’s Library” (p. 66)
  • Some things are more important than following the rules.
    Aren’t they?
    • Chapter 6, “Sneaking Out” (p. 71)
  • In desperation, she slid her fingers in the cracks between blocks, looking for some kind of catch or hidden mechanism. Which was ridiculous, she thought, because how complicated could a secret door be if a cat figured it out?
    • Chapter 6, “Sneaking Out” (p. 75)
  • “You’re a cat,” she said automatically.
    “Your powers of perception are astounding,” the cat drawled. “Although I feel obliged to point out, in the interests of ontological exactitude, that I am in fact only half cat. Personally, though, I have always considered it the better half.”
    • Chapter 6, “Sneaking Out” (p. 77)
  • “What do you see here?”
    “Indeed, books. They are the ocean in which magic swims.”
    • Chapter 11, “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (p. 139)
  • Magic, you’ll find, is nine parts dull to one part excitement, and the exciting bits usually hurt like the blazes.
    • Chapter 13, “The Eyes of a Wizard” (p. 159)
  • “I still say they’re creepy,” Ashes said.
    “I don’t think you get to decide what’s creepy,” Alice said. “You’re a talking cat. You’re creepy. This whole place is creepy.”
    • Chapter 14, “A Second Chance at a First Impression” (p. 169)
  • The sum total of Alice’s medical knowledge was that blood was supposed to stay on the inside.
    • Chapter 26, “Hunted” (p. 328)
  • “When you’re as old as I am,” Ending said, “one’s nature is largely a product of habit.”
    • Chapter 28, “A Bit of Blackmail” (p. 357)

The Mad Apprentice (2015)[edit]

All page numbers are from the hardcover first edition published by Kathy Dawson Books, ISBN 978-0-8037-3976-5, 1st printing
Italics as in the book
  • But it’s not justice that they’re mostly concerned with, it’s division of the loot.
    • Chapter 4, “Unexpected News” (p. 61)
  • “But didn’t that hurt?”
    Dex shrugged. “Pain is an illusion. The body is only a clay vessel holding the immortal essence of the soul, so it is a mistake to attach any import to the difficulties it may encounter. In fact, the whole episode reinforced my fundamental understanding of—“ She caught Alice’s expression. “Yes. It hurt quite a lot.”
    • Chapter 6, “The Gang's All Here” (p. 76)

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