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Doc Hollywood is a 1991 American romantic comedy film about a young doctor on his way to Beverly Hills who causes an accident in a village in South Carolina, whereupon he is sentenced to community service at the town hospital.

Directed by Michael Caton-Jones. Written by Neil B. Shulman, Laurian Leggett, Jeffrey Price, Peter S. Seaman, and Daniel Pyne, based on the book, What? Dead again?, by Shulman.
He's a big city plastic surgeon... in a small town that doesn't take plastic.

Dr. Benjamin Stone

  • Beverly Hills. The most beautiful women in the world. Plastic surgery. What do those three things have in common? Me, in less than a week.
  • I'm in the Twilight Zone.
  • [to Nurse Packer] Okay, let's get something straight right now. I got eight years of higher education. I got one year of internship, I got one year of residency. I'm 70,000 dollars in debt. Now I'm waylaid in this heehaw hell, and you insist on clocking me in and out like I'm some kind of factory worker? Well no! N-O,no! This is where I draw the line.
  • [to Dr. Hogue] Listen doctor, I've got a boy here in cardiac crisis. You can't treat that with Coca-Cola or Bisquick. We're gonna have to use real medicine this time. Now I'm sending him to Athens General. You're his regular fucking doctor, you get your fat ass out of bed, get down there and go with him.


  • [to Dr. Stone, after skinny-dipping in the lake] You can blink now.
  • Can't poop in this town without everybody knowin' what color it is.

Dr. Aurelius Hogue

  • Well, nice work, Hollywood. You were just about to crack open the chest of a 6 year-old boy to cure a case of diarrhea. Now,listen up smart ass. Next time I tell you how to treat a patient of mine, you'd better damn well do it, doctor. I doubt you'd know crap from Crisco.
  • [while being examined] Check Hollywood for knives. I don't want him operating in case I sneeze or something.


  • Nurse Packer: [reading from a note left by Doc Hogue] "When to call me, you've been stabbed, shot, poisoned, separated from an appendage, knocked or beaten unconscious, run over by a tractor mower, or generally about to bleed to death. Otherwise, leave me alone."


Dr. Stone: I am so fucked.
Deputy Cotton: Watch your language doc.You're in the buckle of the bible belt here.Try saying fudge or something.
Dr. Stone: Fiddlesticks too strong?
Deputy Cotton: Depends.

Dr. Stone: If you tell me you're here for a physical,you're gonna make my day.
Vialula: It's unprofessional to flirt with the patients.
Dr. Stone: I'm just on my way to Beverley Hills. Plastic surgery...Not that you'd need any.
Vialula: Nice try.

Dr. Stone: What are you talking about?
Mayor Nicholson: Timing. Same thing with women. And with southern women, well, they require a substantial commitment. You might have to stay here six months, I don't know, maybe more.
Dr. Stone: Are you a betting man, Nick?
Mayor Nicholson: Well, I have been known on occasion.
Dr. Stone: It'll take me about a week.
Mayor Nicholson: Wait a minute, you mean... Vialula in the center pocket?

Dr. Stone: You want to trade, the pig for the part?
Melvin: If you can part with the pig.
Dr. Stone: Good.

Vialula: I suspect your version of romance is whatever will separate me from my panties.
Dr. Stone: No, I am just talking about dinner. Wear make-up, put on a dress. Panties are optional.

Dr. Stone: Woah, who are you?
Vialula: Don't tease me.
Dr. Stone: No I'm serious.You look a lot like Lou,but you're a lot prettier.
Vialula: I'm warning you Stone, I could probably whoop you in a fistfight.

Hank: [about Los Angeles] I heard the women out there have their chests enlarged, their thighs vacuumed, and barf on purpose.
Lillian: [hits Hank in the back of the head] Not while people are eating.

Dr. Hogue: Tell us about real doctoring Stone.You know,big-city medicine.
Dr. Stone: Well so much has changed in the forty years since you went to medical school doctor, I really wouldn't know where to start.
[Mayor Nicholson starts laughing]
Dr. Hogue: Smart-ass.
Mayor Nicholson: Who got you good!

Woman with Glasses: There's a blurred spot in my vision... there... no, there, no, no...
[Dr. Stone takes her glasses and cleans them]
Woman with Glasses: I'm cured.

Dr. Stone: [while dancing] The music's stopped.
Vialula: What music?

Dr. Stone: How's Hogue?
Nancy Lee: Well, he's the same.
Dr. Stone: Melvin?
Nancy Lee: Same.
Dr. Stone: How's your dad?
Nancy Lee: Why don't ask me about Vialula?
Dr. Stone: Oh, ha ha. No, I mean what's there to ask really? I mean, so I guess she and Hank are...
Hank: You're in my chair.
[Ben looks up at Hank]
Hank: Slide a bit, Nancy Lee. [sits down] There is a man in the toilet sellin' after shave. Now, what's that all about?

Nancy Lee: Is that a star?
Hank: No, that's Ted Danson.
(Hank was played by Ted Danson's then-costar on Cheers, Woody Harrelson)

Vialula: I'm going for breakfast, you want anything?
Nurse Packer: Mmm-hmmm, how about Bob Barker?
Vialula: [snorts] I'll see what I can do.

Vialula: You steal that pig?
Dr. Stone: Well, I heard she was wasting away in this one-pig town.
Vialula: And you thought you'd come back and rescue her.
Dr. Stone: Yeah, something like that.
Vialula: And what makes you think she'll take you back?
Dr. Stone: Because I love her.
Vialula: [pause] Go back to Los Angeles. [walks past him]
Dr. Stone: [pulls her back] I don't want Los Angeles. I want you. [kisses her]
Vialula: You got great tonsils.
Dr. Stone: That ain't all. [smiles]

Dr. Stone: You know, I just thought of something. I guess I'm gonna have time to collect that ten dollars from Nick.
Vialula: You lost that bet.
Dr. Stone: Says who? I did not lose it.
Vialula: Says me.
Dr. Stone: Says you? You have no say in this bet - you are the bet.
Vialula: I don't care. The bet was for one week. You lost.
Dr. Stone: Ah, it's your word against mine.
Vialula: You mean you would sully my reputation for ten measly dollars?
Dr. Stone: [laughs] Absolutely! I don't even know what sully means.


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