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Dogs (狗-DOGS-, Ku -Dogs-) is a Japanese manga series by Shirow Miwa. The manga was first published in 2001 as Dogs: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark (Dogs: Prelude in English). In 2005, the series began serialization in the manga-zine Ultra Jump as Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, which continues the storyline.

DOGS: Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark[edit]

Weepy Old Killer [0.01][edit]

Kiri: Hello, Mi-ha-i.
Badou: Hey, gramps! Get off the train!
Mihai: (to Badou) Oh, excuse me. (to Kiri) Hello, Kiri.

Gun Smoker [0.02][edit]

Grocer: Hey, Mimi! We got some good apples today!
Mimi: Really? Let's see...
Badou: [while falling from the building] AAAAAAAAH!
[Badou lands hard in a dumpster.]
Mimi: Huh? B-Badou!
Badou: [recovering] Just about kissed my ass goodbye...
Mimi: [teasing] Once again, you made a blunder gathering cheap information.
Badou: [sitting up] Shut up, Mimi. By the way, do you have a cigarette?
Mimi: [holds her nose] Ugh, you stink! Don't come close!

[While Badou Nails is going berserk outside the café...]
Mihai: Huh, kid's got more spunk that I thought.
Mimi: Yeah, I know.
Mihai: [surprised] You know?
[Badou keeps on firing.]
Mimi: He's usually a coward, but whenever he runs out of nicotine, he's a changed man.
Mihai: [looking at her] You were counting on this?
Mimi: Well, I didn't think he'd snap this badly...

Blade Maiden [0.03][edit]

Stray Dogs Howling in the Dark [0.04][edit]

Heine: [to Nill] You can just tell me your age. It's not like I'm gonna eat you or anything.

Heine: I'll send you and your friends straight to hell. F*** up, gentlemen.

Volume 1[edit]

White Hair & Eyepatch [001][edit]

Heine: Don't call me White Hair.
Badou: Don't call me Eyepatch.
Heine and Badou: And more importantly, don't lump me with him. F*** off!

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