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Dōkyō Etan, (Japanese: 道鏡慧端, 1642 – October 10, 1721) also known as Shōju Rōnin,(Japanese: 正受老人) was a Japanese Rinzai monk and poet. He was an illegitimate son of daimyo Sanada Nobuyuki and became a priest as a pupil of Zen master Shidō Munan (1603 - 1676), who had a great influence on him during his entire life. Today he is known as the master of Hakuin Ekaku.


  • You're a self-centered rascal, aren't you!
    • Spoken to Hakuin Ekaku; as cited in: Hakuin Ekaku (author), Norman Waddell (translator). Wild Ivy: The Spiritual Autobiography of Zen Master Hakuin. 2010. p. xxii
  • Hurrying to die,
    It’s difficult to find a last word.
    If I spoke the wordless word,
    I wouldn’t speak at all!
    • Richard Bryan McDaniel. Zen Masters of Japan. The Second Step East. Rutland, Vermont: Tuttle Publishing, 2014. p. 122.

Quotes about Dokyo Etan[edit]

  • Dôkyô Etan (1642–1721) Japanese Rinzai monk from the Myôshin-ji lineage, best known as the master of Hakuin Ekaku (1768–1768), the great Rinzai sect reformer. Etan was the son of a samurai and his concubine. He was raised in the household of Lord Matsudaira Tadatomo, where he was first introduced to Zen. On a trip to Edo in 1660, Etan became the disciple of Shidô Bu'nan (1603–1676), having already attained an experience of enlightenment. He received the master's certificate (J. inka) after only one year of practice. He then returned to his native Iiyama in Shinano, where he lived a simple life in a small hermitage called Shôju-an. From the hermitage Etan received his nickname, Shôju Rôji, “the old man of the Shôju hermitage.” None of Etan's writings were published, although some of his teachings are scattered within Hakuin's work.
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