Domenico Mogavero

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Domenico Mogavero

Domenico Mogavero (March 31, 1947–) is Bishop of Mazara del Vallo and a former member of the Conferencia Episcopale Siciliana.


  • True revolution and a concrete change in the world can only come from the saints and from God. In the 1900s we experienced the revolutions, whose spirit was that of not waiting for God, taking the destiny of the world into our own hands. And we saw how that human and partial way of seeing things was seen as the only means of finding one’s way in the world. The Holy Father teaches the act of speaking about things as though they were absolute when they are simply relative, is called totalitarianism. It does not free humans, but instead, takes away their dignity, enslaving them. It is not ideologies that save the world, but turning our attention to the living God, who is our creator, the guarantor of our freedom, the guarantor of what is really good and true. The real revolution involves turning our attention completely to God because he is the measure of what is right and is eternal love.

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