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Dominique Lapierre (right) receives the Padma Bhushan in 2008

Dominique Lapierre (30 July 1931 – 2 December 2022) was a French author.



Freedom at Midnight, 1975

Dominique Lapierre, Larry Collins - Freedom at Midnight (2011, Vikas Publishing House)
  • The central Post Office in Lahore was flooded with thousands of postcards addressed to Hindus and Sikhs. They depicted men and women being raped and slaughtered. . On the back was the message : “ This is what is happening to our Sikh and Hindu brothers and sisters at the hands of the Moslems when they take over ...
  • The gutters of Lahore were running red with blood. The beautiful Paris of the Orient was a vista of desolation and destruction. Whole streets of Hindu homes were ablaze while Moslem police and troops stood by watching. At night, the sounds of looters ransacking those homes seemed to Atkins like the crunch of termites boring into logs.
  • In Pakistan, the Land of the Pure, Hindu moneylenders, shopkeepers and zamindars (Sikh landlords) would disappear… if Pakistan is ours, so too are shops, farms, houses and factories of the Hindus and Sikhs.
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