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John Donald Imus, Jr. (July 23, 1940December 27, 2019) was an American radio talk show host, best known for his sarcasm and the harsh language he directed toward his guests.


  • I'm Howard Stern with a vocabulary. I'm the man he wishes he could be. Yes, Howard Stern is a slut. He's a bastard, too. Worse--a Jew bastard! That's the worst kind. Put him in the oven.
  • Charles: This is the Imus in the Morning radio program.
    Imus: I'm hearin' you baby.
    Charles: Yeah!
    Imus: Where we at?
    Charles: On WFAN New York.
    Imus: Hear that.
    Charles: You know what I'm sayin'?
    Imus Yeah.
    Charles: Seven o'clock Eastern Time, and time
    ImusWhy are we talking like fourteen year old black children?
    Charles Because we're racist?
    Imus: Yes. Yeah.
    Charles: Because we're stupid?
    Imus: Beyond stupid. Senile and stupid. And lame
    Charles: Oh, please. Good lord.
    • Imus in the Morning, (13 June 2006)
  • ...and on MSNBC all over the world. Now, uhh, because it's available all over the world, doesn't mean, by the way, that anybody's watchin' it. Am I right Charles?"
    • Imus in the Morning, (15 June 2006)
  • Well, June is, uh, National Dairy Month, and I'll be milking Deirdre later... Ain't that right baby.
    • Imus in the Morning, (15 June 2006), in the nine o'clock hour advertisements.
  • This is the Imus in the Morning program, We're not happy 'till you're not happy.
    • Imus in the Morning, (15 June 2006)
  • I would rather go to Baghdad than go to a professional basketball game.
    • Imus in the Morning, (29 March 2007)

Quotes about Don Imus[edit]

  • People of color have had to unlearn the assumption that racism is individual, that it is primarily a question of individual attitudes that can be dealt with through sensitivity training. You remember that Don Imus called the Rutgers women's basketball team "nappy-headed hoes" about five years ago? Five years later he's rehabilitated! But of course this doesn't compensate for the fact that Troy Davis is dead, his life claimed by the most racist of all of our institutions, capital punishment. No amount of psychological therapy or group training can effectively address racism in this country, unless we also begin to dismantle the structures of racism.
    • Angela Davis Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Ferguson, Palestine, and the Foundations of a Movement (2015)

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