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Donald Edward Moggridge is an historian of economic thought and economic historian.


Maynard Keynes: An Economists' Biography (1992)[edit]

  • Perhaps because there are so few good studies, economists tend to undervalue and misunderstand the exercise when they think of their subject.
    • Preface
  • Biography, like any other scholarly activity is not only about selection but also then about forming what one selects.
    • Preface
  • I have concentrated thus far on one aspect of achievement: the creation of a theory or theories, which in some form pass into the standard usage of economists. But with Keynes, and with other economists, theories were not the whole story. Keynes was also an applied economist using the existing body of theory in conjunction with the available facts of the world to try to shape certain outcomes, be they the international monetary system in 1931–2 or 1941–6, or the financial policy of the British Government in 1915, 1929–33 or 1940–6. And shape them he did with some success through various forms of private and public persuasion. How he did so and why he did so are also subjects for historians of economics, not to mention biographers, who may in the process of writing a biography have acquired additional perspectives.
    • Preface