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Donald in Mathmagic Land is an Academy Award nominated Donald Duck featurette, released on June 26, 1959. It was directed by Hamilton Luske and is 27 minutes in length. Donald In Mathmagic Land founded on VHS by Walt Disney Mini Classics.


Donald Duck[edit]

  • Mighty strange.
  • Ha! That's an odd-looking creature.
  • What kind of crazy place is this?
  • Well, what do you know! Square roots!
  • Pythag, old boy. Put it there.
  • Well, I'll be a gosh-darn egghead.
  • Oh, yeah? [Grunting] There. I knew I could do it.
  • Gee Mr Spirit! There's a lot more to mathematics than 2 times 2.
  • Checkers?
  • Chess?
  • That's very interesting. What's next?
  • Tiddlywinks?
  • You sure find mathematics in the darndest places!
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7!
  • A ball!
  • A-- A wheel!
  • Cone!
  • I'll be dog-goned! I've been seen so many doors before.
  • Hey! Hey! What's the matter with these doors? Hey! These doors won't open! They're locked!


  • Hello, Donald.
  • And without mathematics we couldn't even keep score.
    • Describing the presence of mathematics in baseball.
  • Basketball is game of circles, spheres, and rectangles.
    • Donald dribbles like bouncing the ball.
  • Well we can't all be mathematically perfect.
  • "Everything is arranged according to mathematical number and shape."
  • The cathedral of Notre Dame is an outstanding example.
  • Now, that you're all pent up in a pentagon, let's see how nature uses it's same mathematical form. The petunia. The Star Jasmine. The starfish. The wax flower. There are literally thousands of members of the most famous of early greek buildings contains many golden rectangles. These same golden proportions are also found in their sculpture. In the centuries that followed, the golden rectangle many times over the weekend.
  • No. Chess.
  • Even hopscotch has it's multiple squares.
  • 1, 2, 3.
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
  • Luck? No.
  • You're making it tough for yourself, Donald.
  • "Antiquated Ideas." "Bungling." "False Concepts." "Superstitions." "Confusion."
  • A perfect circle. Perfect circle. Perfect.
  • Ahh, put a triangle inside, and turn it.
  • Now, spin the circle, and what have you got?
  • Yes, a sphere.
  • A lens is a section of a sphere.
  • All optical instruments are created through mathematics.
  • You see, there's a lot more to mathematics than just numbers and equations.
  • Let's get back to our circle and triangle.
  • Roll it, and we have a--
  • If we spin the triangle, we have a--
  • Slice the cone.
  • The cone is full of useful mathematical shapes.
  • A line on the cone, and we have a drill. And a spring. [Boinging] [3x]
  • Now, you're ticking.
  • The mind is the birthplace for all of man's scientific achievements.


  • Pi is equal to 3 point 141592653589747 Et Cetra, Et Cetera, Et Cetra.
    • Pi Creature at the beginning of the film.
  • Upon my soul, it appears to be a lost pawn!
    • Chess King with quote.
  • No, no, no! It's a lost pawn!
    • Chess King with quote.
  • Lost pawn? Stop that pawn!
    • Chess Queen with quote.
  • Number, please.
    • Telephone operator with quote.
  • "Mathematics is the alphabet with which God has written the universe."
    • Galileo, quoted at the end of the film.
  • They had a secret emblem: the pentagram.
    • A mighty strange voice (distinctly different from Donald Duck and The Spirit of Adventure) heard in some versions of the film after the "secret handshake." This voice may refer to any number of ancient sources such as the voice Nostradamus heard and wrote of in his Preface to Cesar.


  • Clarence Nash - Donald Duck (voice)
  • Paul Frees - The True Spirit of Adventure/Narrator (male voice), and the Pi creature (voice)
  • Unknown - The billiards player, the Chess King (voice), and the Chess Queen (voice)

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