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Donnie Brasco is a 1997 film about an FBI undercover agent trying for six years to infiltrate the New York Mafia. The plot is based on real-life events of Joseph D. Pistone, an FBI agent.

Directed by Mike Newell. Written by Paul Attanasio
"Forget about it." (taglines)

Donnie Brasco

  • "Forget about it," it's like, uh, if you agree with someone. You know, like, "Raquel Welch is one great piece of ass, forget about it." But then, if you disagree, like, "A Lincoln is better than a Cadillac? Forget about it!" You know? But then, it's also like, if something is the greatest thing in the world, like, "Minghia, those peppers! Forget about it!" But it's also like saying "go to hell," too. You know, like, uh, "Hey, Paulie, you got a one-inch pecker," and Paulie says, "Forget about it!"... Sometimes it just means, uh, "forget about it."
  • If I come out alive, this guy, Lefty, ends up dead. That's the same thing as me putting the bullet in his head myself.
  • All my life I've tried to be the good guy, the guy in the white fucking hat. And for what? For nothing. I'm not becoming like them; I am them.


  • In all the five boroughs, I'm known, forget about it. I'm known all over the fuckin' world. Anybody, ask anybody about Lefty from Mulberry Street, eh? You pissin' up the wrong fuckin' tree, my friend.
  • I never hear from my boss until he dies, then my whole life gets turned upside down!
  • In our thing, you get sent for, you go in alive, you come out dead, and it's your best friend that does it.
  • How much money did you give that guy? A wiseguy never pays for his drinks.
  • Who the fuck am I? Who am I? I'm a, a spoke on a wheel. And so was he, and so are you.
  • And listen to me, if Donnie calls... , tell him... if it was gonna be anyone, I'm glad it was him. All right?
  • A wise guy's always right. Even when he's wrong, he's right.
  • I'd die with you, Donnie.
  • I got cancer of the prick.
  • [talking to Donnie] When I introduce you, I'm gonna say, "This is a friend of mine." That means you're a connected guy. Now if I said instead, "This is a friend of ours," that would mean you're a made guy. A Capisce?
  • Anywhere you go, all around the world, all the best cooks are men.
  • I wish I had that boat again, that Bertram. I'd get in my car with Annette, I'd drive down to the pier... I'd get on that boat, and I'd go. East, west, north, south, nobody ever finding me.


  • C'mon Donnie. Help me fillet this fat fuck. [Lefty kills him]
  • The good news is, my dick is now a popsicle!


Sonny Black: How can John Wayne die?
Lefty: Fuckin' Indians got him.

Lefty: There's the boss. And, under him, there's the skipper. You know how this works?
Donnie Brasco: Yeah, it's like in the army.
Lefty: Bullshit. The army is some guy you don't know telling you to go whack some other guy you don't know.

[Lefty is trying to break open a parking meter]
Sonny Black: Hey, will you fuckin' stop that?
Lefty: How am I gonna get this thing open?
[looks back at the meter]
Lefty: Open Sesame!

Japanese Waiter: Take your shoes off.
Donnie Brasco: Take my shoes off? You take your pants off, what the fuck.

Donnie Brasco: [as Lefty points a revolver at him] You think I'm a fuckin' rat?
Lefty: How many times I have you into my own house?
Donnie Brasco: Twice a week. Twice a week, at least.
Lefty: There it is. "At least." I cook for you.
Donnie Brasco: Yeah.
Lefty: If ever I had any money, I'd give you... I never had any money, but if ever I had a hundred bucks in my pocket, I'd give you fifty, right?
Donnie Brasco: Yeah, you did.
Lefty: If you're a rat... [puts revolver to his own head] ...if you're a rat, then I'm the biggest fuckin' mutt in the history of the Mafia.


  • Donnie Brasco. Based On A True Story.
  • In 1978, the US government waged a war against organized crime. One man was left behind the lines.


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