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Doom is a live-action film adaptation based on the popular Doom series of video games created by id Software. Set in 2046 on Mars it centers on a squad of marines who are sent to investigate an SOS at a research facility, where they encounter a host of lethal monsters running amok on the base.

Directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak. Screenplay by Wesley Strick.
No one gets out alive.taglines


  • When you hesitate, people die.
  • We're all killers, Reaper. That's what they pay us for.
  • Semper Fi, Motherfucker! Faithful to the Corps, John!
  • I got... one round!
  • I'm not supposed to die!
  • Nothing goes back till everything on this planet is dead. We're going in hot.
  • I didn't see shit. And I ain't paid to see shit.
  • I need soldiers! I don't need anyone else but soldiers!


  • Daddy's home.

The Kid[edit]

  • [Last words] Go to hell.

John Grimm[edit]

  • [Last line] Almost home.


[Sarge has just killed The Kid, for refusing to follow Sarge's order to execute a group of survivors]
John "Reaper" Grimm: It was his first mission!
Sarge: And it's not gonna be my last!

[Just before Sarge and Reaper, both now possessing mutant powers, fight]
John "Reaper" Grimm: You killed the Kid.
Sarge: We're all killers, Reaper. It's what they pay us for.
PA System: Quarantine complete. Elevator's back online.
Sarge: It's finished. What do you say we go outside and get some fresh air? [Sarge steps forward, but Reaper raises his weapon] You gonna shoot me?
John "Reaper" Grimm: Yeah, I was thinking about it.
Sarge: What you got left?
John "Reaper" Grimm: Half a clip. You?
Sarge: [Raises the BFG] I've got... one round! [Fires]


  • No one gets out alive.
  • Hell Breaks Loose


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