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Dorothy Ripley (17671831) was a British evangelist missionary who came to America in 1801; raised as a Methodist, she eventually associated most strongly with Quakers, and regularly attended their meetings.


The Bank of Faith and Works United (1819)[edit]

The Bank of Faith and Works United (1819)
  • As I am not a member of any community, no society can answer for my irregular conduct; neither do I wish to apologize to the world for my procedure; as I believe the Lord is my Shepherd, and Bishop of my soul.
    Duty to my Maker, excites me to faithfulness, knowing that life is the time to work for God; that I may be counted worthy to reign with the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, in "the city of the Living God, the Heavenly Jerusalem."
    • Preface (18 July 1819), p. 4
  • Before I was born, my father was priest,
    And built to Christ Jesus, a house for the least,
    To worship Jehovah, the True Living God,
    Who gave us His favour, and Shed forth His Blood.

    The Fountain is open, for you and for me,
    That word it is spoken, and always will be,
    While sinners are living, in flesh on this earth,
    And Jesus is praying, and giving them birth.

    • A Hymn From My Nativity (22 August 1819), p. 7
  • In Christ you will find, a very dear Friend;
    Who is of this mind, to love to the end;
    Yet satan is seeking, His sheep to devour;
    And God He is making some whole this bright hour.
    • A Hymn From My Nativity (22 August 1819), p. 17
  • Whoever can feel, the love I do tell,
    Would take by the heel, poor sinners from hell;
    As downward they're going, to bring them above;
    To sing of Christ's dying, a Heaven of love.
    • A Hymn From My Nativity (22 August 1819), p. 18
  • In this city I must visit the abodes of sorrow: but as yet no way has opened: no person offered to go along with me, which has made me determine to do nothing but what connot be avoided of a public nature. O that my little labour of love were finished, and comfortably completed to the joy of such who might hail me a welcome stranger on Zion's happy Coast, where my mansion of bliss awaits me, after all the storms of life are past.
    • Letter to Abigail Eames (14 October 1805), p. 204

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