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Dorrit Moussaieff with her husband during the royal wedding in Stockholm 2010

Dorrit Moussaieff (Hebrew & Bukhori: דורית מוסאיוף; born 12 January 1950) is the Israeli-born British-Icelandic First Lady of Iceland, jewelry designer, editor, businesswoman and socialite.


  • Ísland er ekki lítið land. Ísland er stórasta land í heimi.
    • Iceland is not a little country. Iceland is the most big country in the world.
    • Said in Beijing (2008-08-22) and quoted in "Stórasta Land I Heiminu," DS.iv (2008-08-22). Note: "Stórasta" is more of a lapsus linguae than "most big," as to a native Icelandic speaker it would sound much worse grammatically than in English.

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