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Double Jeopardy is a 1999 thriller film directed by Bruce Beresford and starring Tommy Lee Jones and Ashley Judd. The film is about a woman who is framed for the murder of her husband.

Murder isn't always a crime. taglines

Libby Parsons[edit]

  • I could shoot you in the middle of Mardi Gras, and they can't touch me.
  • I don't want to kill you, Nick. I just want you to suffer.
  • I haven't felt this good since the day my husband died.

Travis Lehman[edit]

  • Damn it, woman. If you don't get out of this car and go to your kid, I'm going to have you arrested... for stupidity.
  • Oh, yeah. She's very pretty, for a convicted murder. I just came here as a professional courtesy since she's in New Orleans and plans on killing one of your prominent citizens.
  • Oh, no you're not. You're a parole violator. You are coming back with me to Seattle... where I will demand a full pardon, a parade, and a little pink poodle. On a keychain.

Bobby Long[edit]

  • I'm a lawyer, what we think isn't supposed to matter.


Libby: You could've given her a second chance.
Travis: There are no second chances here! This is the Last Chance House!

Nick: Well, aren't you going to do something?
Travis: What are you talking to me for? She's the one with the gun.

Margaret: So, you just repeat after me, "If I could trade places with my husband, I would."
[after making a sighing noise and very unenthusiastically]
Libby: If I could trade places with my husband, I would.
Evelyn: That's good. Now, throw in a lot of that born again Jesus stuff... they like that.

Handsome Internet Expert: Hey, So after this is done, do you want to go get a drink or something?
Libby: Yeah, sure. I just have to check in with my parole officer.
Handsome Internet Expert: You were in jail?
Libby: No, prison. There is a difference.
Handsome Internet Expert: Why? Too many parking tickets?
Libby: No, I was convicted of murdering my husband.

Margaret: Ever hear of Double Jeopardy? Fifth Amendment to the constitution?
Libby: No.
Margaret: It says no person can be convicted of the same crime twice, the state says you already killed your husband, right? So, when you get out of here, you track him down, and you can kill him. You can walk up to him in Times Square, put a gun to his head and pull the fucking trigger and there's nothing they can do about it! It kind of makes you feel all warm and tingly inside, don't it?


  • Murder isn't always a crime.


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