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Down and Dirty Duck, also known as "Dirty Duck", is a 1974 adult animated film, about a sexually frustrated adjuster named Willard. He meets a duck, who helps Willard to have erotic adventures, and to make it with ladies. It is considered a cult film.

Directed and written by Charles Swenson.
Madder Than Daffy. Dumber Than Donald. More Existential Than Howard! Taglines


  • You can't do this to me! I was at Woodstock in '69! I saw 200 MOTELS! I know who I am!


[In the desert]
Willard: Say, how did you come to be a duck?
Duck: Well, I was a turtle for a while, but that wasn't going anywhere. Then my mother gave me the chance to be a duck, and I sort of flowed from there... [While the Duck is talking, a caricature of Frank Zappa rises like the sun over the horizon]
Willard: Oh, Eddie, you have GOT to be kidding.


  • Madder Than Daffy. Dumber Than Donald. More Existential Than Howard!
  • Any resemblance to ducks living or dead is purely coincidental.
  • Wouldn't YOU Like a Good Duck Tonight?
  • An adult "Cult Classic" that's a Quack-Up!


  • Howard Kaylan — Willard / Nego Lady / Side Hack Rider
  • Mark Volman — Duck / Side Hack Rider
  • Robert Ridgely — Car Salesman / Man at Bus Stop / Negro Gentleman / Big Fag / Police Officer / Tank
  • Cynthia Adler — Lady in Car / Boss Lady / Small Dyke / Lady in Elevator
  • Walker Edminston — Bus Driver / Jail Orator / Small Fag / Prospector / Mexician Official / President / Man in Elevator

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