Down and Out in Beverly Hills

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Down and Out in Beverly Hills is a 1986 American comedy film based on the French play Boudu sauvé des eaux, which had previously been adapted on film in 1932 by Jean Renoir. Down and Out in Beverly Hills was directed by Paul Mazursky, and starred Nick Nolte, Bette Midler and Richard Dreyfuss. The film is about a rich but dysfunctional couple who save the life of a suicidal bum. Flamboyant musician Little Richard also makes an appearance, and contributed the song "Great Gosh a'Mighty" to the soundtrack. The song's success led to a revitalization of his career.


Dave: You could have pissed right here!
Barbara: Dave, he did! He pissed all over the joint.

Dr. Von Zimmer: Has there been some recent change in living arrangements?
Barbara: [flatly] We have a houseguest.
Dr. Von Zimmer: Oh.

[looks at Jerry]

Dr. Von Zimmer: How long are you staying?
Dave: He's staying as long as he likes. And if the doggy dosen't like it, then they doggy can find other living arrangements.

Dave: Would you like some wine, Al?
Al: No, thank you. This is one of my non-drinking days.

Dave: Got a license?
Jerry: Yeah.
Dave: [hands him the keys] You drive.
Jerry: Okay. Where to?
Dave: I don't know. Some days you just want to go, you know?
Jerry: Okay, let's hit the beach. I got some friends down there.
Dave: The beach?


Dave: Who's going to run my business? Who's going to pay my bills? Who's...
Jerry: [interrupting] You got enough money to last *ten* lifetimes!
Dave: [laughs heartily] Yeah... maybe *I* ought to become a bum. No job, no responsibilities...
Jerry: [snorts] You wouldn't last five minutes.
Dave: You think so? Let's hit the beach, buddy. Pronto!

Dave: Hey. You, uh. Haven't said anything about the car.
Jenny: It's nice.
Dave: Yeah? You don't think it's, uh... too Beverly Hills?
Jenny: Daddy, you work very hard for your money. You don't have to justify anything.
Dave: I know. It's just that, you know... maybe I'm feeling a little guilty.
Jenny: Guilt sucks.

Dave: Max, I think it's time you stopped all this screwing around and started to learn the hanger business.
Max: I don't like hangers.
Dave: You don't like hangers? It's hangers that clothe you, and it's hangers that feed you!

Dave: [Barb is visibly smashed] Hey, Barb?
Barbara: Mmmmmm?
Dave: I thought we weren't going to drink anymore.
Barbara: Well, Dave. Yeah, it's true. I *am* a vegetarian. But I hear... that vodka... comes from a potato!

Dave: I ate garbarge last night, Barbara... and I *loved* it!



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