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Dr. Cyclops is a 1940 film about a scientist who miniaturizes his colleagues.

Directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack. Written by Tom Kilpatrick.
Diabolical Dr. Cyclops  (taglines)


Professor Kendall: [Referring to Thorkel] He's a very strange man, abnormally secretive about his experiments, and now for two years he's buried himself in a camp in the Amazon jungle. Who knows what his mental state may be?
Dr. Rupert Bulfinch: Dr. Thorkel may be eccentric, but he is also the greatest living biologist. I shall be glad to help him if I can.

Dr. Alexander Thorkel: Are we then country doctors? You do not realize what we have here. In our very hands, we have the cosmic force of creation itself. In our very hands, we can shape life, take it apart, put it together again, mould it like putty.
Dr. Mendoza: But what you are doing is mad. It is diabolic! You are tampering with powers reserved to God.
Dr. Alexander Thorkel: That is good. That is very good. That is just what I am doing.

Dr. Rupert Bulfinch: What will you do?
Dr. Alexander Thorkel: As you and your fellows develop toward normal size, you will interfere with my work, and that is something I cannot permit.


  • The mightiest thrill picture ever made!
  • Diabolical Dr. Cyclops


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