Dracula: Prince of Darkness

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Dracula: Prince of Darkness is a 1966 film in which Dracula is resurrected, preying on four unsuspecting visitors to his castle.

Directed by Terence Fisher. Written by Jimmy Sangster.
Bloodthirsty Vampire Lives Again! taglines

Father Sandor

  • [opening monologue recapping the previous film] After a reign of terror spanning more than a century the king of the undead was finally traced to his lair high in the Carpathian Mountains.Though the decades many had sought to destroy him all had failed.Here at last was an adversary armed with sufficient knowledge of the ways of the vampire to bring about the final and absolute destruction. This then was his fate thousands had been enslaved by to obscene cult vampirism now the fountain head himself perished only the memory remained the memory of most evil and terrible creature to have ever set his seal on civilization.


Father Sandor: [after stopping a mob, led by a local priest, from driving a stake into the body of a girl who has died of natural causes. He orders the body be brought to a churchyard] I will bury her. Now do as I say.
[nobody moves to carry out his instructions]
Father Sandor: Do as I say!
Priest: You're out of your jurisdiction! I'll complain to the bishop!
Father Sandor: Do... and tell him that I stopped you from performing an act of blasphemy! Or would you prefer that I told him?
Priest: Well... We have to be sure.
Father Sandor: You are an idiot, Father. Worse than that: you're a superstitious, frightened idiot.
Priest: We...
Father Sandor: [to the crowd] Take care that I do not have cause to ride this way again!

Helen Kent: [after Klove leaves to get their dinner] Please, let's leave here.
Charles Kent: Oh dinner sounds like a splendid idea.
Diana Kent: I agree!
Helen Kent: Diana! You can't!
Diana Kent: Oh, why not? Ten minutes ago we were stranded in the cold, miles away from anywhere. Now we're warm. We're going to be fed. And if that man's master is anything like I think he's going to be, we're going to be entertained as well.
Charles Kent: Yes, Diana's right. Let's sit down.

Charles Kent: [as Klove starts to serve dinner] What's your name?
Klove: Klove, sir.
Charles Kent: Well, uh, Kove, isn't your master joining us for dinner?
Klove: No, sir. I'm afraid not.
Charles Kent: Is he indisposed?
Klove: He's dead.
Charles Kent: [hesitates] I'm sorry if we appear a little dense. Perhaps you could explain?
Klove: Explain, sir?
Charles Kent: Yes, you seem to have expected us. Ah, this dinner. our rooms, the carriage... everything.
Klove: You see, sir, my master is dead but instructions were left that the castle should always be ready to receive guests. I am merely carrying out his wishes.
Charles Kent: I see. Who was your master?
Klove: His name was Count Dracula. An old and distinguished family. That is the coat of arms over the fireplace. [points to the fireplace]
Charles Kent: Does no one hold the title now?
Klove: My master died without issue, sir... In the accepted sense of the term.

Alan Kent: You'll forget about all of this in the morning, you'll see.
Helen Kent: There'll be no morning for us.

Diana Kent: Wheres Charles?
Helen Kent: You don't need Charles. [shows her fangs]
[Diana tries to run then Dracula appears on the stairs and hisses loudly]

Father Sandor: It's too late. Kent get away from there, it's too late!
[Dracula rises and attacks Charles]
Diana Kent: Why don't you shoot him?
Father Sandor: It would do no good my dear.


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