Dracula vs. Frankenstein

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Dracula vs. Frankenstein is a 1971 film about Dracula, who conspires with a mad doctor to resurrect the Frankenstein Monster.

Directed by Al Adamson. Written by William Pugsley.
It's a real monster mash when they clash!  (taglines)


  • And all those who would meddle in the destinies of Frankenstein and Dracula... will see an infernal bloodbath the likes of which has not swept the Earth before!
  • My coffin awaits you becoming immortal in its embrace!

Dr. Frankenstein[edit]

  • They have seen all the illusions in my creature emporium, but they have yet to face the greatest illusion: the illusion of reality.

Sheriff Brown[edit]

  • [about some hippies on the beach] It seems that living near the water brings out the best and worst in us.
  • If you've got a fireplace, burn some wood in it. It'll be a lot better than running loose on the streets.


  • Grazbo: You see! You must open your eyes to see things! There's more to come!


  • The Kings of Horror Battle to the Death!
  • It's a real monster mash when they clash!
  • Yesterday they were cold and dead. Today they're hot and bothered!


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