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Dragon's Lair (1984–1985) is a television animated series.


The Tale of the Enchanted Gift[edit]

Singe: The key to the kingdom is mine to hold, unlock the door bird of gold, come to life, spring into flight, deliver the princess to me tonight.

Sir Timothy's Quest[edit]

Timothy: Now where am I to find a horrible monster?
Narrator: Where to find a monster? The Hall of the Lizard King may do very well.

The Tournament of the Phantom Knight[edit]

The Smithee's Haunted Armor[edit]

Ethelred: The suit of armor always always fit before!
Daphne: It is a puzzle father.
Dirk: Maybe it shrank.

The Pool of Youth[edit]

The Story of Old Alf[edit]

Singe: What is done can be undone.
Daphne: Says you Singe!
Dirk: He does have a point there.

The Song of the Wind Chimes[edit]

The Girl from Crow's Wood[edit]

Mirror, Mirror[edit]

Dirk: Look into the mirror, think of dragons, look Singe, think of what a handsome dragon you are.

The Snow Witch[edit]

Dirk Dirk the daring never runs from a fight!
Timothy: But squire Timothy might!

The Tale of Dirk's New Sword[edit]

The Legend of the Giant's Name[edit]

Daphne: Dirk you look terrible!
Dirk: You really know how to make a knight feel good.

The Mist of Wishes[edit]

Puck: With this ring you may be spared all the folly that Blunt shall have dared.
Dirk: What a funny guy.


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