Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair

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Dragon's Lair 3D: Return to the Lair is an action-adventure video game.


  • Forgive me for playing such a cruel trick on you but you see I needed someone to eliminate my enemies and reclaim the essences that were stolen from me. I certainly could not do it from this prison and my dimwitted dragon Singe was certainly no help, that's why I gave you the amulet and pretended to be the princess to guide you along your way and I see my plan worked well. Now I shall rule this world once more and take the princess as my bride.
  • You think you one don't you? Well as soon as I've absorbed all the essences you will find that I'm not so easily vanquished. Blast you, you infernal knight, you ruin my plans! No matter, I've absorbed enough energy to destroy you everyone else in this pitiful kingdom, now witness my true power!


  • The kids that were 13 years old and who loved the original Dragon's Lair now have young children of their own, and so the idea behind what we call the 'Arcade Version' is that a father can sit down with his children and play Dragon's Lair 3D very simplistically, and have a really good time. It's also designed so that one person can set up the traps and the sequences or it can be random, and gamers can do head-to-head or they can play it through together. On the other hand what we wanted to do was to bring the game up to where the industry currently is, and that one is the second mode, the 'Big Version'.

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