Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

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Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a 1993 semi-fictionalized biographical martial arts film telling the story of actor Bruce Lee, starring Jason Scott Lee (no relation) as Bruce Lee, Lauren Holly (as Linda Emery) and Robert Wagner. The film was directed by Rob Cohen and written by Cohen, Edward Khmara and John Raffo.


Bruce: Don't touch me!
Punk: Or what?
Bruce: Or I'll touch you back.

Linda: A philosophy major? Now, what can you do with a philosophy major?
Bruce: You can think deep thoughts about being unemployed.

[Bruce Lee in a wheelchair]
Vivian: How are you feeling, Mr. Lee?
Bruce: Oh, like half man, half car.

Linda: All these years later, people still wonder about how he died. I prefer to remember how he lived.

Bruce: The key to immoritality is first living a life worth remembering.

Linda: Stop whining and start fighting.

Vivian: The world needs hamburgers - it doesn't need judo.

Bruce: Be like water.

Bruce: Emotion can be the enemy.

Bruce: It's not strength that matters, it's focus.

Bruce: I'll beat any man in this room in 60 seconds.

[Bruce has been told he has to leave Hong Kong]

Bruce: This is a joke, right? You're joking.

Bruce: I'm no bastard, I'm Bruce Lee!

Bruce: Don't go anywhere, Hon! It'll be over in sixty seconds.


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