Dragon Ball GT: A Hero's Legacy

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Dragon Ball GT (1996-1997) was an anime following the Dragon Ball Z series by Akira Toriyama. A Hero's Legacy was the only spin-off animated movie corresponding to the GT series' 64 episode run.

A Hero's Legacy

Puck: What're you so bummed out about, dork?
Goku Jr.: This really nice man stole my food.
Puck: Now, how could he have been nice if he stole your food? You can't trust people on the road, especially nice people.

Puck: Wow! Look at the size o' that pot. Lucky we didn't land in it!
Mamba: Oh, but the night's still young. You'll find your way in there soon enough.

Mamba: I'm making my special pasta, and you two are the meatballs! There's nothing like human meat! If it's cooked right, it just melts off the bone! And I'm famished.
Goku Jr.: Wait! You were so nice and pretty before. Someone that beautiful would never do anything to hurt us!
Mamba: You thought I was beautiful? Oh, yeah. I guess you're right. I am cute. Gosh, that's so sweet of you.

Goku Jr.: I can't go across. I'm scared of heights.
Puck: Well, I'm scared of pretty blue man-eating she-demons with butcher knives! So lets go!

Susha: Wait a second, you're the one that escaped from Mamba! Good, I'm glad you escaped! Now I don't have to share you with anyone!

Goku Jr.: It's you again!
Mamba: Heh heh heh. Don't act so surprised. You butchered my hair! I had to track you down and kill you. So sorry!
Torga: B-b-but Mamba! You look ravishing that way!
Susha: Hey you two lovebirds! He's getting away!
Torga: I'll peck his little eyes out!

Lord Yao: You should be ashamed of yourselves! The three of you couldn't deal with a little kid?

Goku Jr.: Wait! What did I do? Why do you wanna kill me?
Lord Yao: I don't need a reason. You're human! That's good enough!

Lord Yao: I am lord of the demons. You are but a child. How can this be?

Goku: It wasn't the Dragon Ball, Goku. It was your courage and love that opened the right doors! You did it by yourself. I'm proud of you grandson. Stay pure, that's your armor.

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